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How to Add Contact Form to Blog on Blogger

Since blogger introduced the contact me form, its being very useful and people or visitors can get across to admin of a blog easily. I decided to post on how i added the Contact me form on my blogger blog.

To add this form, the steps to do this is so easy that you only need to add it as a gadget which is the simplest form of integration of codes to form on blogger. Just do the following;

1. Login to your blog dashboard

2. Press on Add a Gadget 

3. Search for Contact me form and add

4. Then Save

You can then drag the contact form widget to any position on the blog, it can be at the header, sidebar, footer etc

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Its good, it helps get feedback as fast as possible with easy installation of widget. Thanks

How to Add Page Menu Drop Down on Blogger Mobile Template

In order to make sure my site on blogger have the best mobile experience, i decided to seek how i could add a navigation menu also known as Page/Labels Menu to show on my blog mobile view but not on desktop view 

I did this myself, so you also can also make the change on your blogger blog by this simple process. It going to show on mobile with a drop down menu list containing your pages which is usually at the top(header) of your blog which reduces bounce rate and increases (Seo)Search Engine Optimization. Let Start the simple Process;

1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard 
2. If you had added the pages to your template then no need but if not just click on layout and scroll down a bit to the Pagesthen add
3. Just After that, check on Edit Template
4. Just move your mouse to the top where you see Jump to Widgetand Immediately you see a Pagelist1 among the listed widget.
5. Immediately you see the codes like this 
6. Just Pastemobile='only between false and title as shown in the arrow above

Why You Need to Use Your Real Name for Online Business

The quest to start making money online from your visitors, buyers or clients especially for people who sell something online starts with your own credibility and personality on the internet. 

When i started my Internet business, i was using a lady pictures and name just to get traffic and sales to my business but to my surprise, i was limited and could not even acknowledge some real invitation, calls, messages because i wasnt myself. Then i decided to use my real name, picture and other links to my social networks profile e.g Facebook

I begin to changes upon being myself and exposing my real self. Some of the advanatges you will enjoy using your real name and self imcludes;

1. Online Credibility: When you use your real information for your online business, you gain credibility and many customers see you as real. No one will like to make transactions or buy from bots or fake individual.

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2. Easy Access: You may be contacted easily by any …

Can i Become a Millionaire with Basic Salary

I realizes thatthe topMillionaires in the world are actually investors and business minded individuals. I searched through the list of top Millionaires and Billionaires in the world and i found no office orsalary earners among the list.

I ask a rich guy a question which stated that "Can i Become a Millionaire with my Salary?" he responded telling me things i need to know to become a millionaire even with the little salary i get from work. It includes;
 To become a Millionaire with a basic salary, you need to start saving some money or set aside a few percent of your salary from the first month you started working. My Millionaire friend told me that i need to start saving at a young age and when my new work is young too.Read Also - Can a Student Become a Millionaire?You need to invest in stock, shares and long term investment that brings money later in life. More like life saving and real estate also works Its not only business men and Entrepreneurs that are millionaires but so…

How to Start MTN SME Data Reseller Business

This money making method can be carried out online or offline but it actually pays. It involves buying MTN data bundle in bulk and reselling to people cheaply where you also earn profit for selling.

Since many people may not be able to afford buying data plan or bundle for their Andriod,Iphone,computer and other smartphones, this MTN SME data plans can be use to satisfy their need to browse at faster speed on Mtn. I called this plan a MTN Data Bundle for Andriods or Iphone because it works on any device.

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The advert is every where where people post on selling MTN bundles to people at cheap rate but where we are interested here is your ability to make money with it.

How to Become a Reseller of MTN SME Data Bundle

1. Migrate to SME Plus Tariff by dialing *460#
2. Recharge your MTN account with the amount you want to start with
3. Subscribe to any mega bundle you want at rate below
10GB = N10,000
        20GB = N18,000

How to Make Money on The Internet Selling Information

Its very possible to make make money on the internet simply selling information to people. Its not a must you must sell a product or render a service to begin make money online but there are ways you can sell you information for money.

