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Entrepreneur of the Week : Liliane Bettencourt

This site has named Billionaire Liliane Bettencourt as the Entrepreneur of the week. This result was based on poll result on the the winner of Earn Online Highest money maker of the week as well as the Entrepreneur of the week.

According to Forbes, The french  Billionaire Liliane Bettencourt was ranked first in France and 9th Billionaire in the world with a net worth of $30b. See pics of Liliane Bettencourt Below

Source : Forbes

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At age 90, Liliane Bettencourt is the world's richest woman, and returns to the top ten wealthiest for the first time since 1999. She and her family own more than 30% of L'Oreal, which her father founded. They've gotten far richer this year, thanks to a boost in the French cosmetics powerhouse's stock. However she had her fortune placed under the guardianship of her daughter Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers in 2011 following a very public three-year legal battle. The elderly widow, who suffers from dementi…

20 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Website

I started by website and a blog site when i never knew much about web administration and it took me years to accomplish a goal of building a good website.

Some have ask the question on search engines or forum on how to start a website or blogging but they just start the site and begin to get information on how to make the site look good.

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 Here are few things you need to know before starting a website

Things You Need to Start a Site

1. You need to state the purpose of creating the site, if its to sell a product or pass information.

2. You need to clarify if the site is a Business site or Individual

3. You need to consider a good Webhosting

4. To start a website you need to consider a good Domain Name

5. To start a website, you to choose the program you want e.g HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, Javascript etc

6. If you want to start a blog, then you need to choose a preferred platform either Blogger or Wordpress]

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7. To start a website…

10 Suggested List of Online Jobs

Maybe you have made the search engine your friend by frequently searching available and high paying Online Jobs. This is a list of legitimate online jobs that pays and very easy to perform in front of your computer at home.

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You may need to research more on the paying patterns of some of this online jobs listed below and their legitimacy of operation.

1.  Online Translations

2. Online Transcriptions

3. Football Trading

4. Survey Sites

5. Binary Operation

6. Freelance Writing e.g Odesk and Elance

7. Working on Fiverr

8. Blogging

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9. Starting a Website

10. Paid to Write

11. Paid Surveys

12. Soccer Predictions

13. Paid to Shop

14. Paid to post

15. Adsense

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16. Adsense revenue Sharing

17 Currency Exchanger

18. Affiliate Marketing

19. Web design

20. Bulk Sms

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10 Ways to Write Articles Easily

Many people do not find article writing easy especially when it involves writing article for money. Article can be written as a publication on newspapers, website, bulletin etc. Many Writers especially online article writers now see the use of an Article re-writer to help write for them.

There are few things you can do to make you find Article writing easy and fast. Many people see Article writing as a profession where they write for a living either offline or online. Blogging as even make people write more these days where they make money writing articles online.

How to Make Article Writing Easy

1. Attractive Title : Writing an article becomes easy when you write about attractive topics and what your readers will love to read. The responds make people want to read more of your writing thereby making article writing easy for you.

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2. Time : Article writing becomes easy when you decide to write your article at the appropriate time usually a quie…

Top 22 Best Social Networking Sites

This is a collection of highly rated and best social networks in the world as well as the most used social networks around the internet.

The social networks can be used to communicate with friends, family,colleagues and fans around the world. Not only Facebook and Twitter but there are other social networks that are really making waves on the internet now with good user review online.

1. Facebook : This is social utility that connects people with friends and others

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2. Twitter : It allows you to Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news

3. LinkedIn This site allows users to Manage their Business and professional identity

4. Instagram : A powerful video and picture sharing social site with good concept

5. Pinterest : This is where you go to discover new things and collect stuff you love

6. Tumblr  : A powerful blogging platform  to create, find and build relationship with readers.

7. Delicious : This site Keep, share, and discover th…

How to Avoid Getting Sacked at Work

One of our readers on this site recently asked a question on how to prevent getting sacked by her Boss at work due to the recent unemployment in the country. I was quick to tell her some ideas on how to get her job secured because that's the only way she makes her money.

One needs to avoid getting sacked from work which may be either private or public company just to get paid and meet ends meet.

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How to Avoid Getting Sacked By Boss

1. Unpunctuality : becoming punctual at work will definitely prevent you from getting sack from work by your Boss. All business owners wants their workers to always be punctual at work

 2. Lack of initiative : you may prevent getting sacked when you developed the habit of giving vital information and using your initiative well on ideas that could help grow the company.

3. Wasteful : many people who get sack at work are rather too wasteful. Wasting resources at work makes your Boss get fed up on you and you may get fired at wor…

How to Start Mobile Banking Using Andriod or Iphone

Mobile Banking is a trending and fastest way of Internet banking mostly used around the world now in terms of online money transfer, online payment, cash deposits and many more.

Mobile Banking is a way of banking through mobile phones especially smartphones like Andriod, Blackberry and Iphones. You don't need to go to the bank before any bank transaction is made but directly on your mobile phone.

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I am writing this post on How to use the Mobile Banking because am currently using my Andriod phone for all bank transactions like send money, receive money, buy/sell online, get alert via mobile and many more

How to Start Mobile Banking on Mobile Phone

1. Go to your Google Play or Apple/Mac store on your Andriod or Iphone.

2. Search and Download your bank apps.

3. Register with your Online Banking information

4. If you don't have online banking information, then visit the website of your bank and register for online bankingservices or create a profile …