HOW TO GET A U.S ADDRESS FOR PAYMENTS PURPOSES   A  U.S address is needed for most online businesses such that it can be used to receive your money from websites that offers check as their preferred mode of payments, and to do this you need a virtual address
A virtual address, is an address that is made just for you .which means it is registered for you only. and to get this does this. graphcard provide virtual address for every individual that need this for their online businesses.
   You can ship your goods and stock to this address and graphcard claims it for you,.All you need is to register with graphcard and VTN which is their  partner company in Nigeria. With  the sum of just $18. you graph card will send you a distinct
virtual address.
What you need to do is to open account with them, then the will tell you how to fund your account here in Nigeria.Once you open account with them,you are now required to fund your account in Naira  ,just login and and check there account details.(At list you need N3,000 so that after all charges you will still have enough money to request for you virtual address. (Once you have paid money to VTN account number you are required to register it on there website so that your account will be credited, and once your VTN account is credited then you have to open your graphcard account to tranfer the money from VTN to GRAPHCARD).
Once you login to your graphcard account click on ADD FUND  to to see the options on how to transfer money to graphcard,click on the the VTN OPTION which will require you to login to your VTN account to transfer the money.Once the money is transfer then request for your virtual  address.

Virtual Address and How To Collect Your Survey Money In Nigeria
 But it is very important i do this so that you will know the end from the beginning.
This is how graph card virtual address works...
Let me assume that the address: Graphcard gives to you is:
PMB: 12003, 8101 Sandy Spring Road
Suite 220, Laurel MD 20707
[Note: that all graph card address are the same, the way they use to differentiate
is through the PMB]. So the pmb12003 will be your name on graphcard but remember you will bear the name graphcard gives you which is lfrcommunicationsinc.
Click here to register \
Graphcard can also be used to accept payments for your website anywhere in the world..                         Thank you and start making money,all this info for free.  you can mail me for more info for this.its free.


  1. hi girl,i like dis

  2. thanks,after paying that 18dollars,do they still collect money monthly for their service rendering?

  3. no there is no other payment after that,you just enjoy thier service allthrough

  4. it's better i read this post intead of falling into scammer.

  5. Good research bro, more of this.


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