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Top 10 Online Jobs Sites For Nigerian to Earn Money

There are Online Jobs sites for Nigerians to earn money through the internet. Working Online only involves working from the comfort of your homes and getting paid for your effort, if you are in Nigeria or Other part of Africa.

The good part of this is that there are sites for people who lives in Nigeria to make money and get paid legitimately online. If you live in Nigeria or You are an Nigerian, then the following Online Jobs sites are for you to start and make money online from through them.

1. Youtube - Videos

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2. Google Adsense - Blogging

3.Fiverr - Micro jobs

4. Clickbanks - Affiliate Marketing

5.MediaNet - Blogging

6. Commission Junction - Affiliate Marketing

7. 1960bets - Soccer bets

8. Planetofbets - Soccer Bets

9. Bet360 - Soccer Bets

10. Bidvertiser -  Blogging

11. Globaltestmarkets - Surveys

12. Opinion Outpost - Surveys

13. Infolinks -  Blogging

14. Toluna - Surveys

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15. Odesk - Online Article writ…

10 Top Online Jobs Sites for Americans to Earn Money

There are reliable Online Jobs sites for Americans or African American to make money from home. Online jobs only involves working from the comfort of your homes and getting paid for it if you are in the United State or Other America Countries.

The good news here is that there are preferences for people who resides in United State, Canada or UK to make money and get paid legitimately through the internet compared to other countries especially in Africa or Asia. If you reside in America or You are an Americana, the the following sites are for you to work online and earn money online from them.

1. Google Adsense - Blogging

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2. Youtube - Videos

3. MediaNet - Blogging

4. Fiverr - Micro jobs

5. Clickbanks - Affiliate Marketing

6. Commission Junction - Affiliate Marketing

7. Bet360 - Soccer Bets

8. Planetofbets - Soccer Bets

9.  1960bets - Soccer bets

10. Toluna - Surveys

11. Globaltestmarkets - Surveys

12. Opinion Outpost - Surveys

13. Infolinks -  Blogging

14. B…

How to Keep Your MTN Number Active While You Traveling Out of Nigeria

Its actually safe to keep your MTN number active and secure if you are traveling or if you won't be in the country at that time or for a long period.

You can actually retain and secure the private mtn number for as many years as possible, and can get secured and active at a token price of N500 per year.

You only need to  Dial *365*1#  and that's is. 500 naira is going to be deducted from your account every year but your mtn sim number is not going to be blocked or sold for any other person. Thanks

Photo: Hip Hop Highest Paid Act - Dr Dre

This is the recent pics of the Richest Hip Hop Star in the Entertainment Industry Dr Dre. He not only the wealthiest or Richest Entertainer in the United State but in the World.
Dr Dre who is currently the Richest Hip Hop Act and Hip Hop First Billionaire suddenly became a hit the cash when Apple Inc Bought Beats which is owned by him at $3Billion
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Kudos to Dr Dre for this huge Success. Thanks for reading.

How To Make Money From Twitter in Nigeria

Can i make money with Twitter in Nigeria? Its very possible to make money through your Twitter account and get paid in Nigeria. This post explains briefly things you can do make money on twitter anywhere in the world especially Nigeria. 

1. Promote Links of Product: You create your Nigerian Twitter account for tweets and to have fun but that same account with huge numbers can be used to make money how? just post links of your products or business to your followers, interested buyers can buy from you through your twitter page and you earn some cash.

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2. Addynamo: This online advertisement program allow you to get paid for your tweets in other words, you get paid to tweet other people at a an agreed price. To get this done, You need to register on Addynamo as a publisher and select paid to tweet option and that is all, you start making on twitter and get paid into your Nigerian Bank Account.

3. Mylikes: You can make money through your tw…

Ways Of Making Quick Cash Before Payday

Are you low on cash and need a quick fix. Today we bring you some quick ways in which you can get your pocket filled with fast money.  Check out ways you can make money before payday which are described below; 

Take Up Babysitting
Baby sitting is not only done in America, there are parents even on this side of the world who would pay for a professional baby sitter to come take care of their children. Contrary to popular belief. Couples do not always have family on standby to look after their children for them.  Read Also - Help, how Can i get a Loan Online

Exercising the babysitting option is one of the most lucrative ways to make quick cash before Payday. Reliable babysitters are in high demand which means people still want baby sitters and are ready to pay. So you can pick out weekends to baby sit to make some quick cash before Monday comes by.

Take In A Room Mate
In case you are a student or you have a flat to yourself and you need quick cash all you have to do is get a room mate or a…

EBay And PayPal Set To Go Their Separate Ways In The Year 2015

How many of you knew EBay and PayPal were both within the same company? Well not many knew. The news is that these two online giants are going to be separated from one another come 2015. This was announced on Tuesday by EBay. The e-commerce giant said Devin Wenig, currently president of eBay Marketplaces, will become CEO of eBay while Dan Schulman will become PayPal's chief executive officer in the second half of 2015, following the planned separation of the business.

In a press release by John Donahoe, the eBay president said,

"For more than a decade eBay and PayPal have mutually benefited from being part of one company, creating substantial shareholder value. However, a thorough strategic review with our board shows that keeping eBay and PayPal together beyond 2015 clearly becomes less advantageous to each business strategically and competitively. The industry landscape is changing, and each business faces different competitive opportunities and challenges."

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Facebook Assures Users Of Privacy As They Debut New Advert Platform

We brought you news last week that social media giant Facebook was going to revamp its advert platform, however something that has being troubling the mind of users is the issue of privacy. Since adverts are going to be tracked through the profile of users there were concerns about user profile being made available to advertisers. 

The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook has said even if user profile data will be used to target ads around the web but assured that names and personal details of users won’t be shared.

According to Sandberg, 

“The No. 1 thing Facebook users said when we asked about ads,” Sandberg said, was not privacy but “relevance.” While seeing a movie that doesn’t fit your tastes might be a “terrible experience” for a Facebook user, one that's personalized based on your tastes would be much more engaging.”

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Sandberg made the statement at the International Advertising Bureau’s MIXX conference on Monday. So do you people think …

How to Make Money Online As A Teenager

Although teenagers depends on what their parent give them, teenagers usually do not pay bills but some clever teenagers find their way to making some extra income for themselves by working and studying at the same time.

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This information is for young people who are in the teenage categories telling them ways to use their internet to make money while other people enjoy theirs for fun,chat,movies,music etc. There are many reliable ways teenager and youth can make money online and her described briefly below.

1. Video Blogging: This is a simple way a young adult can make money for himself or herself using his phone or computer. As a teenager, just record some videos on your phone, upload to your YouTube account, publish the video and monetize with Adsense. More information on that on this site,please use the search box above to get the ideas.

2. Build a Website: As a teenager, you need to create a free website on wordpress or blogger, drive …

Etisalat 1GB Data Bundle Plan at N2000

Etisalat is one of the leading telecommunication company at this time with affordable data plans and subcritioon of internet users which ranges from any mobile phone, smart phone and pc users.

Etisalat is just rolled out a special offer of 1gig data bundle at N2000 only. It works on Iphone, Andriods,Modems etc I have used it and it extremely fast both on PC or on phone. You get 1gig of data at two thousand naira(2000). To get this done, follow the process below;

The Steps to Get 1gig of internet data on Etisalat

1. Load 2000 naira on your Etisalat sim
2. Dial   *229*2*2# 
3. Start browsing
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Note: It last for 30 days from the day of subscription and the remaining data plan or mb used can be checked by dialing *228#