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How to insert chat box to your site

The beauty of a site not only depends on the amount widget on the site but the ability of the site to attract more traffic to the site and to enable viewers read more and never wanting to leave the blog and mind you the more traffic to the site,the more you earn and also the more the activities get interesting.To create a blog click here. It only take a few minutes to get started with shoutmix. Their platform allows you to engage your audience right away.with ShoutMix , your visitors will be able to start conversation with you and among themselves directly from your website.shoutbox is crafted with great care. We made sure it stays highly functional without compromising its appearance. You can see the real thing in action right here.  You can get started with easy copy/paste HTML codes. Simple steps are provided for popular platforms such as Blogger, PHPBB, vBulletin and Wordpress. No installation is required. You can change the header text or even use image based he

How to change your blogspot to

Every blogger have one thing in mind and its just about having fun and making some earnings from Google,But all these is centered around the traffic and making sure your readers wants to read more and more from your blog.but there factors that determines that which one of them is changing your blogspot to . com . you can also click here to create a blog  Now its cool to see changed to    blogspot might not be too pleasant to the eyes but on the shorter form which is the .com,its pretty good. Note : After changing it to .com , if anyone still visit the old . blogspot address, the person will be automatically redirected to your new .com address, hence, your blog readers will not be left behind. Why Do I Need a Custom Domain Name? 1. sounds better than 2. Having your own custom domain adds professionalism to your blog 3. It encourages you to be committed to yo