How to Earn Money at Home Without Investment

The simple truth about this post is that it shows various ways to earn money at home without investment or investing any cash. There programs or sites that pay you to work online with them and make some cash.  You really do not need much investment to work and make money online using the program or site below.

Irrespective of the country you are located either USA, Canada, UK,China or any part of Africa, you can still work at home and make money with little or no investment. The only thing you need to invest is your time which i believe is rather not an investment. As long as you have a phone or computer with internet access, then you can start to earn money from home like other people do.

earn money without investment

How Do I Earn Money at Home Without Investment? This question was asked by one of our readers wanting to know if its possible to work and make money at home without investment but i will rather say yes because it very possible and as you read on, we will list the site that help you make money at home.

1. Monetizing YouTube Videos with Adsense : You really do not have to invest anything here, just create original videos or edit some videos, drive traffic to the videos by sharing on Facebook or Twitter and later monetize  the views with Adsense. Adsense offer a direct payment into your bank account. This is called making money from YouTube..

2. Adsense : This is a program from Google which helps site owners to make money through their website by allowing Google display ads on their site. All you need is a website or free blog, drive traffic to the site by posting relevant contents and integrate Adsense to the blog. This do not need investment and not a get rich quick scheme but with good site, good traffic and popularity of the site, your site get clicks and you earn some cash.

3. Fiverr : You can earn money at home through micro jobs sites. Micro job site like fiverr allow you post any service of your choice or services you render in form of a gig at $5. If you are an expert in any field or you have special skill, talent like web designing, article writing, video editing, podcast making, logo design etc. Just post it as a gig and earn $5 on it.

4. Sponsored Post: Just today, i was paid $30 for a paid post which was sent to me by a client. You see that i never invested anything but just to ensure my site is good. This works well and its been seen as the best way to earn money online but your site must be a good good Authority blog with high pagerank and traffic. For sponsored post, you only need to write on a brand or site on your blog and promote it or copy the text and paste it on draft and publish it. After that, you promote it and get paid usually by PayPal or through third party sites like Reviewme or other individuals

5. Affiliate Marketing: Its is easy to make money at home through affiliate marketing. You just need to sell other people's link, brand or product on your site and get paid. Just register for any affiliate site and copy and paste the banner code on your high traffic blog and that is all you need to do.  Secondly, you drive traffic to the link and you get paid based on sales, lead, sign up or clicks. Good affiliate sites for this includes Click-bank, Commission Junction, Ebay, Amazon etc. 

6. Paid Surveys: This is one of the oldest way to work at home and earn money but you really do not have to invest your money or other investment.  Although many people may not regard taking paid surveys as real ways to earn online but it works. You can take surveys with sites like Toluna, Globaltestmarkets, Pineconeresearch, Opinionoutpost, Survey head etc and i assure you that you will get paid. .

These are ways to earn money at home without investment or investing anything. But if there is any investment involved then it should be your time and not money investment. Thanks for reading.


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