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Good Ways to Make Money Online

There are many good ways to make money online without fraud, scam or illegal means and get paid directly into your local bank account in your country. I observe there are many scam online and these days, people really do not believe in money making programs but the programs we will be discussing here are things you can do to make good money. 

How do i earn good money online? If you are looking for good method or ways to make money online in a very perfect way and get paid into your account business online, then the articles you are reading is good for you.  
To make good money online, you only need a computer, phone and an internet which i believe you can get cheap internet plans around. There are many programs or sites online where you can work and make good money with time. These are not get-rich-quick-schme but very legitimate. The sites includes;

1.Google Adsense :  The proven way to earn good money online is through Google Adsense where payments are sent to bank account when your…

How to Display Adsense Ads at Homepage Only on Blogger

For every new things i do or any widget i install on my blog, i will always post the steps on my blog for people to see in as much as the widget gave some changes. This time, am going to teach you simple steps on how to make your Adsense ads show on homepage alone and not on individual pages

The reason i did was to maximize the revenue coming from Adsense by placing the requires Ad Sizes at the right place. If you look at my blog, you will notice that the number of Adsense size on individual post differs from the one at homepage. I don't want a particular Adsize to display on all the pages but i want it on home page. 

To make display Adsense ads on home page only and without displaying on other pages, you need to follow these process;

1. Login to Blogger Dashboard

2. Create the New Adsense Unit of any size you want and get the code.

3. Click on the Layout Icon

4. Click on Add a Gadget, Open the HTML/Javascript and paste the Adsense codes on the side bar or any where you want it and SAVE…

High Paying Online Jobs for Teenagers

In our last post, we described few jobs teenagers can do to make money online using their internet and computers or phones. Now, we will be listing and explaining high paying online jobs for teenagers around eithert in college or not.

There are high paying online jobs for teenagers to make money without paying any money to start. your money or you claim your earnings yourself, then you are in for a real and high paying online business.

Some of the high paying online jobs for teenagers or online businesses a teenager can do to get paid weekly, monthly or daily includes;
1. Blogging: Blogging may not be high paying at first but when you start it early, it will work, your blog will gain popularity, traffic, search engine optimization and becomes a high paying one.Just as a said in the previous post, a teenager can create a blogn for free using or as a platform. Make research on how to Upload responsive template to the blog, buy a c heap domain name and begin to pu…

Best Internet Jobs for Teens

Apart from attending colleges, there are jobs teenagers can do online to earn some cash for theselves without any cost or investment. I know many teenagers usually have good phones and laptops that are connected to the internet, that is the only too required for the internet jobs for teens.

I think we need to enlighten the teenagers also on ways to be productive, to generate income through simple internet jobs that pay teens. Some of the internet jobs for teens includes;

1. Blogging: One of the important jobs teenagers can do online is to start blogging. As a teenager, you can create a free blog for yourself through or Upload good template, give it a custome domain which is very cheap like $4 - $8 from good domain registrars. After creating the free blog, you can begin to post some contents on the blog, share it on your Facebook wall and that is it.  Blogging is recommended for teens because of it earning potential. You can make money through your blog in vari…

How to Make Money From Article Writing in Nigeria

This post was aimed for few people who are really interested in making money through article writing in Nigeria. In the best of my knowledge, i will be sharing ideas on how to earn cash online or offline through article writing in Nigeria and getting paid with ease.

Its quite easy to earn money from article writing online than making money from article writing offline but both ways looks easy to me. As a Nigerian, you don't need to be a professional writer to make money through article writing but constant practice makes perfect as they say.

If you are a professional writer then that a good way but you also need this information on ways to make money in Nigeria writing articles. Getting articles seems easy for me this days compared to several years ago when i could not even source but to copy some other writers but now i can write at anytime, any day and anywhere and i also know how to make money from my writings. 

Now, if you want to start earning good money either online or offline…

5 Easy Methods to Generate Leads for Free

How Can i Generate Free Leads Easily? I got this question few minutes ago through a reader who wanted to know where and how people generate leads for free and with ease. Am now using this post to enable other readers gain from the answers provided.

What is Lead? Leads are term used in affiliate marketing to describe which tells a pathway followed by a buyer to buy from your site. Leads is generated through a website traffic; Leads is just like stumbling upon a link, banner or site and buying from the site. Its very common among people who do affiliate  marketing to make money online. I will never forget to tell you that affiliate marketing is the best business online as well as the best way to earn money online. Leads is just as a customer which later becomes your buyer.

