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How to Make Money for Free

This site discussed how to make money, business ideas to earn money, various online jobs, work at home jobs and many more. The aim of our money making ideas is to show the youths, students, stay at home dads, stay at home mums,teens, children, undergraduate on different ways they can earn money either offline or online.

But now, we will be giving out free ideas on ways one can make money generally either online or offline. We have noticed that not everyone can stand the challenges of trying to make money online but they do better working offline and making their money but they lack ideas to do so.

Some people may have the capital and ideas to start a small business that brings money while many other may have the ideas but not capital. We will be listing some good money making ideas that works based on our own little experience and how we get our own money. Mind you, we will never ask you to pay a dime to get this list but you rather think about them and start working on how you can star…

Entrepreneur of the week : Prince Alwaleed Talal Alsaud

This site has named the Saudi Billionaire and Investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud as the Entrepreneur of the week and also the highest money maker of the week. The Saudi Richest man was picked as the Entrepreneur of the week due to his Entrepreneurship skill, Business tactics and result on poll recently conducted to our site Money Earner of the week.

                                                photo credit - forbes

According to Forbes, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud was ranked as the 1st and Richest man in Saudi Arabia and 26th Billionaire in the world.Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud Net Worth according to forbes is $20.0B and he earn more money through the Investments, Real Estates, Shares, Twitter and many more.

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Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bills himself as the "world's foremost value investor." His Kingdom Holding Company, of which he owns 95% and which trades on the Saudi stoc…

How to Make Money from Sponsored Post

Sponsored post which is popularly called Paid Post is a good and legitimate way to make money with a blog or site. This is a way of getting an article to be posted on your site for money but in return, the client get some backlinks, traffic and some ranking on search Engines.

The simple trick in getting a sponsored post to earn money is not so difficult but depends on the following at times;
The site NicheThe site PagerankThe site Domain Authority (DA)The Alexa rank The site Visibility to search Engines.The site popularitySee Also,  Top 30 List of Pr 8 site for Backlinks

If your site should have the following listed tips well ranked, then the paid post also known as sponsored post advertisers will find you.

I thought this site will never have interested advertiser but when i kept updating the site, i realize the paid post are just coming and we are making money with them.

Some advertisers need you site do follow attribute just to rank high and they are ready to pay you. Keeping building yo…

is Fiverr Legit ?

Is Fiverr a Legitimate ways to make money online? this is the question a reader sent to us and we decided to share the legitimacy of working online with fiverr and getting paid for $5.

Fiverr is a legit site money making site where people makes money based on the service they render and get paid for their effort. Fiverr only pays you only if you've completed job and certified by the client

You post your services also known as selling gigs, your gigs is the services you are about to render, advert the gigs, get an order and delivered the order. Then you get paid by the client through fiverr dashboard.

If you know there are things you can do people, then you can legitimately post them on fiverr site for $5 and get paid for job properly done

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Fiverr is legit because its a good way to make money with your skills, hard work and creativityand you also get promoted and trusted based on number of gigs properly done for a period and its custom…

Random Post with Thumbnails Without Html for Blogger

This is a simple process of adding a Random Post widget with thumbsnail for your blog which requires no special html codes edit.

Installing the Random Post widget without editing html on your site is a simple way to get your readers or visitors engaged with different post on your site. This widget also help improve the bounce rate of your site because it allow people stay more on the site with images also known as thumbnails.

How to Install Random Post on Blogger

1. Login to you Blogger Blog

2. Right there on your blogger dashboard, click on the drop down arrow beside the view blog

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3. You will see a list of programs, then click on layout

4. Click on add a gadget on any position you like

5.  A pop up program comes up where you also press on the Html /Javascript for third party codes

6.  Carefully copy and paste the code below on the content box

<ul id='random-posts'>
<script type='text/javaScript'>
var rdp_numposts…

This Site Plans for 2014

Earn Online wishes our dear readers, fans and Online money making contributors Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014.

We hope you guys have learnt new internet business ideas, offline business ideas, small business ideas, entrepreneurship and various ways to make money onlinewith the list of website.

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Our plans plans for the new year 2014 includes ;Giveaways and other promoProvide Legitimate online business ideasMake list of reliable high paying siteProvide Screenshot of Earnings of a particular Scheme Show list of scam site to avoidWrite on ways to improve small businessWrite on ways to become a better EntrepreneurList site that pay higherWrite on New Ways to Make Money Online Accept your guest post, suggestions, ideas, questions and donationsSee Also, Top 27 Apps for Online Business

And many more ways, how to, list of, earning money etc will be provided in this New Year 2014. We are also aiming at giving you the best tips and article that solves peo…

How to Open a GTBank Account for free Using Facebook

I was just on my Facebook wall when i saw an advert which claims " How to Open a GTBank Account Online for free" The first thing that comes to my mind is to confirm the legitimacy of the adverts but i soon realize its directly from the bank.

 I think this is a simple way to open a Gtbank account for free via Facebook  instead of going to the bank and going through the stress of the whole registration process. Read the steps below and you will open a savings or current account using this account openings steps,

The Requirements for Opening Gtbank Account via Facebook

1.  A working email account e.g gmail, yahoomail or hotmail

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2.  A phone number

3. A scan copy of your ID cards e.g National id card, Voters card, Drivers license, International passport and many more.

4. A scan copy of your signature 

If the following items listed above are available, then head over to facebook wall and follow this steps

The Steps in Opening the GTBank Ac…

10 Things Small Business Owners do That Destroys their Business

Many business owners never realize that there are things or mistakes they do that can kill their businesses or make the businesses loss attention instead of making profits.

If you are thinking of starting a business or you already have small business, you should think of investing more into your business and make more money and not lose money. Below are few listed mistakes some Entrepreneurs or Business owners do that destroys their Businesses;

10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

1. Avoiding Challenges : Some small business owners always avoid business challenges but as a small business owner, challenges will come which may nearly collapse the business but you ability to overcome such financial challenges will help you become successful in your business.

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2. Wastage : many small or large business owners spend money recklesslyeven when the business has not fully grown, the act of wastage usually destroy business growth and it needs to be st…