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The new year has started,some people has started crawling in the areas of finance while others are running and i know a good number of people that are flying.We make money differently but the ability and zeal to earn online cannot be overlooked caused some guys are really making money online providing help and answering questions and also getting paid.If you cannot solve peoples problems especially online then you are not ready to earn or make money online.Answergem provides an opportunity for you to earn by providing answers to questions and hence get paid

                      What is AnswerGem
This is a website that provides very easy and rewarding environment for you work at your own time.You simply provides answers to questions asked by answergem customers or viewers,if any of your answers were picked then automatically you get rewarded for your answer
                      How can i become an expert
Simply signup at answergem as an expert
Confirm the email sent to you by clicking on the link on the email
Edit your profile profile by stating area of specialization which can be either music,health,banking,sport,politics,sciences,art,banking,internet,computers etc
Then build your resume for others to see and invites you
                     How answergem  works
Their customers post their questions on their website by category and pay a deposit ($9-45 per question).  A customer’s question usually states a problem they have, seek advice or a second opinion. You are notified via email. If you know the answer to the question, you simply type it in at our website.  That’s it!  It typically takes a few minutes of your time.  Depending on your expert level in that category (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level), AnswerGem compensates you as follows:
-   When customer accepts your answer – you receive as much as 51% of deposit
-   When customer pays a bonus – you receive as much as 75%, and
-   When customer pays to view your archived answers – you receive as much as 51%


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