People are willing to pay for information that solves a problem, teach then How to, add value to their lives and many times,information that are relevant to make them happy. Any information can bring money to you if properly disseminated and people either directly or indirectly pay for such.

It can be your profession,area of expert,line of study,skill and many more. As long as that information adds value to people's life. The day i bought a book on how to reduce my belly fat and now,the information where sold to me with a package.

Ways to sell information online and make money from such information includes;

1. Ebooks: Package your information by creating an Ebook for it and find means of selling it online or offline. People still buy Ebook that solves …

6 Reasons Why People Fail to Earn Money Online

Just like the real life business, making money from home in front of your computer called Online Business also has it own pros and cons. We have provided various information on how to make money online legitimately but many still complain about not getting any money online.

We will providing some reasons why people won't make money from the internet and possible solutions to the problems and the cause of such. Some of the reasons includes;

1. Spending : One of the reasons i was not making money from my internet business when i first started the business is my inability to spend or invest more money into the business for wider coverage and more visit to my services. Spending few cash is really good because it improve advert and profit for the business.

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2. Coach: I observe that one of the reason why people don't make any money is the inability to get a coach or mentor. No matter how smart you are, you still need guide,instruction from e…

5 Safe Ways to Make Money Online

There are safe ways to make money from the internet which brings good income to those who are engaged in it. It very legitimate money making program.Unlike the risky ways which prove to be the quickest and fastest but may be dangerous and you end up losing your earned money.

Before i decided to post on the safest ways to earn cash online, i have tested all these and I've been paid for my effort.So,i decided to share with my readers on how they can also make money safely on online

1. Selling Online
: A safe way to earn money on the internet is to sell something to the people. You could decide to sell your own product or other people's product which is done by listing them on classified ads site,social media like Facebook or Twitter, website or other forums
To make money online, you need to sell something, any items can be sold online which generate greater income and it safe

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2. Affiliate Marketing: The is one of the surest way to e…

4 Risky Way to Make Quick Money Online

There are different ways to Make Money Online in which some are safe while the other may be risky but its real. The risky ways to earn money are quick,fast but may not be reliable

The safe way to make money will be published in the next post but now, we will given out ideas on the risky way to get paid doing Online Business.

1. Sport Bets : Sport betting is one of the fastest and quick way to earn money but its not safe and when i mean "Not Safe" am equally saying its too risky. You see your money gain or lose after 90minutes of play but the problem is most clubs are not reliable this days. You can make quick money with method if only you are not greedy and you know the rule of the game not to accumulate too many teams, not place bet on your team and not put all your life saving on it.

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2. Paid Surveys : This is the oldest way to make money online, i have been paid by this method on several occasion but the risky …

Which Internet Business is Right for Me?

You might have been seeing lot of information or website telling how to work from home,How to Make Money online, How to earn money from internet business and you don't really know how to start your own online business, these are information that will help and equip into making your own money online.

The truth about internet business is that its wide and for you to choose the right online business for yourself requires real understanding of the business you want to venture into to earn money. 

To start your own online business, you need to do the following;

1. Get Knowledge : To start any online business, you need to acquire knowledge, put in few effort to understand the types and kind of business you want. Because your friend is making money from home and you want to also do but, why cant you just ask him the kind of business such fellow is doing that makes him the cash. Seek knowledge,know the type that is suitable for you to do and get it started.

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How to Make Money Online Without a Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online but its very possible to also earn money without a blog. You may not need to have the best designed website or blog to make money but there are few things you can do without having a blog and still make money

I know many freelance writers who never had any blog but still earn huge cash online, below are things to do to make money without owning a blog or website;
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1. Become a Freelancer
: As a freelance writer, you may not necessarily need a blog but you write for popular websites and get paid. If you have good and interesting contents, just register with sites like Odesk, Freelancer, Hubpages,Ezinearticles etc. It requires no website but you are paid by clients which uses your article or Adsense revenue sharing

2. Fiverr : This is a micro jobs site where you can render any services for cash. The services you render is called gig and you get paid after you gig has been delivered. The gig can …