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How to be Smart

Many times when i see people behave smartly even more than i am in terms of thinking, reasoning, finding solutions to problems and also making money with it, then i usually learn one or two things from them.

When i started Online Business few months ago, i realized one needs to be smart and vast in thinking to make money from the internet and also to avoid getting duped with your money, so i decided to learn whereas am still learning.

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Smart people are very creative people and are eager to learn, below are few attributes of a smart person and ways to learn from it to be smart.

    How to be Smart
 Learn from other people's mistake Learn to read moreLearn to acquire more knowledge.Find solutions to people's problem Be quick to hear and slow to responds Always think positively  Never always give up on your ideas   Always come up with creative ideasSee Alsohow to be more creative
Exercise your body and brain frequently  Avoid laziness and learn from…

Cada Cabeza is Legit

Cada Cabeza is one of the best and legit ways to earn money online with paid surveys mainly for the Latinos and Hispanics. is a reliable site that pays you to express your feeling about a product, services surveys and other questions.  

Cada Cabeza is the premier online survey Latino community that provides consumers the opportunity to earn cash legitimately and rewards for their participation in paid surveys

Cada Cabeza is a Legit way to make money online taking surveys and has been tested as a high paying site for legitimate online jobs where points are awarded for surveys successfully completed and redeemed by Check or Paypal

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I tested and took paid surveys with this site for several weeks until i reach the threshold and i was able to redeem by points for cash which was deposited instantly by Paypal or Check Payment provided you select your best Payment Gateway to receive your survey rewards from Cada Cabeza.

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How to Earn Money Online without Paying any Money

Do you know you can actually earn money online without paying a dime to any internet marketer, individual or any work at home guys claiming to help you make money through the internet for a fee

I see many questions about earn money online on different forum and blogs and i see reason to give my own trusted and best ways to earn money online just as others do. earning money online requires no special skills but just your computer and internet. 

You only need your skills, put your skills into practice and work online. But you need to have any good Online payment method like Paypal, liberty reserve, Payza, Payoneer, moneybooker, 2checkout, online bank account to receive your money etc

Here are different ways to earn online using some real legitimate site

1. Online writing : you can earn money online by writing articles online for some good website to get paid.Your writing must be on original, unique content and high level of creativity.Site which offers such services are triond, ezinearticle…

Entrepreneur of the Week : Jim Walton

This site has named Billionaire Jim Walton as the Entrepreneur of the week. This result was based on poll result in which Jim Walton was named winner of Earn Online Highest money maker of the week as well as the Entrepreneur of the week.

According to Forbes, The United State Billionaire Jim Walton was ranked 8th in United State and 14th Billionaire in the world with a net worth of $33b. See pics of Jim Walton Below 

Source : Forbes

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According to forbes, Jim is the youngest son of retail visionary Sam (d. 1992), who founded the massive retailer with his brother James, opening a single store in Rogers, Ark. in 1962. Wal-Mart -- which is up 5% from last year -- now has sales of nearly $470 billion and employs 2.2 million people in 11,000 stores worldwide. Jim has received more than $350 million in dividends after taxes in 2013. He is also the CEO of the Walton family's Arvest Bank, which has branches in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri

Jim Walt…