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10 Ways to Increase a Blog or Site Traffic in Nigeria

A blog or website is one of the best way to make money online through the traffic and page views derived from the site. There are so many ways a blog or site could earn money even in Nigeria. It means someone whose site or blog has been earning $.50 per day can still earn more if more effort are put into it.

In many part of the world, blogging and making money from a blog has become a business where you make money from clicks gotten from the site on programs like Adsense, Bing, Yahoo and other affiliate programs. 
Read Also - 4 Quick Ways to Drive Traffic to a SiteTo make money from a site or from your blog, your site needs traffic and for people who lives in Nigeria or who wants Nigerian traffic, do the following and have your traffic increased;

1. Contents:  If you are in Nigeria, you won a blog or website and you want an increase in blog traffic, then you need to write more contents 1.e write more interesting and original articles and videos. The more you write, the more the site has …

How to Use Payoneer MasterCard on Nigerian Atm Machines

How can i Withdraw Money on my Payoneer MasterCard on Nigerian ATM Machine? Someone in Nigeria sent a question above wanting to know if he could used his Payoneer Card to get Local Currency using the Nigerian Atm Machine and the Answer is Yes.

As we know, the Payoneer MasterCard allow Nigerians to get this card to receive payment on their various online transactions and get their money in Dollar equivalent values to naira. There are banks in Nigeria whose their Atm machines convert the dollar rate to nairaand such recommended banks includes;
 GTBZENITHSTANBIC IBTCFIRST BANK UBA Not only the banks listed above can be used to make withdrawal but i believe any Nigerian Atm Machine with a MasterCard logo or Atm Machines that accept a MasterCard.

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10 Good Books That Can Make You Rich

I read books and right now, am going to share the list of my favorite business and money making  books. Its not that the books will get you rich immediately or overnight but some good books contain some ideas to make money, earn extra cash, invest, start ups, business etc are given in such books.

When it comes to riches, getting wealth or doing business for profit, i read such books a lot but below are recent books i have read while currently reading some but i can the change in my thinking and effort towards getting more money.

The Top 10 or Best Books that can make you rich includes;

1. The Millionaire Fast lane -  By  DJ Macro

2.  Think and Grow Rich   -  By Napoleon Hill

3.  The Richest Man in Babylon  -  By George Samuel

Read Also - Top 10 Books for Money Management4.  The Uncommon Dream  -  By Mike Murdock

5.  How to Stop Worrying and Start a Living - By DaleCarnegie

6.  The Lean Start Ups - Eric Ries

7.  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - By Harry Carpenter

8.  Entrepreneur revolution…

10 Best Sites for Importation Business in Nigeria

Its very Possible to Start an Importation business in Nigeria and make money doing this business without leaving the country. You can start importation various stuffs online and getting them delivered to you in Nigeria with ease using some reliable site that also accept Nigerians.

Below is a list of site which i regard as the best to start an importation business in Nigeria and they accept PayPal as a mode of Payment which works well in Nigeria as well as other E-Currency or Western Union payment.

You could decide to start importing various materials, stuffs like electronics, cloths, phones, computers, Watches, Bags, Shoes, Kitchen Utencils, Books and many more. The best and top rated site for such importation business includes;

1. Dhgates

2. Amazon

3. Ebay

4. AliExpress

Read Also - 5 Best Sites to Buy UK Used Phones5. New Egg

6. CraigList

7. EverBuying

8. IPmart

9. Cellular Country

10. Foxaza

You can start your importation business and shipping using the site above. The payment system as been pro…

Top 10 Profitable Blogging Niche or Topics for 2015

This is a new year 2015 and i believe the quest to making money from blogging start now. You can always make your money if you blog on the right niche and below is a suggestion of hot, lucrative, profitable, best topic or niche for your blog in the year 2015.
Read Also - Top 20 Android Apps for Blogging You don't just start a blog and expect to earn money from it but if you are on the right topic/niche, you earn more money doing this. Below are untapped niche and topic you can blog about and get more advertisers come your way.

1. Fashion
2. Entertainment           
3. Online degree           
4. School and education news
5. Make money online
6. Cooking
7. Job
8. Business
9. Technology

For anyone who want to start a blog in 2015, feel free to choose from any of the above topics or niche and start blogging to earn money online. Thanks for reading.


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How to Make Money From a Blog in Nigeria

This is a brief article on how you can make money from your blog in Nigeria. Many site owners or blog owner find it difficult to get money making ideas on their blog and getting paid directly into their bank account in Nigeria

The only way you can make money through your blog in Nigeria is to grow the blog traffic using any available means or other traffic building method to get more page views and clicks on the site.If your blog or site has a good traffic with an enhance number of daily visits and page views, then you can make money using the following means;

1. Google Adsense

2. Addynamo

3.  MediaNets

4.  Sponsored Post

Read Also- 8 Reason Why i Was Not Making Money from my Blog5. Banner Ads

6. Yahoo ads

7.  Infolinks

8.  Kontera

9.  Chitika

10.  Affiliate Marketing 

The detail information on each listed site or program above have been discussed in details on this site. To get more information just use the search box above and search for any of the above word or phrase where you get full detail…

8 Things You Need to Start a Niche Blog

There are many ways to make money online in which a niche blogging is one of them. Creating a Niche Blog is not too stressful compared a multi topic blog but success as been recorded from one of my niche blog and other bloggers on how easy it is to start a niche blog and make money from it.

What is Niche Blog? A niche blog can simply be described as a blog which are specific in topic, deals with a particular area of topic and are straight in contents. For instance, if a  create a niche blog on Insurance, then the topics and post on such site or blog will be related to insurance and nothing less. Topics like " Best Insurance, Top Affordable Insurance for cars, Automobile Insurance benefits, Health care insurance, Life Insurance and many more.
Before you could decide to start a Niche blog even in this state or country, you need the following;

1. Pick a Good Topic for the Niche: you need to pick a good niche and mostly profitable niche can boring but there are many advertisers for such…