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Small Scale Business Ideas for Africa

This post is all about the best small scale business for Africa which means if you are residing in Africa and you don't have an idea of any small scale business you can start, then you are getting the solution for your though reading this post which give good business with profit for Africans in Africa.

Since Africa is still part of the developing continent in the whole world, many countries in Africa still have problems like shortage of electric power supply, good roads, dirty envrironment, corruption, wastage and illiteracy. But there are small businesses that can be done in Africa that can generate steady income. 

Small scale businesses performs well in Africa because of its population especially in Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana etc. As long as the small business solves people's problem, then it is a good business.

Below are various small scale business ideas for Africa to generate good income and i believe some of the businesses can be done with little capital…

How to Create a Money Making Blog

How Can i Create a Blog that Make Money? If you desire to create a money making blog and to generate a steady income through the blog, you are reading the right post which provide all the information you need.

To create a money making blog that will bring steady cash for you, you need to start with the information below.

1. Identify the Niche: If you are to create a blog for money, then the first thing is to identify and choose a profitable niche for the blog. A money making blog means business and should be treated as one. So, you just need to search online niche that are high in profit which i believe insurance, cars, loan, technology, business, health education are all good niche to blog about for money.

2. Platform: To create a money making blog,another thing you need just after identifying the niche is to choose the platform you want either Blogger or WordPress platform. I started with Blogger and now i believe WordPress is a better platform because you own the site and you are not …

How to Earn Through Blogs

How Can i Earn through a Blog? Blogging is a way to make money online even more profitable than other internet businesses due to its earning potentials. To start making money from blogs, you need to start by creating a blog for yourself using any platform such as blogger or wordpress.

So, after must have created your new blog, try and buy a custom domain name for the blog, get responsive template and you begin to write contents on the blog. This is the first step you need to take to start earning money from your blog.

Just after giving it a domain name, posting contents and the next thing is to start sharing your blog links to your Facebook friends, twitter followers and other social networks which you may belong to.  Then after doing these, You can now integrate the following programs that will help you make money through the blog or from the blog.

1. Google Adsense: To earn money through a blog, you must start by registering and integrating Google Adsense program on your site. This wil…

How Do Blogger Make Money

A friend sent this question to my mail "how do bloggers make money online" which i felt other people can read through a blog post.

Blogging is one of the lucrative business you can do online to earn some extra cash online. To become a blogger, you need to create a free blog either on blogger or wordpress platform but whichever you choose works great.

After creating your blog, give it a custom domain name, install nice and resposive template and you start posting contents immediately. If you do this, you are already a blogger and how to make money from your blog as a blogger, you must drive traffic to the site through free or paid means, allow the blog to grow in search result, ranks and popularity and to make money from the blog as a blogger wont be a problem but easy.

If you can take time to achieve all these requirements, you are then qualify to start earning money as a blogger using the folowing programs;

1. Google Adsense: For most bloggers,the first thing that comes to thei…

Profitable Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

What are Profitable Ways to Increase Online Sales? If you have something to sell online or you do affiliate marketing where you sell product your own product or other people's product online then, you will getting the best idea as you read this post. 

There are many ways to increase your product sales online especially if you want to sell orders from fiverr, product from clickbank, commission junction, i carts, Amazon, eBay etc. Some of these profitable ways includes;

1. Best Payment Method: To increase online sales, you need to integrate or choose the best and affodable payment gateway for your online stuffs. PayPal is the most prefarable since its widely used and accepted all over the world. If customers can pay conveniently for your product, then they will recommend more customers for you which boost sales.

2. Sell Product with High Demand: Another profitable way to increase online sales is to display or sell what the people want and in high demand. Digital product, cloths, food i…

How to Earn Money Online Doing Small Tasks

How Can i Make Money Online with Small Task? I found this question on most blogs and forum where people demand anwers on various online jobs they can do with small task. It means people will be interested in money making online programs with less stress and task to perform. I believe this brief ideas give you some information on how to earn money online doing simple work and not the usual voluminous jobs.

