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Entreprenuer of the week - Dieter Schwarz

The German Billionaire Dieter Schwarz as been named this site Entrepreneur of the week, Dieter Schwarz was named the Entrepreneur of the week not only because of his money making tactics but his wealth affects the common man and the needy through his charity Foundation.

According to Forbes, Dieter Schwarz was ranked as the 29th Billionaire in the world and 2nd  richest man in Germany. Dieter Schwarz Net Worth according to Forbes is $19.5B and he earn more money through the Retailer Lidl and Aldi.

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Dieter Schwarz inherited discount retailer Lidl, which has $85 billion in revenues and is Germany's second biggest discounter behind Aldi. Schwarz regularly appeared on the Forbes Billionaires List in the 1990s but was taken off the list in 1999 after he demonstrated to Forbes that he had transferred his ownership of Lidl to a charitable foundation. He returns to the Billionaires' List this year after research showed that the Dieter Sch…

How to Make Money as a Singer

Someone asked "can i make money as a singer?" the reply was that "yes" you can make money singing any kind of music or songs as long as you are very creative with it. Singing brings fast money for creative unique people and not for those who are lazy to develop their singing skills and voices.
You can make money as a singer either professionally or not, many known singer do not have the best voice in this life and still they make it, Your singing style, originality and creativity goes a long way in determining the kind of person your are in music and how well you can go.
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At first, people who want to make money singing don't usually aim for the money at first but work and get more creative in their thinking about music.

When your songs begins to create impact, good sounds in hear of listener with touch, music producers will run after you for recordings. Below are things you can do as a singer to make money; See Also,  get paid to ra…

How to Improve Your School Business

School Business is one of the best business with high profit making in my country right nowbut many may not even realize how lucrative this business can be but those who are already running a school business can testify with proof of huge earnings they make from starting a school.

The huge population make school business a nice one but there are simple things that can improve the school business fast with huge returns. School business is worth investing in and may not require much but just the land space, good teachers, good educational facilities and many more. See Also, work at home jobs for students

To those who are already running a school business or who really want to start a school business and earn money from it, below are few business ideas that can improve your school business through increasing number of students or pupils in your school andmaking moneydoing it.

Simple things attract parents to bring their children to your school and some which includes,

1, Good Teachers

2. Good…

How to Make Money as a Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who make a living as a freelance, self employed and can work for as many companies on different assignment to for money. As a freelancer, you can make money in many ways, you can decide to make money online as a freelancer which is very popular or offline activities. See Also, Ways to Make Money with Freelance Photography

Freelance activities that brings money includes;
1. Freelance developer
2. Freelance photographer
3. Article writer
4. Blogging
5. Programmer
6. Web developer
7. Logo designer
8. Driving  And many more freelance jobs are readily available. Freelance works are common in the United state, United Kingdom, Canada and other European countries where freelancer make more money online.
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1. Identify areas your area of expert and work more on it in achieving knowledge
2. A freelancer can make money posting activities as gigs on Fiverr, which is a market place where people can o…

How to Make Money as a Driver

Driving can be seen as a smart way to make money in life for those who seek ideas about driving. The are so many earning ways for any person who knows how to drive a car, bus or truck.

You may not be a professional driver, but as a smart person who knows how to drive a car, then you can also earn money driving using the ideas provided as you read on.
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You may decide to make money as a driver in a part time while other drivers can do theirs in a full time. The only criteria for you to start driving and making money with is to get certified as a driver by getting your drivers permit, license, legit vehicle documents and other Governmental requirement for drivers

Ways to Make Money as a Driver

1.Get your drivers document and license intact through certified agent

2.  You could make money as a driversimply by getting a small car and register a driving school which brings more money.

3.You could make money as a driver if you can get a small space…

How to Make Money as a Teacher

There are so many opportunities you stand to gain as a teacher which earns you enough money either online or offline. You may not necessarily need the whole certificate of teaching to make money as a teacher but money making ideas.

You could decide to teach people what you know, your area of expertize or motivate people on what works. Don't always think you can't make money teaching people or young ones for money, yes you can.

In this world, many people need ideas, creativity and knowledge but needs people to teach them, that is where you make money as a teacher. You impact knowledge and get paid to do that. Various ways to make money teaching or as a teacher will be highlighted a s you read on, just carefully read through.

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The journey to making money as a teacher starts from identifying what you are good at and how you can pass the knowledge to others, in return you earn money from teaching. Maybe you are good at playing the guitar, Music, Songs, A…

5 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Half a century ago, the price of milk was less than a 
dollar and now on average a gallon of milk is somewhere over $6.00. Grocery stores have changed from the family owned corner store to a large corporate venture. But what hasn’t changed is that people still need to find savings in their food bills.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that you can shop for what you like and still save a few dollars for your family.

1. Don’t Go Hungry

It is a really simple rule but so easy to forget. Don’t attempt to grocery shop when on an empty stomach. The smells of freshly baked goods and displays of hot food are designed to stimulate your hunger pains so you can validate the purchase to yourself. Go when you have a little something in your stomach so that you don’t make any superfluous purchases.

2. Coupons

To the saver go the spoils. Finding coupons that can help make purchases is a great way to save money. Using coupons in conjunction with in-store sales can be another way of maximizing …

How to Make Money from Snail Farming

Can i make money from Snail Farming? this question was asked by one of our readers and the answer to the question remains "Yes" any time.

Snail farming is just like any other farming Businesswhich make money simply by rearing, feeding and keeping the snails till they get to the required marketable size and prize.

Snail farming is just keeping snails, feeding and taking care of them either in a large scale or small scale but whichever way, you still earn money with your snails especially when big.

To start making money with snail farming, you need to invest in this farming business and start rearing them. Snails do not need much spending on food and shelter but they eat leaves especially cocoyam leaves and others. Snails are hermaphrodite which means they can reproduce at any time.

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Just get started with your snail farming and make money from the snails simply by ;

1. Getting small space in a farm or beside your home
2. Make a concrete block …

How to Make Money from Farming

You might not necessary be a farmerto start making money from farming but to understand some basic skill about Agriculture. Farming is an act of growing crops and rearing of animals for food or money.

Farming helps feed the nation and the profit it provide is really great and worth investing into. Farming is a business that one can not lose if not for outbreak of disease or any other factor.  See Also,  5 Signs you are in an wrong business

To make money from farming, you need to know which area of farming you likely to cope with and start the business of farming. Some areas of farming includes

1. Poultry Farming

2. Fish farming

3. Planting of crops e.g yam, cassava, onions etc

4. Planting of vegetable

5. Snail rearing
And many more which will be posted as you read on.

The area of farming that works well for our client is the fish farming based on our location and access to water and drainage and we are earning money from our farming activities.

Things to consider for starting a farming busines…