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How to Get a Free Web Hosting and Domain Name For Your Site

Its may not be advisable to use a free web hostor free domain name for your site but for one reason or the other, you can get a free web hostingand domain on the internet through Google and Wordpress.

You may not need to spend a dime searching for cheap web hosting services or where to buy a domain name a site or blog but it only works on site on WordPress and blogger platforms.

The three site that offer free hosting to site is Blogger,Tumblr and WordPress. Blogger is completely free, hosted by Google with a blogspot domain name while WordPress offer but free hosting and domain name and also paid hosting which seems to be very reliable.

If its a personal website and not for profit making you can use the free services where you get  a free domain name and hosting. One of the advanatages of hosting a site on blogger is that its very free as long as you use a good premium responsive templates with good white hat search engine optimization (seo)
BloggerWordPressTumblr If you want want host y…

Top 3 Website With Reliable Reseller Web Hosting

This is a post which provides a list of best and reliable reseller web hosting servicesfor people who wants to make money from web hosting companies as a reseller.

To become a reseller, you need a reliable web hosting service that never disappoint in terms of payment, customer services, bandwidth size and reliable services. These best 3 companies offer the best reselling price where you can make money as a reseller.

To become a reseller of web hosting, these 3 sites below are highly recommended which includes;
NamecheapHostagatorGoDaddyThese are site that offer the best reselling web hosting and you can really make money through the site by buying in bulk and reselling to other site owners who want to host their blog or website using your hosting company
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You can visit the web hosting site differently to check their reselling terms and condition…

Best 3 Sites to Buy Web Hosting

If you are looking for web hosting companies to buy a web hosting for yoursite or blog, then the this brief post gives information on the best and top 3 web hosting site to purchase from.

There are many web hosting sites that promises the best services or free web hosting but some are singled out of many based on customer review and some factors such as ;
Cheap Web HostingGood and Easy Payment Method e.g PayPal PaymentFree or Cheap Web HostingEffective Customer Care Notification when Bandwidth exceeds Frequent site maintenance problems Notification by email of any changesFollowing the conditions above, the 3 web hosting site below are therefore recommended to purchase or buy a web hosting for your blog or official website with good reliability. It includes;

1. Namcheap

2. Hostagator

3.  GoDaddy

The listed site above that is Namecheap, Godaddy and Hostagator are web hosting companies widely used by site owners, blog owners and even reseller to make money and host their sites.
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Best 3 Sites to Buy Domain Name

Someone asked a question 'Where Do I Buy a Domain Name?' Its possible to get a domain name for your website or blog from credible domain name registration site.

Our recommendation for the best site to buy domain name is based on the facts explained below. 
 Cheap Domain Name Free Admin Email e.g Good Payment Mthod e.g Paypal Effective Customer Care Fast responds to customers  24/7 Site operationThe above conditions where reviewed and the 3 sites below met the requirements and so we are recommending the site/company below for you to buy a domain name for your site.

1. GoDaddy

2. NameCheap

3. Hostagator
Read Also - 5 Important Features of a Good Domain NameRead Also -  Best 3 Domain Name and Registration SitesRead Also -  Short Domain Names vs Long Domain Name The 3 sites above provides excellent domain name and you can register your site domain name with them. You can also park the domain for future use and make some profit from it. Godaddy, Namecheap and Hosta…

Which Pay Per Click Sites Are Scam

Pay Per Click Sites are sites that allow users or website owners to make money from their site traffic. Pay Per Click method is the best and most used ways to make money online through your site or blog. There are legit PPC site that really pay publishers and blog owners while some are scam..

Some Pay Per Click (PPC) sites are very good, legitimate and are good to make money while some Pay Per Click sites are scam but it depends on what scam means to you.Google Adsense is the best PPC sites on the internet while few other sites pay well too.  Scam PPC Sites are sites that do not pay when my account reach the payment threshold and offer very low click through rate.

Which PPC Site Is a Scam

You can easily identify scam PPC using the result below;

1.  Any PPC Sites that offer thousands of dollars per click is a big scam, most legitimate Pay Per Click panel sites only pay few dollars per click or Impression.

2. PPC Programs that requested you to pay some money before you can be registered is…

Best 7 Sites for Work at Home Jobs

If you are thinking of starting  a work at home jobs but confused which sites are actually work at home sites to get online jobs then, the list below is actually for you to start working andto earn some money online.

Work at home jobs are online jobs that are done at home right there using your internet connected devices. Working from home provides and extra cash which supports you financially and that why many people do not enjoy their smartphones or computer but make some cash from it working from home.

The Best and trusted work at home site and login which are recommended includes ;

1. Adsense : This is the most ranked and widely used program from Google. It pays website owners to place their banners on their site or videos. You make money based on valid clicks or impression on ads displayed. Just get a site, drive traffic to it and start earning from it, its the best work at home site any where on the internet.

2. Adwords: This is also a program owned by Google too for advertisers. It…

The Best Way to Make Extra Money From Home

How Can i Make extra Money From Home? In the quest to balance my personal life with my salary jobs, i discovered that the money i earned from my day job couldn't take care of me and pay my bills and i needed to settle the debts at hand and i seek the ways to make extra money from home.

Making Money from Home is the same as Earning money using your computer from home. Some work at home jobs are time consuming while other may not really be time consuming as it sound. You only need a few investments and time all for free, only your internet connected devices are needed for this internet business.

There are several ways and methods to earn some extra cash from home without stopping your salary or day jobs. The ways to earn extra money at home and the steps to take includes;

1. Affiliate Marketing: To make some extra money from home without wasting time, affiliate marketing is the best and number one option. You only need to start a free website or a blog, post some contents, boost the p…

How to Join Paid Survey Site Outside US And UK

How Can I Register and Make Money from Paid Surveys From Other Countries? This question was asked by one of our reader who lives outside United State and UK and really want to know if its possible to start working online and earnings few dollars from Paid Surveys

Of a truth, most legitimate survey panels are located in the US and UK and they really serve good surveys to people living around that region but its very possible to also register with the real survey panel site even if you are not living there and you keep earning your money.

How do i Join or Register with some Legit Paid Surveys That Pays, the few things you can do to join the survey sites while you live outside the US, Canada or Uk is to register as a residence or citizens of US, Canada or Uk using the below ideas;

1. Use a VPN or Proxy: Upon registration, you can use a vpn or any other ip changer to change your location and give a virtual US Address when registering

2. You can also register using a state from the US like Mar…