Blogging is simply a way of expressing your opinions,news,facts,research,how you feel or every,it does not require you to be a professional or a programmer,you can always write anything under the sun as a blogger.Blogging can also be used as a business tools for promoting your product,services or company name by relating with human beings and letting them know you care.You can blog about almost anything on earth for your readers to read,enjoy,share and learn something from your blog.just think of something,type it and blog it,with these you will be on your way to the top
  Advantages of blogging
1.Blogging can make you earn cash online,see post to read more
2.Blogging enhances customer relationship
3.Blogging help boost your on products online
There are two platforms to get a blog
The wordpress is the most popular in blogging because it has a lot of apps and plugins that are readily available while the blogger is absolutely free for all to use.wordpress readily create an automatic rss feed for you on each time you post a topic.
If you are searching for the easiest way to start a blog, then perhaps Blogger is
the solution for you.You can setup a Blogger account and add your first post, literally within minutes.
1.signup for a gmail account here
2.go to blogger and login in with your gmail info
3.create your blogger account
4.generate your url e.g
4.after your blog has been created,name your blog
5.choose your best template
6.adjust your template to fit your colour and design choice
After your blog has been generated and published,then you can now submit your site to,bing etc for as many articles for your reader and have your fun doing it.
Blogger provides a platform for you to be known,advertise and pass your message to your targeted audience for free and you get paid  for every valid clicks on your blog through the ads place on your blog,this program is called google adsense.other program that provide such are chitika,adbrite,kontera,widgetbuck etc.Not only that,you can also earn by placing your affiliate banners,affiliate link,product etc on your blog.Note that for best result,you need to change your blogspot to .com that is,i was formerly using and its changed to can see it makes a lot of sense just that here to learn more on how to change your blogspot to free to see more below this post and also your comment is also important to us so as to get immediate feedback on any question you have.register for update below with your email so as to get regular tips from us


  1. This is the nicest thing have had to stumble upon this new year and am glad I did, but I want to know more just came up with my blogspot ( to the dictate given here but am still yet to understand the publishing and optimizing of your blogspot and also how to get feeds, widgets and make money with the blogspot, I wish you can give me a little more detail. Thanks a million.

  2. alrit sir,i will do all you said.just be patient and everything will be given to you sir,just tghe way you want it

  3. Good one Bro. more of this, it will really assist newbies.

  4. more stuffs on way,just kip in touch

  5. if you found this helpful,then drop ur comment and it will be addressed instantly

  6. How can one make money from WORDPRESS with out buying a customed blog. Cause non-customed blogs are not allowed to use adsense.

  7. @surveycash,Are you a naija guy.if yes,does survey really work for do one collect cash if no paypal,i also tried to make this comment on ur blog,but could not because you have not enabled anonymous comment option

  8. @SURVEY BOY, you can use Graphcard to collect your checks when from those survey sites in place of Graphcard

  9. i wanna go into blogging because i have lot of ideas to share but i dont really know how to start the site, the design and the page. i learnt so much from this blog and i now understand what blogging is all about. pls check ur email and give responds to my letter.i really want you to help me start blogging and making money with it

  10. ok... I will try ma best..inbox me

  11. Everyone is talking about blogging, everyone is an expert, so how does a total newbie learn. This article hand holds you through the very first step of blogging, that of creating a blog.

  12. yes i appreciate this but i prefer wordpress than blogger.


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