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Start to Make Money Online Without Spending Money

The problems with most businesses especially offline or local businesses, is that it require a lot of money to start, set up and operate before the owner begins to see a profit. Starting an online business doesn't have to cost much and little money or no capital can be used to start and operate it.
To start making money without spending money online, you need a computer and an internet connected device like phones, computer, or tablets but after that getting all these,you may not need to spend a dime again. This may not include tedious businesses like online surveys or other junk online businesses but business online that can earn hundreds of dollars daily which may even get higher later.
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How to Make Money Online Without Computer Skills

Many people think that they must have a computer skill or computer literate before they can work online and earn some money from it and they ask this question 'Can i Make Money Online Without a Computer Skills? Computer skills or certification in online business is just an added advantage but the only thing required is the ability to type, save, browse the internet and type something in the address bar.
The only thing you need to make money online without a computer skills is your ability to read, write, use Google search and implement what you read. Internet business isn't about computer knowledge but implementation. You can build a website, blog, integrate HTML codes without going to school to learn but on Google search. Every thing on internet business or making money online is on Google.
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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Site on the Internet

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn some money online by selling other people's product or you won product. Affiliate marketing seems to the best online business because it depends on the traffic generated on the page or site which may be converted into leads, sales or clicks.
The best affiliate marketing site are those site with fast payment method, reliable customer care center and other user friendly features on the programs. Below are site with the best and most reliable affiliate marketing programs which pay very well and according to their ranks. 

1. Commission Junction
2. Clickbank
3. ShareASale
4. Amazon Associates
5. eBay Partnet Network
6. E-Junkie
7. DigiResults
8. Google Affiliate Network
9. Linkshare
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Best 10 Sites to Sell Photos or Pictures

Selling pics or photos on the internet is another great way to make money online i believe it can also help you to make some extra cash especially if you are good at taking pictures or you have a good phone or computer that can edit beautiful pics and get paid for it.

You can get paid for taking or snapping pictures on some of the sites listed below. Business owners, website owners, or some other people who needs good photos for a cover page, effect will download some of your pics and pay in few cents and i believe few cents can get accumulated to few dollars and later to huge money.
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1. SnapVillage
2. BigStockPhoto
3. CluterShot
4. ShutterStock
5. Dreamstime
6. DepositPhoto
7. IStockPhoto
8. Futolia
9. StockExpert

10. Fiverr
Manypeoplehave been paid, some are still earnin…

Etisalat 2Gig Data Bundle Plan at N2000

Etisalat is one of the leading telecommunication company at this time with affordable data plans and internet subscription for users which ranges from any mobile phone,Tablets, Iphones, smart phone and PC users.

Etisalat is giving out a special offer of 2gig data bundle or data plan at N2000 only with fast internet services. This  etisalat 2gb data plan works on Iphone, Androids,Modems etc I have used it, still using it and it very fast both on PC or on mobile phone. You get 2gig of data at two thousand naira(2000). To get this done, follow the process below;

The Steps to Get 2gig of internet data @ N2000 on Etisalat includes:

1. Load N2000 on your Etisalat Sim

2. Dial   *229*2*8# 

3. Connect to Start browsing

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Note: The 2gig data plan only last for 30 days from the day of subscription and the remaining data plan or mb used can be checked by dialing *228#. Thank for reading.

Best Way to Pay for Facebook Ads in Nigeria

Facebook ads is a program where you pay some money to advertise your business or product online. The products, website, link or business get a wide range of exposure to their fb users, friends or subscribers Online.
Read Also -  How to Make Money on FacebookIf all you need is a brand exposure, website traffic, Facebook likes, Facebook shares, exposures etc then you tried using Facebook ads program if you are to get such services.. The best way to pay for Facebook ads or adverts in Nigeria or any other part of Africa includes;

1. UBA Africard or Prepaid Visa Card

2 GTBank Niara MasterCard

3. GTBank Dollar MasterCard

4. Zenith Web Surfers

5. Payoneer MasterCard 

The cards listed above are good for Facebook ads/adverts and it works well. The most recommended card for Facebook ads is UBA Africard also known as UBA Prepaid Visa Card. Its what am using now to pay for Facebook ads for clients, jobs or personal purchase online.

To pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria, use the cards above and am sure it wi…

How to Make Daily Income Online

Can i Make Daily Money Online ?
Its is very possible to work online and earn some money daily either in a full time or part time and . You can also decide to work from home, leisure or at work. The only requirement to start an online business and make good money daily from such business depends only if you are working online with some legitimate sites and sites that pay well.

To make daily money from business online, you need to identify the business that really works, the sites that really pays and how to start an online business. There are many online business to start making from some which includes blogging, online sales, affiliate marketing, logo designing, micro jobs and many more. But below is a list of online work that can guarantee daily earnings or income

The Best and trusted ways to make daily money online includes;

1. Adsense : to start making daily money from Adsense, you need a blog also known as a free website, traffic and site popularity. This is the most ranked and widel…

Different Issues That Arise With Online Storefronts (And How To Handle Them)

Owning your own ecommerce store can be a great way to make a living. Even if your online store isn't your primary source of income, it can also be a great way to turn a hobby into a small source of side income. However, owning and operating an online storefront can present some issues from time to time. While many transactions go completely smoothly and without any issues, sometimes there are in fact problems. Here are some common issues that arise with online storefronts and how you can handle them as the business owner.

Packages Don't Arrive To Their Intended Recipient

When the mail service drops the ball, you're put into a difficult situation as the business owner. You've done everything right on your part, but you still look like an irresponsible retailer. It's always a good idea to get a tracking number for every order so that you can keep track of where the shipments are. If the mail service, either private or state, fails to deliver a package, contact them as …

Best 10 Sites to Sell a Product Online

Below is a list of site where you can sella product, your stuffs and anything by listing them on the internet. Its very possible to make extra money online through this means which only involves placing your used, unwanted or materials online for interested buyers to make orders for them for free.

These site below are tagged best site to sell your products because i have used the site to sell anything i want to sell online by listing them even if you are residing in USA, Canada, Uk or other part of Africa and Europe. The site connects buyers and sellers together for smooth transactions. The top rated site or best site to sell a product includes;
Craiglist EbayAmazonKijijiSellBackpageGazelleOodleEtsyZazzleI stumble upon these site when i was trying to sell a laptop online which was listed and within few days after listing it on some of the site above, a buyer contacted me, love the laptops and paid for it which was shipped directly to his home.
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