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How to Earn Money Online In Nigeria

I am writing this to let the people living in Nigeria know how and ways to make money from home anywhere in Nigeria. People make money in different parts of the world using their internet connected devices and still retain their current jobs or not.

After working online, receiving payment seems to be easy now due to the influx of different payment system into the country. As at the time of writing this post, PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Perfect money, Webmoney, Western Union, Google Adsense bank payment etc are all working perfectly in the country, so you can work and make your earn cash online right there at home. Read Also- How to Make Money for free

There are different online money programs available to Nigerians to participate in, you may not be the best writer,programmer,designer or computer operator but the few listed site pays people which i was part of them and am making cash now from the comfort of my home. These are secrets am about to review for free to Nigerians who want to use …

Strategies for Adequate Online Marketing

There comes a time when we have various products we would want to draw attention to whether It be an online product or a product that can be physically used and one of the main ways for the promotion of any product or services is through the use of online marketing. Online marketing makes you reach a wider audience than some other forms of marketing. So therefore below are some tips that would make your online marketing experiences easier.

Start with a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy.
Whatever your product is, proper promotion online is a good place to start and what better place to start online now than the social media platforms. Believe me when I say it’s very effective and there are many people/organizations, who professionally promote products and services on social media,

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Promotional ads on social media platforms is not all, you can also create a well designed website for yourself.…

Why You Need to Start Online Business at Young Age

With the little experience i have observe about online business, i regretted not starting this kind of business at early age which by now, i would have been raking few thousands.

But this is just an advice for the youth, teenagers and few school leavers who are business oriented and want to start making money at an early age. Most money making site really do not care about age of users but only stated 18+

Its has so many advantages when you start internet business at early age,because by the time you come of age you would have been more experience on the business. More reasons why you need to start online business at young age includes;

1. Trending: If you start online business at early age, you stand a chance of knowing some trending topics,products or services around youeven more than the adults or old people. For instance, you buy online more often, shop online and read latest trending topics on games, entertainment, sport, fashion etc

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How to Get Jobs Online as An Article Writer

There are many ways to earn money online which i believe you only pick just a few of them and start working for money. The oldest and most common work from home jobs is online article writing.

People make money from article writing at ease while some other people complains of not getting hired, not finding work online or people are not interested in their write ups. The answer to this question on "how do i find job as a writer?' lies within you.

Article writing is easy but it may not be easy for writers whose ideas of online wring is to copy and paste. Recently, i hired a writer to help write few articles for me and i was disappointing to see such person rewriting existing articles claiming its original.

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Article writing is not copy and paste but you need to be creative, original, and write up interesting articles. If you fit into this category, then finding work as a writer should be easy and you make more money from it.

How to Get Hi…

Ways of Avoiding Scams While Carrying Out Online Businesses

As said in an earlier post an Online market is a place where people come together to buy and sell. That is to say even the website such as olx is not sure of the authenticity of the products being displayed by sellers. Therefore a lot of people get swindled for they think only serious minded people visit this sites. Well below are ten ways of which you can help protect yourselves and others from being defrauded while carrying out online transactions.

1. Know Who You Are Transacting With.

Having the phone number of who you are dealing with is definitely not enough. You need to know the seller’s physical address.Do an online search for the company name and website, and look for reviews. If the feedback is not favorable, then you choose if that is the best for you.. After all, a deal is good only if you get a product that actually works as promised. If it is an individual make sure create a meeting at an open space around people so as to avoid any case of harassment.

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The Common Mistakes Nigerian Make Between An Online Store and Online Market

The online market in Nigeria definitely witnessed an explosion from the year 2013 and is definitely at its peak right now with online markets such as OLX and shops such as Jumia. However many Nigerians have not yet mastered the art of safe guarding themselves from online fraudsters due to the fact that they assume everything works the way you see it in American movies where you order pay online and just like that! Its at your door step.

Let’s get some things clear an online store is different from an online market. An online store is more or less like a supermarket where you see different products with prize tags. You pick whatever item you want, you pay online and whatever you purchase gets delivered to your home or office. For example Jumia and Konga.
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An online market on the other hand is literarily a market online whereby buyers and seller meet to negotiate on various products on display. Unlike online stores that are more or less …

6 Qualities a Good Website Must Have

What are the Qualities of a Great Website? This is the same questioni ask a professional web designer/blogger whom i seek to help me improve my blog. He only said i can make my website good and great just like others but below are the answers he gave.

1.Good contents: The only common thing about some good website on the internet is their contents. Content is the king any time and i good website must provide good contents that make lot of sense to the readers. If you are to make your blog or website great, then you need to add fresh, original and nice content to make your website great and even greater than the best.

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2. Solve Problems: To make a great website, you need to ensure your blog/website give information that solves problem. Either directly or indirectly, you must provide solution by smiles, laugh,tutorial, entertainment, news,research etc

3. Design: Your website can be greater than the existing one through a nice…

How to Make Money with an Android Phone

I really want to give out some information on what i do and how i have been making some cash using my Android phone. Its a not a brag but i feel many people will learn reading this tip and can start making money from their Android phone.

There are many Android version and types but i don't care as long as the phone is Android. I have used Htc and Sony Xperia and they both perform the same function for me. The usb, wifi, bluetooth, Vpn and other gadget all have various functions they do for me and they also enhance performance of business.

1. Printing: The first thing that makes me money especially in my country is to help people fill out forms and submit online. Example of such is CV and other documents.I already have some format of cv and other things, i only edit through word apps like polarize office, send it to my small printer for printing and get paid.

2. Online Registration: I earn money daily from online registering of anything. For instance, i do registration of id cards,nat…

7 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online

I knew it might not be possible for me to write on earning money online if i haven't being making money myself. I see the internet as an extra way to earn passive income. Since the basic salary might not be enough for me, then its an alternative to extra cash for myself.

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. I will really advice you to start the easiest one among the online businesses around and make it way to earn passive income for yourself. Ways to Earn Passiveincome from the internet includes;

1. Google Adsense: This can be used as a source of income through blogging, websites and YouTube. You only create a free website for yourself from blogger or WordPress, post useful contents, get traffic and enjoy money made from your clicks. It can also be achieved by creating original videos, monetize the video and make money from the videos. Its a great way to earn cash only if you drive traffic to the contents and videos.


How to Start a Business With no Money

Can i Start a Business with no Money? A reader sent a question wanting to know if there is a kind of business someone can start with no capital or money. With no money or capital, can one start a business? but the answer is yes.

Getting money or capital to start a business can be challenging at times because nobody really want to help or believe in your business ideas but there are some business that can be started with no money at all.

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It not that the business requires no money to start but their are other things that can take the place of money which is easily affordable. Example of such includes a computer,a phone,an internet,a Facebook or twitter account, Handwork or skill etc. The business which requires no money and can be started comfortably which includes;

1. Craft on Classifiedsites: You can start a craft making business if you have the knowledge and skill to do so. Making craft is what you can do at your leisure, ensure they are bea…

Photo: 10 Highest Rated Jobs for Youth in Their 20s

This is a photo which shows various jobs that can be done by people or youth in their twenties. 
 As shown in the picture, the job title and rating where included.The pics shows all the information you need for the job. Thanks as you make use of this information.