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Are PTC Sites Still Profitable?

Is Ptc Site Still Profitable? This is a question asked by one of our readers who work and make money online. PTC sites are referred to as paid to click sitewhere people work and make money through viewing several ads and making few cents

Many get paid few cents from viewing ads, referral activities,task etc through PayPal, Bank wire or other online payment system. Based on experience, most of the Pay to clicksites are scams and waste of time. See also, Top 5 Survey Sites That Pays

If you are looking for real ways to earn money online, Ptc sites are no longer profitable because the few available one will not even pay you when you reach payout. Other reasons why PTC may not be considered a good way to make money and may not be profitable includes;

1. They are time wasters

2.  You need to click so many ads

3.  Some may even pay as low as 0.0001cents

4.  You will have to view few ads per day.

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5.  Some may request money for payout

6.  Pay for referrals

7.  The…

How to Protect Your Blog from Hack or Unauthorized Access

Every blogger and site owner must always find a way to secure their website from hackers or any unauthorized access on their site using few tips which are highlighted below as you read on. The following ways of protecting your site from hacks are cheap and free in which you may not need the service of a programmer with high cost.

Since your site means so much to you then you must protect it with the best of your knowledge. Although, there only few security measures for website because the computer programmers have sophisticated tool that can break every security on a blog.
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Protecting your blog from anyone gaining access either on a free website like blogger or wordpress is centered around the email. It means if you can secure your mail which can be used to gain access to the site, then your site is protected.

10 Ways to Protect Your Site from Hack

1.  Never disclose your email password to anyone

2. Change admin Password often

3. On any suspicious attempt on s…

Where to Make a Free Website?

Where to Make a free Website? This question was asked by one of our readers where she really wants to know where and how to make a free website for her brand.

You could actually get a free website for your business, stuffs, product or services through the internet. Not all sites can actually guarantee a free website can a considerable amount of size, bandwidth and domain name.

You could get a free website to promote yourself, a business, a product, a brand or services. You can also get a free website for online marketing purpose and also make money online or offline with your website. See Alsowhy you need a free website

Your free website could actually be a blog, official website, forum site, sales page, personal site or eCommerce sitewhere you get paid right there through your site. Some free website actually have a large bandwidth size, free domain name and other search engine optimization(seo)

Top Site to Make a Free Website

1. Blogger : If you are looking for where and how to create…

Entrepreneur of the week : Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber an entertainer, dancer, song writer, singer, musician, actor and the Canadian Pop Musician  has been made the site Entrepreneur of the week which is based on poll results from our readers. Must Read ;6 Reasons the celebrity prefers Twitter to Facebook

Justin Bieber is a popular celebrity on social networks like Facebook or Twitter where he has the most Twitter followers in the world. According to forbes, Justin Bieber was was ranked as one of the most overexpose celebrity in the world based on media review.

His later song "baby" has sold over 10million copies and still selling. Justin Bieber is young, fun to be with and loved by young guys and ladies on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc

The Young Celebrity earn his money through entertainment and has been loved by people of young age. His money making tactics through songs, acting, social network interaction etc where he makes his money needs to be emulated. 

Note: Justin Bieber good attitude and his money…

How to Spend Less for a Wedding Party - for Couples

Having a successful wedding party is the best thing that can ever happen to someone in a life time, it can only be done onceexcept in a case of divorce. But wedding party can be planned in a way to save cost, spend less money and save some money for the marriage.

There are ways to organize a wedding party at a minimum cost but if you have more money to spend, you can make it elaborate or have a big wedding with more money. See Also, how to Save Extra Money

Ways to Organize a Cost Free Wedding Party

1.  Strictly by invitation : a good way to have a cost free wedding ceremony is to cut down the rate of attendance which can only be achieved by making sure only invited guest attends. This can be checked by printing strictly an invitation card. Using this method help to save cost and you only spend less.

2. Donation : you can also spend less for a wedding simply by asking people to help donate for the wedding. This can be done by printing an account number at the back of the invitation card wh…

How to Make Money with a Computer

If you have a computer and you don't know you can make money with the computer especially when its internet connected, just carefully read the post as we will be providing different ways you can earn money with your internet connected computer..
If you have a good laptop or desktop that is connected to the internet, the fast way to make money from your computer is Make Money Online also called work and earn from home. The only thing you need to do is to get reliable payment method where you can cash out your money as you work online.

Some of this online money making method may provide little money at first, but with patient and consistency, you earn more. Some may require you have a free website like blogger or WordPress to sell stuffs online while other may not even require a website to start making money with a computer.
Ways to Earn Money Using Your computer 
1.  Fiverr , Seoclerks and Gigbucks ; these are micro jobs site where you can make money selling your services inform of …

5 Trusted Marketing Strategy for Online Businesses

What if you have started an Online Business? How will you let the whole world know about what you are trying to promote or advertise? There are so many marketing strategy for online business which help inform the whole world what your business is all about and your uniqueness.