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Lagos State Civil Service Commission Recruitment 2014/2015

For job seekers in Nigeria who are in need of work, i stumble upon Lagos State Civil Service Recruitment for 2014/2015 and i felt is good to let our Nigerian readers see this opportunity and apply for the available jobs.

This is no scam and nobody is asking money from you to apply, just visit the site, search through the available jobs and if you meet the criteria, then apply directly from the site.

The Steps to Apply

1. Visit LSCSCR

2. Click on Vacancies menu

3. Go through the available jobs

The requirement for available jobs is there as well as the closing date for jobs application, take advantage of this by applying for the Lagos State Civil Service Recruitment 2014. Its good. Thanks

10 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online As A Student

As a student having cash at hand is essential isn’t it?. However we know not all parents would be willing to give cash at every instance. Therefore we bring to you 5 ways in which you can make cash online as a student
1 Online surveys
If you are a student who is interested in making a little cash, online surveys might just be the way to go. Research companies always recruit new members to test newly released products and also ascertain their opinions on new or old products through surveys. For a few minutes of filling forms you can make some quick cash which will be paid in either cash or rewards.

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2 Start Your Own Website
Starting your own website is another means by which one can make money online. From adverts to selling your fully developed website for thousands. Starting a website from your days as a student is never a bad idea. For example Mark Zukerberberg mad started his million dollar social network ‘Facebook’ while in the university.

3 En…

Points To Consider Before Choosing A Niche For Your Blog

Niche blogging is one of the most effective ways of blogging. The question however is how do you identify the niche to go into. Well below are some few pointers that will help you choose your niche wisely.

Finding Your Interest 
If you are interested in going into niche blogging, you need to consider what your interests are your interest will help you determine the subject matter of your blog and said in another post on this site niche blogging gives you more credibility when it is on subject matters that you are experienced in.

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Identifying your Competition.
When it comes to niche blogging the competition reduces not necessarily to a maximum but you will find it easier identifying those who do something similar to what you do. Identifying your competition will help you to find ways of which you will make yourself unique and different from others who do what you do.

Identifying The Purpose Of Your Blog
Identifying the purpose of you…

How to Accept Payments On Your Website in Nigeria

I was building a site for an organization in Nigeria and i was given an instruction that the site must be responsive and also accept payments from any one buying from the site. I make some research which am posting the facts as you read on.

There are two ways to accept payments on your site as a Nigerian in Nigeria. It does not matter if your site is on joomla,dreamwaver,html or free site like wordpress or blogger. As far the site is own by a Nigerian and want to start collecting payments on the site, the two ways to do that includes;

1. Paid Ways
2. Free ways

1. Paid Ways : This is very reliable and a trustedway to accept payment with one's website in Nigeria. You only need to get the website well designed and register with quickteller or interswitch to get a liceonce which allows people to pay directly to your bank account using their Atms card (debit card) of any bank. After registering, get the code and paste on the website and that is it.

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How to Make Money as a Single Mom in the United State.

I am writing this to help single moms earn some extra money by giving out creative ways for single moms to earn some money through the internet in the United State. I still believe that Single moms should also be taught how to earn money online because they need it and can be done to earn few extra cash in any state in the United State.

Single mothers are usually faced with challenges such as school fees,house rent, feeding etc which they might not easily earn but with the help of this internet money making ideas, they can try and feed themselves and not rely on any man for food.

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Despite all odds, i will be exposing some internet money making ways for single moms or housewives . Its referred to as internet business, you will not really leave your house however all you need is an online connected computer,tablets or phones in any state in the US. Either you live in Maryland,Chicago,New York,Ohio, Texas and many more.

1. Build a free website: yo…

How to Start a Salon Business in Nigeria

Salon Business is one of the best and lucrative business in Nigeria right now because it does not cost much and requires little capital to start.

Either a barbing salon or beauty salon for women pays a lot because it require no college degree to start one but a unique skill. Many youth are engaged in salon business and i must tell you that they are earning money doing this.

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If you want to start a salon business either a beauty salon,barbing salon or both, its quite easy and you need to make some research which we are providing just to make sure the salon business did not wreck after some years.

