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The Simplest Way to Make Money Online

Which is the Simplest Way to Make Money Online? A reader sent this question few days ago after reading so much articles online on how to earn money online but wants to know the simplest method to actually make money online. I love the question and i believe i will give the best answer in my own little knowledge pertaining making money through the internet in the most simple way or we all it the simplest way.

To go straight to the point, the simplest way to earn cash online is to believe, read and gather information on the kind of business it is. If it has been working for other people, it means it can also work for you and that is why you need to believe in anything or business you want to lay your hands upon

Secondly, i think the simplest or easiest way to make money online is to sell items you really do not need any more or items you no longer need. This can be done by posting your unwanted or used items on sites like eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, Alibaba or any other popular classified a…

Disadvantages of Free Domain Names

What are the Disadvantages of Free Domain Name? I often tell people who wants to own or build a blog or website to start their website with paid domain names due to the advantages and less risk but they still prefer to use a free domain name which is good but has some disadvantages just like free web hosting
There are many free domain registrars on the internet which includes .blogspot, .WordPress, tumblr and other domain name registration site that provides free domains but the site must bear their name of the host while some offered free domain names for promotional purposes or redeem through coupon. Free domain name registration has many advantages but since we are talking about disadvantages now, we will be providing some of the limitations of free domains or disadvantages of opting for free domains. I rather choose the best or cheap custom domains for my site than using a free domain names.
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Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

What are the Disadvantages of Free web Hosting? Even when i explained to people who wants to own or build a website, i recommend them to start a blog or website with paid hosting due to its advantages but many people still find interest in getting a free web hosting which is good but has some limitations.

There are many free web host online some which includes blogspot, WordPress, tumblr and other hosting site that provides free hosting but your site must bear their name or many offered free hosting for promotional purposes or coupon. Free web hosting has many advantages but since we are talking about disadvantages now, we will be providing list of limitations or disadvantages of opting for free webhosting. What you need is just to get a good website or blog either through paid or free hosting.
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Are Paid Surveys Real?

Many people are looking for legitimate ways to make money online. An internet connected computer is a device that can be used work to make some extra money online. There are so many ways people earn extra money through the internet in which paid survey panels is part but the question is "are paid surveys real? To be candid, paid surveys is real and its a way to make some few dollars online but getting the high paying survey site is what matters for real work from home and income.There are many surveys panel online and i have seen real surveys site that pay which will be listed below. Read Also - How to Find Free Paid Surveys SitesRead Also - How to Get High Paying Survey Sites Most real and legitimate surveys site pay by check, PayPal, Bank transfer and other gift card which makes the business real. You could also get to test some product from big companies before they take those stuffs to the market hence, you become their product tester and also get paid for it.
One of the adva…

How to Know a Capable Web Host

There are things you need to know before you buy a web hosting for your site. One of the question that is often ask is the question of "is a web host Capable? ". A web hosting site is a site that store web pages using an available disk space on their size. A capable web host should have a broader/bandwidth, databases, FTP accounts, admin email addresses, web based email interface, dedicated IP Address, control panel, and available extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .ng,.uk etc

Another thing that tell if a web-hosting site is capable is to consider the web host bandwidth or traffic which can be calculate or viewed directly through their site Read Also - Best 3 Sites to Buy Web Hosting Read Also - Best web Host for Small Business Before choosing or signing up with any web hosting site, you need to check if there any restriction on the site concerning monthly transfers and allocation. And another thing is if the web host users the word unlimited hosting or cheap hosting and if…

Top 8 Small Business Ideas in 2015

Starting a small scale business requires lot of planning and the willingness to start such business depends on the available small business ideas and business plans. Most small businesses require little capital to start and just in case the business did not do well, the loss of capital and the business may not be too painful, that is why you need small business ideas before you start a business in the year 2015.
You can start a small business when you have little capital with good business ideas, and some of the small business you can do in 2015 which brings good income includes;

1. Online business : This involves working and making money through the internet which include online Article writing, Adsense, Affiliate marketing, blogging, virtual assistant, Sport betting, translator, copy writer, online selling, data entry jobs, micro jobs etc. Online business is good for anyone who want to start a small business and do not have much capital but have good phone/computer with an internet c…

How to Make Money Online Using UBA Africard

I recently discovered various ways and how useful it is to have a UBA Visa prepaid card called Africard and i really see that there's no need to keep using Payoneer MasterCard since i can use it to pay, buy and millions of online store accept this visa card.

