How to insert chat box to your site

The beauty of a site not only depends on the amount widget on the site but the ability of the site to attract more traffic to the site and to enable viewers read more and never wanting to leave the blog and mind you the more traffic to the site,the more you earn and also the more the activities get interesting.To create a blog click here.
It only take a few minutes to get started with shoutmix. Their platform allows you to engage your audience right away.with ShoutMix, your visitors will be able to start conversation with you and among themselves directly from your website.shoutbox is crafted with great care. We made sure it stays highly functional without compromising its appearance. You can see the real thing in action right here. 
  • You can get started with easy copy/paste HTML codes. Simple steps are provided for popular platforms such as Blogger, PHPBB, vBulletin and Wordpress. No installation is required.
  • You can change the header text or even use image based header. Optionally, you can link the header so when clicked it will go to the URL you specify.
    Simple color picker allows you to fine-tune and get all the colors just right. It comes with live preview so you can see exactly how it looks even as you pick the colors. If you have exact specs, you can also just type in the color codes.
     other features include;

      1.full sign incontrol
      2.facebook sign in
      3. twitter sign in verification
      5.Anonymous sign in
      6.shoutmix is highly compatible with mobile phones
      7.shoutmix works with all browsers 
               How to get started
    Sign up with shoutmix
    confirm the link sent to your email
    login to shoutmix
    get shoutmix password
    make changes that suits your taste using colors and formats
    get the code for your site
    go back to your blogger dashboards--design--add gadget---paste the code.
    view the changes on your site.
    then press save and confirm
    I think with these chat box it makes your blog look nice and makes reader readily fall in love with your site.This process is very simple and fast with no need for you to be a programmer or designer to do,just follow the simple process and begin to make your money with google adsense.To learn how to make money with your site/blog see this post
    .thank you and have a nice time as you read more on how to earn some cash in naija for free.


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