This site is meant to help you create and make ends means for yourself,by using your available resources and assets to make money as an extra income for your existing jobs or businesses.our site believes with your internet connected computer and other resources,you can make some cash online.But now this tip is for business oriented guys outside the computer world especially with your car
Ø      Using your car as an advert space or board
Ø      Using your car as an income generator.
Ø      Making money by driving the car at will
Ø      Making money with your car at hire purchase
Ø      Renting it out on weekends and holidays.
As advert: i met a friend whose car has a banner of a communication company and i ask him if he’s working with the company and he said no that he’s only using it to generate money by placing the advert on his car just as google adsense on your simply walk to an advertising media and allow your car to be used for those advert by painting their image on your car and you get paid,just like the big BRT buses and travellers buses carrying different advert of big companies.
As freelance: the job you do may be a tough one or simple,but you have a car that you usually park somewhere until you close at work.You can make some money while you are at work with your car ,instead of  keeping it at the parking place for the whole day.You can lease your car to people for taxi between the hour you are at work and the time you will close at work.  
 The job you do may also give you some free time to do your own personal runs.Your car can also get you some money at this time by using it for taxi within the period of the free time and your resumption to work.
 The job you do may also not allow you to have any free time,but usually very busy time,your car can be leased for some specific time to be used ,which will bring some cash in returns.
As transport: the weekend is a free time for you also to make some money with your car instead of parking it at home or even using it has inter state transport service.
 The car or bus you have may also be used as daily hiring to get you some cash if you do not use it personally to work.
 This and more are some of the benefits you get by using your car to make money for a daily ,weekly or even monthly basis for yourself,so as to subsidize your basic priorities and also be successful with or without job.
With these few point,i think i’ve been able to show you various ways to earn cash with your car and also proof to you that you can make it even offline in this can get more information on both online and offline business here 
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  1. Eye opener for me nd ma friends

  2. Very lovely post,guy well i like ur site

  3. Insightful. It's quite amazing to discover that car is used as a tool in Nigeria. So creative, and mutually rewarding.
    Good job Dayo!

  4. yes i remembered the brt buses with big labels and adverts


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