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How Do I Protect My Gmail Account From Hackers

A reader sent a question "How do i protect my Gmail account from Hackers?" We will be providing helpful answers on this question as you read on. The reader also added that he get many login attempt and other unusual activities on his gmail account. Such unusual activities may be due to fraudsters, hackers, or email fetchers trying to gain access to his email.

There are ways you can protect your gmail or any other email services you have and get it secured. This days, Gmail is too useful to be hacked because it the login email for many other Google products like Adsense, Adwords, YouTube, Blogger, Trends, Drive etc.

Read Also - 10 Reasons Why You Need a Gmail AccountIn as much your Gmail is used for all other Google product and can be used to make money online especially through Adsense, then you need to protect or secure it from any form of hack.

How to a Secure Gmail Account

1. Use Strong Password
: You can protect your Gmail account using a strong password with characters like…

Etisalat 1GB Data Plan Weekend Offer at N500

Etisalat Nigeria has just announced a new Etisalatweekend data bundle offer of 1gb for internet users to browse on their fast network mainly on weekend at N500.

The Etisalat 1gb data planat N500 allows you can browse your favourite sites on weekends from Friday to Sunday at the time 11.59pm only for N500. This may seems unlimitedbut it has a value for its money because you can download unlimited, surf the internet, watch YouTube and do any other thing right there on your Pc, Tablet or Mobile devices such as Android, Iphoneor any other smartphone.

How to Subscribe for Etisalat Weekend 1gb Data Bundle @ N500.

1. Ensure you have 500 naira on your phone or you load one.

2. Dial *5995*2# to get 1gig etisalat plan

3. You get 1gb credited on your Etisalat sim

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4 Things You Need to Know Before Going into a Business

The primary purpose of starting a business is to make profit either on a large scale or a small business but before going into the business, you need to be ready for the business and its challenges as a starter. Business brings money when properly and well research and many time, it may take few time to grow bigger only if the right attitude are deployed towards it.

Before anybody could think of starting a business or going into any business, then such person who wants to run or become the business owner must consider these 3 things such as;

1. Understanding the Audience/Market: Before you could decide to go into any business either small or a large scale, it will be nice to study the people, the market or audience you want to sell to. You only need to ensure that any business you want to start either buying and selling or you want to render a service for profit, it must solve people's problem and ensure its what the people want. You can decide to take surveys from the targeted age …

How to Earn Money From Google Without a Website

Google inc is one of the most ranked company in the world and also the biggest search engine on the internet. Google has many product which includes gmail, youTube, Android, Adwords, Adsense, Drive, Maps, Business, Blogger and many more.

There are many opportunities you can get with Google and get paid directly into your bank account but the one we will giving information on is based on making money from Google Without a website. There are so many opportunities you can get from Google with or without a website.
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1. Google Adsense: Although, many people believe Adsense is mainly for publishers to make money from their website but i can categorically tell you that it not only m…

Can i Really Earn Money Online?

CAN I REALLY EARN MONEY ONLINE? This question was asked by one of our readers wanting to know if we really can make some cash online. Its very true that people make money through their internet and to go straight to the point is to say a capital YES.

There are many ways to make money online in which you only need to chose the best and that which works best for you. I will only state the sure way to earn money online and get paid to work from home. It includes;

1. Monetizing YouTube Videos: This is the best online money making methods that works, you can make money from YouTube videos simply by monetizing the videos and gain money from advertisers such as Adsense or other PPC programs.
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5 Reasons to Build a Blog for Your Business

Running a business either on a large scale or small scale to make profit depends mainly on attracting customers, buyers, visitors etc but to get all these people come for your business is by exposing the business through the internet by building a blog for it.

You need a website for your small business or large scale business just to earn more profit by way of publicity. Having a free blog on any platform i.e Blogger orWordPress helps in cheap advertising for more sales. You can use your blog to attract people to your business and the reasons to build a blog for your own business includes;

1. Communication: Having a blog for your business may serve as a means of communicating with your customers. When customers see your site on the product, they can visit, drop a comment, complain or even order for more through the contact us page of your blog. In short, your blog will promote your business for more profits and you earn more.
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Top 10 Richest People In The World


Article Writing: How to Get Article Ideas

Article writing is one of the oldest and best ways to make money online or offline for newspapers, magazine, bulletin etc.But making money on the internet writing articles is one of the most preferred ways to earn money just writing and there are site that pay you to write for them.
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Many people do not know where many article writers get ideas from and you may wonder if there is no new thing happening in the world again. Getting articles idea is not difficult but more closer to you as you think. Although, it depends on the niche you want to write about but you can get articles using the following tips;

Top Sources of Article Ideas

1. Twitter Trends : The trends on your twitter page gives you what is trending, what the people are reading and what they would like to see. If you are a writer, one of the best way to get ideas for your writings.

2. Google Trends: To get article ideas as a writer, then you need to occasionally check Google trends. Si…