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PHOTO: Michael Jackson - The Highest Earning Dead Celebrity

Even after death, the music legend Michael Jackson still earns more money just like when he was alive and has maintain the rank as the Top-Earning Dead Celebrity according to forbes.

The Late Pop Star Michael Jackson earns over $363.4million for the last 12 months - forbes

Even after death, the pop star and richest dead celebrity (Michael Jackson) album Xscape occupies the 2nd chart and has earn millions this year alone.

See more of Michael Jackson earning method even after death @ forbes.  Thanks for reading

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Domain Name

Since your website or blog domain name represent your brand or promote your business, it must be picked with care. I see many people complain of not getting enough popularity or search engine optimization on their sites and blogs, not knowing the shortcoming is due to some unobserved errors.

If you are to register a domain for your site such as .net, .com,.org, .info, .ca etc you need to put the following into consideration because it can help make the right choice when choosing the best domain name for your blog or website which in return boost your sales or promotion.

1. Reliable Domain Registrar site: The first thing to consider before choosing and registering a domain name for your website is to ensure you make some research on few reputable domain name registration site. Few domain sites i believe and have been tested are Hostagator, Godaddy, Namecheap and Arvixe 

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2. Similarity with Business: Before picking a domain name, the name o…

Where to Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting

Which is the best site to register a domain and host a web? This is a question sent from one of our reader who wants to know where and how she could get her domain registered and host her website.

For someone to ask this question, it means she really need a good and reliable website that provide a good web hosting and affordable domain name registration. There are many site where you can buy or register your blog or website domain name and also host your website online.

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I have bought from them and i see them as very reliable. They accept a convenient method of payment such as Paypal, Debit or Credit card and your package starts running instantly.

The sites includes;

1. Hostagator

2. Namecheap

3. Arvixe

4. Godaddy

These are four websites that are trusted, reliable and good. i recomend you buy your domain name and host your website with them. The good part of these is that they offer cheap hosting and domain name registration with other …

How to Get High Paying Surveys

I decided to write on how i have been getting some high paying surveys recently and i felt i just educate my readers on how to get on with paid surveys as well and make some cash from taking paid surveys.

For those who still believe in some legitimate paid surveys site, there are simple tricks and tips that can make you get and fill some high paying surveys as high as $5 to $30 withing the shortest period of time. Use the tips below and see yourself getting some high paying surveys and earning more money from it. It includes;

1. Be consistent: If you are consistence in taking surveys no matter how low let say between $1 to $2 then after completion of such surveys, the survey panel will see you as consistent and serious thereby giving you more surveys with high paying one.

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2. Join high paying survey site: If you really want to earn money online taking surveys, then you need to join as many high paying survey panel such as Opinionoutpost,…

4 Quick Ways to Drive Traffic To A Site

To start making money online through a blog or site, the site must have good traffic through it contents or spread. I never knew there are methods that really works in getting as quick traffic as possible to a site which has little search engine optimization or contents.

No matter how big a site is, if it fails to generate traffic, then such site will continue to crawl in earnings or popularity. That is why i realize a site or blog owner must spend some cash to make money inform of paid adverts for traffic.

If you need quick traffic to your blog, then go for the paid advert option below;

1. Social Networks : This includes online paid advertising program such as Facebook ads or Google Adword. They are both good and a reliable method to send traffic to your site especially when you have something to sell on the site. They send quick traffic to your site based on the amount you are investing into it.

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2. Pay per click : This is a paid traffic progra…

5 Advantages of Being a Female Business Owner

Its a big trend in the United State, Canada, UK or any other countries where female Entrepreneurs or Business owners are really making it big. Its observed that any business owned or controlled by ladies/womanmake big head way into success.

There are many advantages or gains attached to being a female Entrepreneur of Business owner and it includes;

1. Effective Marketing : Female,ladies, woman all carry out effective marketing when in business. Many big companies in the world makeus of females in the marketing system. Banks, oil companies, telecommunications,maritime all over ladies in control of their marketing department where they increase sales by way of advertising.

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2. Want: One of the the advantages of being a female business owners or entrepreneur is in the area of want. Ladies understands and know fully what the people want and how to get it delivered at a right time.This is a strong point of sale for ladies or female entrepreneurs.


Airtel 4GB and 9GB Data Plan for Android at Cheap Prices

The officials of Airtel Networks recently posted a new data bundle for Android and Pc users to surf the internet as fast as possible at an affordable price.

The New Airtel 4gig and 9gig Android plan works on all devices with a data bundle of 4gig and 9gb respectively. Your are charged N2000 for the 4gig plan while N3,500 for the 9gig Airtel Android data plan. Read Also- How to Subscribe for Airtel 4gb Bis Data Plan

How to Subscribe for Airtel 4 & 9gig Android Data Plan

For 4gb
Load N2000 on your phone
Dial *437*1#

For 9gb
Load N3,500
Dial *438*1#

Both Plans last for 2months and works effectively. You can check the bundle balance by dialing *223#

You can check if your site is eligible simply by dialing the code without loading money, if the responds is that "you do not have enough balance for this subscription" then your sim is eligible but after dialing and you get an error message or you are not qualify, then the airtel Sim is eligible. Thanks for reading.

How Old People Can Earn Money Online

Even if your age fall among between 45yrs, 50yrs, 60yrs, 70yr or older, you also stand the chance of making money online just like any other person. 

Below are ways to work online and also make money at old age by doing the following which will be stated below as you read on.

We believe old people or the elderly may not be too strong for to work but some internet business can do only the legitimate ones are picked. Below are legitimate ways to earn money through the internet at old age, we call this work from home jobs for old people. It includes;

1. Google Adsense : Google is adsense is a good way to make money online at any age either as a youth, student, teenager or old. Its invloves creating a free website either on WordPress or blogger, drive traffic to and integrate adsense to earn fro your blog traffic.Another way to make money fro Adsense is to create a video and monetize the video. Its not stressful at all because not all videos are original but can be edited.

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