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How to Open PayPal Account in Nigeria with Perfect Money

Best way to open PayPal in   Nigeria with Perfect Money ! This method has been tested and trusted to be the fastest and most convenient way to open  paypal account using Perfect Money E currency account. PayPal allow you sell online without revealing your bank account, credits card, it also allow you to make some payments, receive cash and send money to whoever around the world. PayPal is also used by most companies in the e business for you to receive your cash, but the problem is that Nigeria is not included in the list of countries not accepted by PayPal but that does not mean we will never make use of this service in Nigeria . While Perfect offers the same service but this one is widely accepted in Nigeria The main tutorial lesson;  1) Get an An email which may be gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail.   2 ) A permanent IP changer like Your-Freedom software, Ultrasurf ,  3) .some strong proxy site that are acquired online   4) non Europ


Image    A  U.S address is needed for most online businesses such that it can be used to receive your money from websites that offers check as their preferred mode of payments, and to do this you need a virtual address A virtual address, is an address that is made just for you .which means it is registered for you only. and to get this does this. graphcard provide virtual address for every individual that need this for their online businesses.    You can ship your goods and stock to this address and graphcard claims it for you,.All you need is to register with graphcard and VTN which is their  partner company in Nigeria. With  the sum of just $18. you graph card will send you a distinct virtual address.