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Entrepreneur of the Week - Harold Hamm

This has picked Billionaire Harold Hamm as the Entrepreneur of the week. He was picked as the Entrepreneur of the week according to poll result from our readers. Harold Hamm is the CEO and Chairman of Continental Resources.

According to forbes, the United State Citizen and Billionaire is worth $17.2B and the source of wealth is mainly Oil and Gas. He ranked 29th Billionaire in the United State and 68th in the world with $17.2B

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 In the past five years, shares of Harold Hamm's Continental Resources are up more than 400%. Hamm owns 70% of the oil company, which is the biggest operator in North Dakota's Bakken shale and boasts production volumes of nearly 150,000 barrels per day. A pioneer in the Bakken, Hamm thinks it will yield 24 billion barrels of oil in the decades to come. He predicted years ago that the field would surpass 1 million barrels per day, which could happen this year. "We've doubled our oil output in the …

How to Get Rid of Jealousy

Jealousy feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages. I do not see any reason to be Jealous or envy of another person achievements while other do.

Below are few things to help you curb the act of envy and jealousy better still you can still give out the link of this post to a Jealous fellow just to stop such from Jealousy 

How to Stop Being Jealous

1. Must be contented with what you have

2. Must not be too attracted to someone else things

3. Must celebrate other people achievements

4. Jealousy can be stopped when you learn to love

5. Learn to have peace of mind

6. Jealousy can be stopped if you have a dream and vision

7. Learn to work hard

8. When you some good business ideas and identify ways to make money
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9. You can get rid of your jealous attitude if you believe in your self

10. You can stop being Jealous only if you see yourself as the best

Even if someone is doing well in busine…

20 Ways to Get Rid of Laziness

Can i stop being Lazy ? Laziness is the unwillingness to work and the act of of being idle. Looking at it yourself, you may not be lazy but due to complain from people, boss and in business, it seems you are lazy.

Laziness or being lazy cause more harm than good because it reduce someone to the bare minimum but hard work pays even in business or at place of work. Many times, the secret to making more money, having a boost in profit, living a good life and becoming wealthy is centered on hard work and shunning laziness for good.Read Also,  7 secrets of success

You could stop being lazy or get rid of laziness simply by considering some of the points listed below and getting back to work. 

How to Get Rid of Laziness

1. Stop Procrastination

2. Make Plans

3. Reduce Sleeps

4. Work even more

5. Avoid thoughts like should, could, would at work

6. Set a goal

7. Be prepared to fail

8. See help from friends r experts

9. Break Task into smaller parts

10. Eat healthy food

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11. H…

How to Control Your Spending Now

I think at this time of the year, people really need to control some reckless spending, track the spending and adjust their money spending spree in order not to get broke. Even if we are making some good cash does not mean you should not control the cash and spend wisely.

The best way you can control your spending at this time of the year is to track and adjust Instead of spending, why not invest more in other business to earn more or you make some plan on the salary you are earning at your place of work.

There are ways to control and track ones' spending which are explained as you read further below.  Read also,  how to Save Extra Money

5 ways to Control Your Spending 

1. Prudence Spending ; the best way to track excess spending and control it is by spending your earned money cautiously and judiciously. This help prevent unnecessary buying of things and wastage.

2. Plan : there is no other way to control excessive spending than to plan. Planning not only ensure good spending but it al…

Short Domain Name vs Long Domain Name

The quest to have the best website start with the domain name selection and hosting but many free hosted site especially on blogspot or wordpress do usually have long domain name and they are doing well in terms of traffic, seo, money making etc.

Either short domain name like the .com, net or .org all have their own advantages while some long domain names site also get significant result from search engines due to its seo reasons

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Both Long or Short Domain names due to not determine the site traffic or popularity but the originality of content, creativity, designs and many more.

In my own opinion, shorter domain names are user friendly while longer domain names are search engine friendly but Google is fast appreciating sites that are user friendly and recommendation.

Advantage of shorter Domain Names
1. Its user friendly
2. Visitors finds it easy to pronounce
3. Its easy to type
4. Its easy to refer
5. User can easily remember
6. It may also be search engin…

How to Submit a Site to Google, Yahoo and Bing

Do you have a new or old website and you want to submit to the top 3 search engine in the worldwhich are Google, Yahoo and Bing? As you carefully read the post, you can easily submit your site or blog yourself search engines. Read AlsoYahoomail vs Gmail
Submitting your site to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have many great advantages which i believe you wouldn't like to miss as a site or blog owner. Some of the advantages which includes;
Traffic from search enginesFast Search Engine indexingSearch Engine OptimizationPresence of site on Google, Yahoo and Bing Website PopularityBetter site RankingSite & Domain AuthorityRead Also,  10 Reasons why you need a Gmail AccountThe advantages of submitting a website to Google, Yahoo and Bing are numerous and are very important if you want your site to be exposed and make money from the site.

How to Submit a Website to Google, Yahoo and Bing

Just visit the link below, submit your site by putting the correct url, site name and o…

How to Withdraw Google Adsense Money with a Payoneer Mastercard

You can definitely withdraw your Google Adsense Earnings directly into your bank account anywhere in the world due to the recent Google upgrade and announcement passed to Adsense Publishers on direct bank payment system.

Google Adsense is the oldest and fastest way to earn money online as well as the sure way to make money with one's website based on site popularity and traffic. The Payoneer Mastercard is widely accepted all over the world even in this country and its can also be used to as a good option for Google Adsense Payment.

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Since you can withdraw cash with your Payoneer card, then you only need to register your account detail information on your Adsense Dashboard where your money can be sent directly to the Payoneer MasterCard. But on the condition that the Google Adsense has the option to withdraw with US Bank Account via ACH

Integrating Your Payoneer Account with Google Adsense

The Payoneer Account provides you with a US Chec…

Top 5 Reliable Pinging Sites

Some pinging sites are still reliable for good search engine optimization (SEO), faster crawl rate of blog by search engines, traffic etcand the list of the 10 free pinging sites will be listed below as you read on. 

Some Pinging sites ensures the search engines crawl your sites faster, improve site visibility, backlinks and relevance of site to other search engines.

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Regular pinging of sites at times increase site popularity on the web and the five pinging sites seems to be the best and most reliable free pinging sites. They submit your sites to many other search engines and also notify the site for any new updates on the sites.

 List of Pinging Sites

1. Pingler

2. Pingomatic

3. Pingates

4. Total Pings

5. Google Pings

6. Submit Express

7. Tecnorati

8. Pingoat

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9. Pingmyurl

10. Bulk ping

Even if your site is not getting recognized by search engines  or the site isn't getting the required popularit…

How to Promote YouTube Videos

How to Promote YouTube Videos? This question was asked by a reader who really wants to know ways to promote YouTube Videos and we decide to write this post.

YouTube is a video sharing website where you could make video, post it and you get videos on the Videos based on the shares, views, popularity and uniqueness of the video. You can get you videos promoted through the simple method below.See Also, How to make money on YouTube

Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

1.  Social Networks : Facebook, Twitter, Instagramare good social networks where you could easily promote a YouTube video simply by posting the link of the YouTube video on your wall and people watch the videos live.

2.  Create a website : You can get your YouTube video across to people just by creating a free website with nice designs, keyword, logo, contents, search engine optimization and share the links across to people by email, social media, forums etc

3. Google Adwords :You can promote your YouTube videos using Google Adwords ad…