1. Learn/Train : To start a salon business in some part of Africa like Nigeria, you need to learn how to cut/barb hair or make women hair with various styles, it doesn't cost so much. It only requires few month and you gain freedom from that. You really need to go for traing or learn to make women's hair or learn to give some nice hair cut.

2.Get Capita…

Facebook Set To Overthrow Google As It Unveils New Advertising Platform

Social media giant Facebook is set to launch its advertising network next week. This is to improve how marketers target users on its social networking website. The new product, known as “Alas”, is a redesigned version of another product known as Atlas Advertiser Suite, an ads management and measurement platform that Facebook purchased from Microsoft in 2013.

The product is apparently supposed to give marketers the ability track Facebook users, who have viewed or interacted on ads found on the social network as well as on third party websites and apps. Facebook’s new product is considered an attempt to challenge Google’s dominance in the online ad segment and it will offer a tool to allow marketers to buy ads to target Facebook users across the Internet.

“What Facebook is doing is more powerful than what Google is also currently involved in,” RishadTobaccowala, chief strategist at Paris-based PublicisGroupe, told the Journal, explaining the companies' capabilities in targeting and t…

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How to Make Money Online as a Graduate or Undergraduate in Nigeria

On this post, we will be passing out free information on how and ways by which a graduate or undergraduate can work online and earn some money for themselves in Nigeria.

It has come to my notice that people just young people in Nigeria waste away with their internet connected mobile phone and do not really have sufficient information on how a graduate,undergraduate or a student can earn some cash from the internet.

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There are so many ways you can work online and make money here in Nigeria which has been posted on this site. I will only talk briefly on the sure and legitimate ways to earn money through the internet, just read and make the impact.

1. Adsense: You can make money from Google Adsense in two ways, the first way is to create a free site or blog on blogger, post some useful contents(write up or articles), drive traffic to it and earn money from traffic generated. The second way is to create a video of anything or edit any video, post it, …

How to Make Money Online as a Single Mom In Nigeria

I felt its good to post some money making ways for single moms to earn some cash online in Nigeria. Single mother especially in Nigeria also needs to be involved in some internet business and other work from home sites that pays.

Being a single mom can be challenging at times even when there's no husband, but they need to live, feed their child or children and also to do better things as a single mom.

Despite all odds, i will expose some ways you can start working online in Nigeria and earn cash with it. Its called work at home, you may not necessarily leave your house but all you need is an internet connected computer or phones here in Nigeria. Just do the following;

1. Create a free website: You need to create a website or blog site for free. You can use a blogger or wordpress platform. The website will be useful for you as your start your online business as a single mom in Africa. As you read on, the usefulness of the website will be explained. Just visit Blogger or WordPress for …

The New iPhone 6 Becomes Coveted Gold In China

Even though the iPhone 6 has not yet being officially launched in China. Some business men in the largest nation in the world have imported the hottest new phone into the country but this new set of iPhones are one of the first set of iPhones in the country making it coveted Gold.
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The iPhone is such a big deal because it has not being approved for sale in China thereby creating a sort of black market for the product. Apple has actually released the iPhone 6 in Nine countries and most of them such as New York  a long line of old Chinese people can be seen waiting on the line for hours just so they can purchase the phones for export to China. It is from this Chinese individuals outside their country, that China has being able to get  feel of the very much coveted phone.

In China due to the scarcity of the new phone. The price has increased from the official $299 to a whooping $4,128. I guess you now understand why it is coveted Gold. So if you …

How To Know If An Online Business Is Not Legitimate

There are many ways to know if an online business is not legitimate and may be scam. We are only going to talk briefly on only a few and the important ways to know such sites.

If you are about to start an Online business and you are not too sure if such internet business site is legitimate, then you need to consider the following instruction so that you won't fall for scam.

1. Income Claims: To know if any kind of online business you are about to invest in is legitimate or fake, you need to consider the income claims and how exagerated the claims are. For instance, a site will tell you to join and work for them and make over &1000 in two days or invest now to earn $5000 instantly. Remember most internet business are not get rich quick scheme like others. Most Online Business takes time and time to start earning money from it. Most of this outrageous claims about making money are lies and i beg you not to fall for such online work. Its too risky for you.

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