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Photo : World Longest Bus


How to use Facebook for Business

Facebook is the most widely used social networks in the world. You could chat with friends, send instant messages, listen to music and musical videos, play games online and many more.

The use of Facebook can enhance your small business or large scale business greatly. Many people have reasons for using Facebook but as an entrepreneur, Facebook can help promote your business with ease.

Facebook programs like Facebook fan page, Facebook advert network, Facebook downloads etc are the tools which helps to achieve real enhancement in Business.

7 Reasons Facebook is Best for your Business

1. Facebook encourages interaction between customers/fans with the admin of the site. Your Business Facebook page or group can be used as a source of communication between customers and business owners.

Real Estate vs Shares

Real Estate and Shares are the 2 common ways to make money by investing . Some expert believes Real Estate investment is the best while other believe buying shares in a reputable firm is highly profitable. We really need to know which gives the best profit.

Some Facts about Real Estate and Shares.

1. Results from poll shows Stock Market earns on a short term while Real Estate produce profit on a long term.

2. Investors also see Real Estate as physical investmentsuch as land, properties, estate, houses, land etc while shares are invisible and are only confined to financial houses.

Deal of the Day : MTN Aquires Saka

A Nigerian Actor whose contract whose contract expires few hours ago from the telecommunication Giant Etisalat has just been aquired by MTN which is also a Telecommunication Giant at a huge sum of N20M.

Photo of the Day : Ford-GT90

This site picked Ford-GT90 as the Pics of the day. This was based result on polls about the photo of the day. We love good things, we love cash and we love cars.