You can make money through the UBA Africard through these simple ways which includes;

1. Facebook ads: The best card to pay for Facebook adverts in Nigeria is the VISA Prepaid Card by UBA. Since, i change the payment option on my Facebook advertising section, the Africard as been very useful. I get to pay for my ads on Facebook through this card which boost my site traffic and income generated on the site also increases. You can use the Facebook adverts to boost your product, links or site for good profit.
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Can i Submit My Site to All Search Engines

I decided to share this post to enlighten people and other website owners on the dangers of submitting sites to all search engines just to practice search engine optimization (seo). Search engine optimization is a practice thatin order for a site to enjoy quick indexing from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altatvista and many more. 
For the best in search engine optimization (seo) its sounds good to submit your site to only few search engine which are the most used and popular search engine like
add url to Googleadd url to yahooadd url to bingadd url to altavistaadd url to askWhat your website needs is not adding your site to any search engine directories or web directories but inbound links and outbound links.The amount of link pointing to your website and out linking to other website is a determinant factor and should be done.Link building is the best search engine optimization for now which means you do not need to start submitting your website to all or any search engine ou…

3 Fast Ways to Make Quick Money Online

I realized that the best way to make quick money onlineand fast is achievable only with money. To make it big in an Online business, you must treat such internet business like a real time business where you spend money, advert, promote or buy existing businesses.

You can make quick money as fast as possible online by doing the following;

1. Buying Existing Site: One of the 2 best ways to make fast money online and quickly is to buy an existing site with good traffic, good search engine rank, contents and monetize such site your own way.You could get this done through sites like warrioirforum, sitepoint, fiverr and digital point. Many of these sites are usually displayed on the site and are for sale. I made a mistake of buying a site for a friend and now hes enjoying the site and making some good cash by monetizing the traffic in different ways.
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Why You Should Get a Personal or Custom Domain Name

Why Should i get my own domain name?  As you read on with this post, we will be providing you with information on the importance and gains of having a personal domain name when it comes to website business or other internet businesses.
A domain name is actually a name allocated to a website url or address and always configured in .com, .net, .org, .edu etc. There are other free domain name like, and many more.

To be considered as a serious brand, a business or organization should have a top-level domain like and not or , It does not really matters but when i tried doing business with these, nobody takes the site or business serious and i consider buying a top-level domain. Some of the reasons to have a personal or custom domain name includes:

1. It forms a permanent brand: Having a custom or personalized domain enable the site/business have a permanent name. This will help people take the business se…

Best 5 Home Based Business Ideas for Women

Its a good thing for women to work and earn some money at home but many women seems to lack information on the types of profitable business that can be done from home hence, the settle for white collar jobs which often affect their families. 
There are series of work from home jobs for women to do which generates good income from it. After many reviews online and ideas from different women around the world to get the kind of business they do for money, i realize the best home based business that generate good income includes;

Grocery shopping
: One of the best home based business i recommends for women is the grocery home delivery system. I see that most of the time, the grocery stores are usually busy with long queue and the best way to solve this problem is to start a business that take each purchased times to people homes at little cost. Any body can do this business either on a large scale or small scale but i recommend the business on a small scale for women

Event planning:I believe…

How to Grow an Online Dating Site

An online dating site or dating niche has grown to be one of the biggest and most profitable business as well as the best high paying niche online. If you have an online dating site and you are looking for ways make it popular, to grow it online, to attract visitors etc to the site, then you can use the information provided below to get ideas on how to grow the dating business and make some good cash from it.
One of the things you need to consider is to ensure that your site has a nice and beautiful design with easy navigation and the dating site must be mobile friendly. If those things are done then you need to find and build up a strategy to drive people to the dating site which will make the dating site attract targeted traffic, page views, visitors and signups daily.The amount of traffic, pageviews, visitors your dating site get at first should not bother you but will increase with time.

The important thing you need to know when running a dating site is the marketing strategy. You a…