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How to Receive Google Adsense Money in Nigeria

Google Adsense is the best Pay per click program on the internet as well as the best and most reliable way to make money online directly into your bank account any where in the world even in Nigeria.

If you have a blog or website with high traffic and popularity, i will advice you integrate Adsense into the site to convert your traffic to money and smile to the bank to collect your money. Many Nigerians hear about making money from Google Adsense and feels "how do i collect my money into my account in Nigeria" but it very easy and free.
Read Also - Is Google Adsense  Still profitable? Read Also - Secret to making Huge cash from AdsenseThe steps to receiving Adsense money in Nigeria is quite simple just register and integrate Google Adsense codes on your site, allow the ads to display and carefully follow the registration procedure thereby providing your real name, address and easy description of your location where Google can find your Address.

After few weeks, your earnings b…

How to Receive Fiverr Earnings in Nigeria

How Can i Collect Fiverr Money in Nigeria?This was the question asked by one of our readers in Nigeria who wants to know how to transfer and receive his fiverr earnings in Nigeria. Its very possible to get your money transferred to you and collect using any ATM machine in Nigeria and the steps are explained as you read on.
Fiverr is one of the best micro job site in the world where people post their skills, services as gigs for $5. If you can create designs, website, write articles, write songs, edit videos, create banners, make podcast etc then fiverr is the best place to be.

Or if you already have money accumulated on your fiverr account and you don't know how to cash out to your Nigerian bank or payment system, then follow the procedure below;

1. Ensure you promote your gigs for more orders

2. Complete orders and fast as possible
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How Money Can Buy Happiness

Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

Sometimes ago, i posted a brief article asking if money can really buy happiness and i felt money could not buy happiness but now after i begin to earn some cash from some of my business,i see that money can buy happiness in many ways which will be posted below.

Some people might say money is the root of evil and it may not bring happiness but when you invest in businesses that works, earn more money, make huge amount of profit then, money can change lives.
Below are some of the things money can buy that brings happiness, peace and good health which includes;

1.  Good Food : If you think money cant buy happiness, try cooking a very good and expensive food or you visit expensive restaurants or canteen which provide good delicacies like chicken, fruit juice, salads, vegetables and other food items around the world. These food may be expensive, costly but you will glad you have money to eat good food.

2. Exercise and Physiotherapy: Most people are not healthy beca…

How to Make Money Online as a Graphic Designer

As a graphic Designer, you can make money online through your arts, images, designs on the online in a legitimate ways through the means which will be described below.
Either you designed are printed or electronics, there are many ways you can make money online as a graphic designer in as much you have very lovely designs of images, banners, logo etc by hand or computer software. It will be nice for you to start earning money through your graphic designs by doing the following;

1. Fiverr:  One of the best way to make money online as a Graphic Designer is to post your service on Fiverr. Fiverr is a micro job site and graphic designing has been noticed to be high in demand on the site. Many website owners, artist all need logos, banner, image designs, photo shopped and other picture edit and if you can provide such services, then just register on fiverr, create a gig like "I can Design a Logo/banner/image etc for you for $5" The more orders you get, the more money you make from …

Best Paid Surveys Panel in 2015

Top 5 Surveys Panel Site in 2015

Taking paid surveys online used to be the best way to make money online few years back but now its seems to be the oldest and many people do not see paid surveys as a genuine way to get paid online for filling out forms or surveys usually at $4, $5 or $6 per surveys.

I regard some survey panel as best for 2015 or as the best survey site in 2015 due to the fact that it works for me and i have been earning money taking surveys online and the best site i used are listed as you read on.

The best survey site or survey panel should pay promptly for every completed surveys done from home with regular qualification of surveys despite age, location or sex and also pay high per surveys usually $5 to $8 per surveys. The best survey panel in terms of these in 2015 includes;

1.  Opinion Outpost;      Cash out is $10 by PayPal

2. GlobalTestMarket:     Cash out is $10 by PayPal

3. Toluna:                         Cash Out is $5 by check or PayPal, Tango cards or Facebook Co…

Fast and Easy Way to Make Money Online

This is a post that teaches fast and easy ways to make some money online especially if you've been looking for a way to work online and get some extra cash for yourself or household.Some people believes there are no easy and fast ways to earn money on the internet but consider the list below to see how real t is.
The Fast and Easy way Money Making Online is to sell something online or you use a paid advert such as Facebook ads to promote product and services and get a good return on investments. Below are fast and easy way of making money online and it includes;

1. YouTube: To make easy buy fast money online, you need to Create original videos, drive traffic to the original or existing videos on YouTube and monetize with good PPC program like Google Adsense which ensure your traffic are getting some dollars in return.

2. Adsense: Another fast and easy way to earn money online is through Google Adsense still remains the best pay per click program on the internet. You make money fro…

Business; 10 Things Every Woman Should Know Now

10 Things Every Woman Should Know This Year

1. Don’t Pay Down Debt With More Debt : As a woman, one of the important thing to consider is not to pay debt with more debt at this time of the year. If you want to be successful this year, try as much possible to pay all debt as at when due and not to add more debt to the existing. It may bring your family or you down.
2.Cut Back On What You Want, Not What You Need :Identifying what you need versus what you want is an easy way to cut back on spending. You need food -- but ordering out instead of eating the leftovers in your fridge is a want. By being honest with yourself about what you actually need to spend money on, you can start to save.
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How to Earn Money From Neteller

Neteller is a popular Online payment method which allow users to send and receive money form any part of the world. NETELLER is an e-money/e-wallet stored-value service owned and operated by publicly traded British global payments company Optimal Payments  You can use Neteller to send gift items, make payment for safe shopping and also to receive cash which also works for some soccer betting sites which now allow Nigerians to sign up.

Neteller is like an alternative to Paypal when it comes to online payment of goods or services. Neteller can be used to register some reliable soccer betting site which originally do not allow Nigerians. Many work at home individual even prefer Neteller than other online payment system due to its reliability and credibility as a payment gateway.

How to Earn with Neteller
To make money from Neteller, you need to work online while Neteller can be used to accept or get payment of various works online i.e a means of sending or receiving payments online. The…

Best 5 Sites to Make a Cartoon of Your Pics or an Image

How Can i Turn an Image or Pics to a Cartoon? This question on how to cartoonize an image or oneself was asked by one of our reader for business purposes. You can turn your image or pics to a cartoon form for making money purposes or as cartoonist job.
Client can approach you for a job on how to convert an a pics or an image of yourself/objects to a cartoon just like cartoonist do. The best site that can do well for this job or site that can easily convert a picture or an image to a cartoon includes;

1. The

2. WeeWorld

3. Faceyourmanga

4. Pick a Face

5. South Park Studio

If you want to make a cartoon character of a picture, image or yourself to be used a s banner, display photo or profile pics on a product,services, site, social networks then you just need the site listed above.
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