Earn some bucks while blogging

The greatest discovery about any online business or work is blogging because it has been proven to be the sure way of earning some cash online without stress.A blog is just like a written article,file or journals about any thing.Blogging can also be described as a type of website or parts of site that can be updated on a daily basis for readers to view.
  A blog website can be updated daily base on the subject in discussion which can be categories in entertainment, education, science, family affairs, economy, politics, arts, music,videos,writing ,health, photo and lots more, it depends on your area of likeness .
                          How to create a blog
Creating a blog is very simple and easy provided you’ve known the area of life where you  want to impact or share with your readers. After that you can now register with either blogger or wordpress.But blogger is owned and runned by google. This simple steps are summarized as follows;

  1. Create a gmail or google account if you don’t have any
  2. Go to blogger and sign in with your google account information
  3. Click on create blog now
  4. After that, name your blog and give it an address
  5. choose from any of the template on blogger
  6. Edit the different section of the template layout to your taste i.e select good fonts, colors, background, picture, themes, style etc
Now that you have created your blog, you can start posting your various topics, writeups, experience and many more.
                 How to earn with your blog
After creating your blog and posting, then you are on your way to success. Then you can  then start earning by allowing different companies to place their adverts on your page and any click earns you money. This program is called pay per click and the first to consider is the google program called google adsense and the next you can consider is widgetbucks,adbrite,kontera,chitika and many more.This program allows you to earn from your blog by placing ads on the blog.You can place more than one on adverts on your page. 
  These are the ways you can generate money and earn real good cash from the comfort of your home.These companies sends you check or pay directly into your accounts.Have a nice time as you read these post. start now and you can have a more better blog than this or anyone else


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