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6 Benefits of Guest Blogging

I never had too many ideas on the importance of guest blogging until i started accepting some guest post on my site. The benefit of Guest Blogging or Posting are just too numerous and it needs to be looked into for site growth and performance.

What is Guest Posting? This is when one writes for other site or accept blog post or articles from other blog owners to be posted on blog. Popular bloggers used the guest blogging as a tool to get cheap popularity,more readers, backlinks, traffic and many more.

The benefit, importance and advantages of guest Posting includes;

1. Popularity: Guest blogging which is also known as writing for other website owners/bloggers bring popularity to a blogger. Writing a guest post on other people blog especially when the blog is highly ranked can in return bring fresh popularity to the other site which later help improve its ranks. Read Also - Make Money Online Blogging

2. Readers : One of the benefit of guest blogging or posting is to attract new readers fro…

Photo : The World Most Expensive Team - Brazil

According to forbes, Brazil is the world most expensive team with a worth of $718million out of all team participating in the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

The team is made of up high paid footballers such as Neymar who is what $88, Hulk $65million, and other players who are also paid well in their various clubs. 

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Spain was placed second Most Expensive team in the world with a worth of $614million and iniesta as the most valuable player at $75million.

So far, Brazil has progress suceesfully to the next round and their earning spree continues. Thanks.

How to Subscribe for Airtel 4gig Bis Data Bundle

This is a good news for Blackberry, Android and Pc userswho are currently browsing with the Airtel Data Bundle plan now that it has become cheaper with the new Airtel 1+1 4gig bis package.

This package is cheap and cost N1500 with 4gig data plan on Bis. But not all Airtel simcard are qualified for this package but the code below can be used to check the eligibility status of the Sim if its qualified for the package.  Read Also - How to Borrow Money on Airtel

How to check the Eligibility Status of Airtel Sim for Airtel 1+1 4gig Bis Plan

To check of your Airtel line is qualified for this Bis data plan, just dial *440*440#, after dialing the code, you get an sms notification telling if the Sim card can be used for this data bundle. Its necessary so that you don't waste money for a sim that is not qualified for the package.

If the sim is qualified for the Airtel Bis service, load N1500 on your line and subscribe by dialing *440*161#

You get an alert confirm your subscription for the Airt…

8 Qualities of Money

This site is fast becoming a question and answer site where many questions from readers are answered. A student send a mail asking if we could just post answers to this question "What are the Qualities of Money?"

Money is any thing that is aceptable as a form of payment for good or services and the qualities of money includes'

1. Recognisability: Money must be easily recognized and identified by the people. Money must not be fake or counterfeit  Read Also - 6 way to send money abroad

2. Divisibility; money must be capable of being divided into smaller units e.g $100, $20, $50 etc to enable it purchase  both high and low price things

3. Stability: The value of money must be stable. The stability of its value will help the business to be good, predictable and encourage lending and borrowing of money.

4. Durability: Anything to be used as money as money must be able to last long, not perishable and can stand the test of time.

5. General Acceptability: Money must be generally by a…

Photo : Africa Richest Woman - Isabel Dos Santos

This is the pics of Africa Richest Woman named IsabelDos Santos who is currently the No 1. Female Billionaire in Africa followed by a Nigerian Mrs Alakija Folorunsho.

Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos santos with a net worth of over $3billion. She is the Richest Black Woman, Richest Woman in Africa with huge investment in real estate

Google's Driverless Car Worth $10,000

The Biggest Internet, search and Technology Giant Google Inc has just release the price of its Driverless car which is worth $10,000 for few units.

This Google Self Driving Car has been tested, trusted and ready for the market. Although the price is cheap but will you go for this Google driver less car?

“We realize we’re a startup and we’re going against $100 billion companies,” says Vogt. “The only way we can be in the same space is to take advantage of our ability to be nimble and move quickly.”- forbes

The question is, will you ever order for this Google driverless car? Use he comment box below to make a suggestion and give you own idea about this self driving car. Thanks.

What is Trade by Barter

A student who is a regular reader of this site asked ask this question, what is Trade by Barter? and this answer is provided with this post.

Trade by Barter may be defined as form of trading in which goods are exchanged directly for other goods without the use of money as a medium of Exchange. For instance, If some one needs rice and needs meat, he must locate another fellow who needs meat in need of rice.

Problems of Trade by Barter

1. Wastage of time and effort: Trade by Barter often leads to waste of time and effort because someone in need of a particular commodity needs to search for people who needs his own.

2.No fix rate of Exchange: There is always a problem of exchange rate determination between two products. Different rates of exchange have to be determined to cover every transaction.  Read Also - Factors that Determine the Growth of Commerce

3. Double Coincidence of wants: This involves looking for someone who is in need of what you have and at the same time has what you need. It…

7 Things That Can Kill a Business

The aim of any Business owner or Entrepreneur is to make profit and not kill the business. There are few things that can kill a business either on a small scale or large scale which will be discussed below.

The Growth and death of a Business depends on how the business owner handles it and its management. Below are things that can actually kill a business;

1.    Laziness:  Laziness is a fast way to kill a business in the sense that when a business owner is lazy, such business will not grow.

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2.    Lateness:  As popularly believed, punctuality is the soul of business. Lateness to work, office, and place of business seems to be a poor way to start because it cause customers to stay away from such business or company

3.    Poor Management:
  The inability of the manager or business to give proper management system result to downfall of a business. To enhance a small or large business, good management is a factor that does that.

4.    Low…

How to Make Money in the Church

Can Someone Make Money in the Church? This question was asked by a reader few days ago and this post was the explanation i gave and i believe you will learn few things reading on how one can earn money in the church.

The population of the church, i mean people sited in the church as well as the attendance are the ones you can make money from simply by doing the following;

1. Sell a Product: Churches with large attendance can serve as a good market place to sell some products after the services. You could decide to make money from the church by selling items like Bible, Hymn book, motivational books, hats, cloths, books, food, snacks, etc

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2. Sell a Service: You can also earn money in the church simply by letting the church members about your services using a small handbill or business card. Services like webdesigns, business consultants, event planner, decorator, painter, artist, writer and many, nursing, baby sitting and many more can be advertis…