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How to Become a Soccer Betting Agent

Based on research, the fastest way to earn money any where in the world either in America, Asia,Europe, Africa etc is through Soccer bets. Many people have soon realize how fast they could make money from soccer either offline or online.

Making money from football betting is becoming viral and i see this business as a good one because everybody want to place bets just to earn real money while watching and enjoying football. But you could make more money if you a soccer bet agent in your area.

Who is Soccer Betting Agent? A soccer betting agent is just an individual who help people play and place bets for their favorite teamwhile given a leaflet as an evidence that such individual as paid and also place bets.  Read Also- The Sport Business

As a football or soccer bet agent, you are require to have 
A printerOne or Two computersPaper for printingA small shop or officeA working bank accountCapital to register as an agent.Before you could become a certified soccer betting agent, you need to ;

How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business

Even with the best Business ideas, some people may never start a business due to fear of losing money, not making profit, not having customers, things not working and many more.

The fear of starting a trade or business has prevented people from doing something tangible with their life and make profits. Many still have capital, space of land and good business ideas still they could not start their business. You need to get rid of fear and set up the business you intend to start for profit.

If you have the necessary tools to start the business e.g money, space, land, idea, manager, materials etc yet you are scared of starting your small business or large scale business then, you need motivation and will to start which are provided as you read with this business tips.

How to Get Rid of Fear of Starting a Business

1. Be Focus : Being focus means to plan, get ideas, do paper work, have vision and try to accomplish it without getting confused. Being focus and dedicated to your new business will…

Tiger Woods - World's Highest Paid Athletes

Tiger Woods is the Highest Paid Sport Athletesas well as the Richest Sport Man in the world with Earnings of $78.1million as a June 2013 - forbes.

At age 38, Tiger woods still remains the number one top Golf Player which is also the source of wealth with good earnings. Tiger Woods is a Golf Legend and has been earning from Golf sport few years back. 
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Tiger Woods has been the hottest golfer on the planet with six tournament wins over the past 12-months. His prize money has doubled and his off-course income is up thanks to sponsor bonuses with Nike and Rolex tied to his wins and a return to the top of the World Golf Rankings. Woods has also been busy overseas collecting more than $10 million in appearance fees from stops in Abu Dhabi, China, Malaysia and Turkey.

Kudos to Tiger Woods for maintaining the top spot on Golf ranking and also becoming the Highest Paid Sportsman in the world. Thanks

How to Set up a Game Centre

A game centre is simply a place where people go in to play game, relax and check some latest game that can be played or downloaded. Game Center usually have games like football, car racing, boxing,Mortal Kombat, wrestling and other adventure games.

The common and most played game is soccer on Play Station 2 or Play Station 3. Setting up a Profitable Game center in an area can be achieved if the game center is properly planned.

A Game center business is a business which involves setting up various games such as soccer, athletics, car racing, adventures,boxing and other games for profits or money making.
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The requirements for starting a Game Center includes;

1. Location : the area you intend setting up the Game centre should be a location where such services is lack, usually on the road side and closer to relaxation centre, schools, universities,markets, children etc. You only ensure you have a good location for the business

2. Capital: The cap…

How to Set up a Business Centre

Setting up a business center in an area can be achieved if the business plan is properly executed.

A business center is a business which involves various activities such as photocopy, typing, graphics, lamination, internet services and many more for profits

A business centre is a profitable business when such services is lacking in an area and can also be done on a small scale or large scale.

The requirements for starting a Business Center may not be huge but includes;

1. Location : the area you intend setting up the business center should be a location where such services is lack, usually on the road side and closer to Government offices, schools, universities,markets etc. You only ensure you have a good location for the business

2. Capital: The capital required depends on the size of the Business center, but if its on a small scale, then you only require small capital to purchase some computers, printers, chairs and the shop.    Read alsohow to start a business

3. Business Knowledge : …

How to Make Money as a Writer

Making Money as a writer may not be too difficult only if necessary steps are taken in which some of such steps to earn money as a writer will be discuss as you read on. Can Writers make money? Then i say yes, they can make money.

A writer is a person who uses written words to communicate in different ways such as writing books. As a writer, your creativity will earn you money only especially when the contents are original, rich and interesting and also, if such writing solve a particular question e.g funny, romance, news, sport, love and many more.

As a writer who wants to make money, you can decide whether to make money offline or online as long as you have very rich, original and highly creative contents and not copy & paste contents. Read Also, make money online writing articles

How to Make Money offline as a Writer

As a writer, you could decide to earn money simply by writing and submitting samples of your writeups to the following;
1. Radio Station
2. Televison
3. Media /Advertisin…

Entrepreneur of the Week : Abigail Johnson

This site has named the United State Billionaire Abigail Johnson as the Entrepreneur of the week. Abigail Johnson is the President of Fidelity Financial Services in the United State. Abigail Johnson was ranked 25th Billionaire in the United State and 50th in the world-forbes

                                                  Photo credit - forbes. 

Abigail Johnson is the president of Fidelity Financial Services and a front-runner for the CEO of Fidelity Investments. Fidelity is the second-largest mutual fund company (behind Vanguard) in the U.S. with $1.67 trillion in assets under management. She joined Fidelity in 1988 as an analyst after receiving an M.B.A. from Harvard. She owns an estimated 24% stake in the company. Read AlsoEntrepreneur of the week - Liliane Bettencourt

According to forbes, she was rated 60th most powerful women in the world with hers source of wealth as Money Management. Her contribution and donation towards the youth,men and women and to the charity has earn Abi…

Top 10 Popular Stores in America

This is a list of the top 10 Most Popular Stores in America according to their rankings, sales and visits by Americans. These stores and shopping sites all made their way to the top10 ranking of most popular in the United States based on sales, cash, revenue and advertising.

The only secret to the success of these stores still remains the ability of the stores to solve people problems, render good services and good customer care habit as well as making their products environmentally friendly.

The best performing stores with lot of sales still remains the food stores, drugs, discount retail, Groceries and Drinks. The list of the Popular stores are listed below;

1. Walmart

2. McDonald's

3. Subway

4. Starbucks

5. Walgreens

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6. Target

7. CVS Caremark

8. Burger King

9. Taco Bell

10. 7-Eleven

Its obvious that the snacks, drinks stores are the most visited which shows such stores invest more in the advertising spending, low prize of food stuffs…