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Entrepreneur of the week : Michele Ferrero

Based on poll result that which was recently conducted to choosing this site Entrepreneur of the week, the CEO of Italian ChocolateFerrero group  Michele Ferrero has been named the Entrepreneur of the week for the first time

                                                        photo credit - forbes

According to Forbes, Michele Ferrero was ranked as the 23rd Billionaire in the world and the number one richest man in the Italy. Michele Ferrero Net Worth according to forbes is $20.4B and he earn more money through the Chocolate industry, production plants and other affiliate companies.

Michele Ferrero, 86, is the patriarch of Italian chocolate dynasty Ferrero Group. He inherited the company from his father Pietro in the 1950s and turned it into one of the world's largest confectionery makers, whose brands include Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates, Nutella and Tic Tac. It operates more than 70 affiliated companies, has 15 production plants and and employs nearly 22,000 people world…

10 Best Micro Jobs Site to Earn Money Online

Just as we've promised to give you various ways to make money online as well as the list of site that pays. A good way to make money through the internet is by doing micro jobs.

When we say Micro jobs, we are referring to simple jobs based on one's skill that can be done online for people that needs your services and you get paid for jobs well done. This is one of the new ways to work and make money online and many people have been earning through this means.

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Based on results, reviews and proof of payment from us, sites, blogs, forums etc we are listing the top best micro jobs site where you could post an advert and start getting micro jobs to earn money online. See below for those micro job sites.

1. Fiverr

2. Gigbucks

3. Zeerk

4. Microlancer

5. Seoclerks

You could render various online services like backlink building, logo creator, banner design, webdesign, traffic generator, seo services, photographer, graphic designer, sell facebook likes, sell…

10 Reliable Small Businesses You Can do In the USA

Are you planning to relocate to the United State or you just won a Visa lottery or you are in the state to study? Then this post is specially made for you to see some few business you can do to make money on your new arrival to the United State.

There are few things you know about starting a business in the united state and conditions that determines the type of small business you want to be engaged with. 

You really need to consider the following before starting a business in the United State;
The type of business Capital Size Business strategySee Also,  5 Things you need to know before starting a small business Kind of incomeYour CurrencyThe state you are residingCompetition Population And many more factors also needs to be considered. You really need to do your market survey, business research, business plan and your targeted customers before starting any business in the united state.

List of Small Business to Start in the United State

1. Start ups i.e solving problems for people

2. Onlin…

How to Stop Buying Things You Never Need

This post gives ideas on how and ways to avoid buying things we never need which is popularly called money wastage. Things we never need and we buy them with our earned money ranges from cloths, home, cars, gadget, phones and many more.

To be financial stable or to be in a financial order requires us to prevent reckless spending and to save or invest more money on tangible things that brings profit unlike when we begin to buy things we can't even use at a time. For instance, someone with 5 cars may not need to ride all at a go but only one or two, it means the remaining things are in excess. The same thing goes to ladies that buy excess cloths that they can wear.

Below are simple ways we can stop buying excess things which we don't need just to be financial stable and money management.

1. Buy Quality Things: in order to avoidbuying things you don't need, you need to buy quality things and not quantity. Buying quality stuffs gives you value for money and it also prevent frequ…

10 Easy Ways to Get Out of Debt

I just started a small business in my area where i make some extra income to support myself but i soon realize that i was already in huge debt because of the cost of starting the business and of course i don't expect to start making money immediately but to find a way of making the business grow.

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I decided to go for loan just to meet up with customers demand and other things not realizing i was in debt already which i need to pay back. I then decide to find ways of eliminating and get out of this debt. Debt can never be avoided for the business minded and entrepreneurs but i soon got to know that are free ways of getting rid of my debt which are stated below.

How to Get Out of Debt

1. Do away with Credit Cards : i soon realize that the presence of my credit card distract me in which i spend more forgetting that i need owe a debt. Anyone who wants to eliminate debt should do away with credit cards. I t may force you to buy even unwanted stuffs if avail…

Top 10 Finance Books for Money Management

This post describes briefly some good books about money that have made real impact in the whole world. The demand of this book is generally high in the world because it talks about some money making tips, saving, investing and becoming a successful entrepreneur with lot of values which help people with financial instability.

Its is good to read Finance books written by money expert that deals with financial planning, successful income management and some good business ideas because the world is changing fast and a salary job or office jobs may not be enough to make a living anymore but through some financial advice on business.

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The Finance books below are highly recommended for individual who really want to earn money, save money, invest, do business and make some huge profit. 

1. The Millionaire next door by Stanley and Danko

2. What color is your Piggy Bankby Adelia Celllini linecker

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

4. The Total Mone…

5 Effective Training Methods for Earning Money Online

Photo: primeskills

There are so many things that you can accomplish and gain from just by staying online. Apart from entertaining yourself with games and movies, why not become productive and earn money online by following what expert authors write about? This is now made possible through available training methods that can help you make money online the fastest and most effective way. Among the things that you should learn are the following:

Sales and Customer Service Training
The focal point of making money online is in the way you handle your clients or the people who are interested on what you can offer. In this case, you need to grab skills on sales and customer service. These are two different aspects that work hand in hand to helping you reach your goals - that is, to get more clients and gain income.

Sales pertains to the ability to acquire clients. On the other hands, customer service is on how you retain these clients. Therefore, these two will lead your business to its financ…