There are many ways to generate leads while some leads generated are achieved through paid method and the other method is completely free. The free and easy ways to generate leads is what we are briefing below;

1. Articl…

3 Things to Avoid in Online Business

If you are thinking of starting an Online business or you already working online with some  make money online programs that is gradually generating income, below are few are things you need to avoid working online. This will help you never to stop or lose money online just like any other business we do outside the internet.
From our experience so far, we will be describing few things that can lead to failure, shortage in income on any internet business and how to prevent such includes;

1.Distractions to dominate: There are so many businesses online which generates steady income e.g affiliate marketing, Adsense, Blogging, Micro Jobs, Data entry etc but when you get distracted or you allow distraction to set in, you may lose focus and never earn any money through the business. The internet is a big market place where so many information are posted so, if you are involve in any of the online businesses e.g blogging, then you need to be focus, do it well, seek information and sooner than yo…

How to Make Money Online With No Idea of What to Do

Let me rephrase the heading of this topic may be you will understand it properly "How to Earn Money Online Without Having any Idea"

When i heard about making money online, i started searching for the profitable ones even when i had no idea of what internet business is all about. I don't even know where to start and the kind of online business i can do to make money online. I had no skills, no writing skills, no programming ideas, can't even create a website etc. 

Most people do not have an idea on what to do on the internet  to earn money but if you are in this category of not having any idea on things to do online that generates income,  then this post is of good important to you as you read on. 

Let me begin to give you ideas on how to make money online without no ideas of what to do, which am going to list and describe below. 

1. Create a Free Blog Site : Even me do not know how to create a blog but today i create blogs for people without learning it from anybody exce…

How to Swap Your Old Laptop for a New Laptop in Nigeria

To our friends and readers in Nigeria, you can swap your old laptop for a new laptop with ease especially if you live in Lagos. I was walking down a place in Lagos where a young man approached me and said if i will like to buy a new laptop, buy a UK used laptop or swap the old one for a new one.

The place where you get to swap your old laptop to a new one in Nigeria is Alaba Market in Ojo local Goverment in Lagos. To swap your old laptop to a new one, board a bus going to Alaba international, when you get there take a bike to computer section and just behind the new First bank before Mosque bus stop, drop and walk inside the market.

You will see many stores with good laptops, fairly used laptops, new laptops and you will also see store where you can swap your laptops to get a new one right there in the market.

There are many types of swapping which takes place in the market where the common one is swapping the old laptop to get a good working new laptop but you add little money while the… Is the Best Classified Ads Site in Nigeria

I was trying to surf online for a good classified ads site to list some of my product when i stumble upon I was surprise to see the change and number of calls i get after listing the product on the site and i describe this site as the best classified ads site in Nigeria. is a free classified ads site where you can post adverts of your stuffs such as laptops, phones, cloths, cars, shoes, house, generators, TV, Radio, metals, flowers, caps, bags etc all for free.

To get more exposure to your product, i will recommended you visit now, register within few seconds, post your ads and within the shortest time, your ads is live on the site. To see how it works, just do the following;

- Click Post Free Ad button.
- Register in 10 seconds.
- Write good description.
- Select Categories.
- Add a few photos.
- Start receiving calls.

You can also create a free store on classified Ads site

You can also create your own sales page on the site i.e you can cre…

How to Make a Lot of Money Without Getting a College Degree

Maybe you don't have a college degree and you want to make a lot of money online then you are reading the best article which teaches how to make money through the internet either you have a college degree or not..

It is possible for anyone to start earning lot of money without acquiring a college degree. This can be done going online and getting information on what works in generate steady income online.

There are many ways to make use of your computer/internet to make money online without a college degree. You can advertise advertise your business, brand to to people using the internet and you are sure of earning a lot of money online through these means without a college degree. 

Instead of getting college degree, you can work from home with your internet connected phone or computer. Online jobs you can do without a college degree includes :

1. Google Adsense: Legitimately, you can make a lot of money without a college degree through Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a program whe…

How To Cut Expenses in Managing a Small Business

If you have a small business you are managing now, you already know that there are things that causes large expenses which may exceed the budget for the business and may bring down the business. But as a small business owner, you can figure out what causes the large expenses and increase your business profits by cutting irrelevant or excess spending.

If you want to cut expenses and make profit in your business, then pay attention to the ideas shared on these post which describe ways to cut expenses in managing a business to earn greater income

1. Change Your Payment Options : If your small business site does other online businesses except from payment of goods bought, you can cut expenses by integrating other cheap payment gateways instead of a merchant account. You can accept other online payment options such as Paypal, PerfectMoney,, Skrill, Clickbank, Okpay etc instead of merchant account involving credit card charges. People will have the choice of not only using credit…