There are many ways to make money online but majority of them require huge task like marketing, selling, driving traffic, promoting etc while only a  few requires small tasks with good money. I believe what you need here is information and list of online jobs that requirtes small task which we will be providing as you read on. 

To make money online doing simple or small task, check the following make money online programs that requirtes simple task;

1.Freelancing - Freelancing is one of the simple ways to earn money online without much task. Freelancing really works if you have some ski…

How to Earn Money From Blogspot

How Can i Make Money from Blogspot?  Because you are blogging on a free blogspot platform doesn't mean you won't earn money online from blogging. Blogging is the best ways to make money online but takes some time to mature and you must post quality contents to the blog regularly to gain popularity on the internet.

Blogspot is a very beautiful platforms to make money online through blogging and the same way WordPress users make money is also the same way blogspot also do but depends on the traffic the blog is generating and not the platform. To make money from Blogspot, you need to do the following;

How to Earn Money From a Blogspot

1. Create a Blog: To start making money through blogspot, go to blogger and create a free website, design it using good template and begin to add contents to the site site. If you have done this, that is the first step to making money from blogspot. The next step is to share your contents on social networks like Facebook or Twitter to gain more traff…

Best 5 Ways to Get More Customers To a Business Within a Month

In our previous post, we described "ways to avoid someone stealing your customers" just in case you do not have the opportunity of the reading the article. Since, we learn't some tips there, we will be applying new ways on how to get more customers to your Business within a month which i believe is possible.
Even if the business has been in exisitence for a long time or its just a new business, this tips will help you to gain some customers within the shortest period of time. Since, the primary goal of your business is to have an increase in profit, serve for a longer time and not crash along the way, where these can only be achieved by keeping the current customers and getting more to boost sales of your product.

I believe the secret to gaining more customers depends solely on your business marketing strategy even if your business is a small scale or large scale business. The best way to get many customers within a month or in few weeks includes;

1. Effective Publicity:  O…

How to Determine Which Wholesale Products Will Sell

How can i know which Wholesale Product will sell Well? i was looking through some of the wholesale product on eBay and i feel the strong point for any buyer is to know which product sell well and fast. 

Since eBay allows retail and wholesale stuffs at good amount, you can make money buying and selling on eBay through this means of buying in bulk and reselling but how are you sure if the product will do well after purchasing them.

Most times, we get confused to buying some product in wholesales thinking such product might not sell well in the market but the ideas below will help you figure that out. It includes;

1. Start Small: To buy product in bulk at wholesale price, you need to start small, that is, to buy the product in small quantity. This will help you monitor the demand of the product from people around and the market at large. If the demand of the product is high, then it means the product will do well and you order for more of the wholesale products.

2. Start from Home:  To dete…

How to Prevent Someone Stealing Your Customers

If you are business owner or you manage a business for someone else, you will notice that the competition will increase especially the business is booming. Someone else will like to start your kind of business and do all possible things to steal your customers using various means.
If you lose customers to other people or your competitors daily, it means you are not doing what others are doing and your customers are attracted to other business ventures. Now there are ways you can avoid someone stealing your customers instead, you steal other people's customers where you earn more money.

Either you business is an online business or real business outside the internet, ways to keep your customers save from going to buy from others includes;

1. Collect their Phone Numbers: To avoid someone else stealing your customers, you should learn to collect your buyers/customers phone numbers which can be done through duplicate of reciept, invoice, cards or you ask them to give you. This is the most…

How to Educate Yourself as a Small Business Owner

How do i educate myself as a small business owner?Since i started running my small scale business, i realize that am putting my best to become successful in it and the time spent on daily basis prevent me from learning new things around and not educating myself really anymore.
I decided to figure something out so\me information which am sharing now on "how you can educate yourself with your business"  Although many people attend trainings,  seminars, programs, workshops which are sponsored by the company you work for and not yourself. It means attending seminars may be expensive but like the say, experience is the best teacher anytime and with time, you will getting that daily as you run the business. You can you learn through complains or suggestion from your customers, clients, buyers, sellers or your competitors?

Ways and how to educate yourself about your small business includes:

1. Learn from your Customers: You can educate yourself as a small business owner by asking ques…