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5 Qualities of Founders

Founders are people who transformed their ideas into reality. Founders are popularly seen as risk takers and makes possible the impossibilities. Many founders are Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Mogul whose business ideas was executed and still working.

Many Founders such as Bill Gates (Microsoft),Larry Page(Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin (Google), Steve Jobs (Apple), P Diddy ( Bad Boy Entertainment) and many more have some qualities which are common to them and has helped them to start a business.

6 Qualities of a Good Founder

1. Imagination : the power of imagination is the ability of an individual to work with his/her intelligence in achieving a workable plan. Founders also imagine some crazy ideas which really solve problems. You can imagine a solution to a problem and that is how it works.

Entrepreneur of the Week : Davido

This site has named David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido as the Entrepreneur of the week. Davido the son of the popular Billionaire Business man, Dr Adedeji Adeleke.

Despite his father is a Billionaire, he struggle on his own not depending on his father's wealth. Davido is successful in his Music Business which he claimed he has been pursuing since high school. His hit track 'Dami Duro' sold millions which makes him popular around the world.

Why Should we Buy Followers/Fans Online

Just because i want want a huge Twitter Followers and Facebook fans, i join the quest in purchasing Twitter followers and Facebook likes. Its very easy to get millions of Twitter followers or Facebook fans if you have the cash for it.

I bought those things to get huge numbers of fans and Twitter followers which i believe can get me more traffic for my website. I was able to register some online advertising website and other PPC site but the traffic only worked for few days.

Just after a while the 50k followers on Twitterreduced drastically to the minimum and the facebook fans were mainly bots. I realized that buying Twitter followers, Instagram or Facebook fans are just :

The Reasons for Online Begging

While surfing the internet, i observed various ways of begging on people's websites, blogs, twitter pages, Facebook pages etc. Online Begging comes in different ways which includes;

1. Begging for #Follow Back on Twitter
2. Begging for friendship on Facebook
3. Paypal Donation Buttton
4. Begging formoney online
5. Begging for web-hosting or domain name
6. Begging for used electronics or phones online
And many more.

I see such act as immature when its fake, you could easily put in your best online and make cash with through valuable information and not beg for cash

Pics of the Day : Google

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Google is often referred to as the internet because it has many other programs like Google plus, YouTube, Google map, Google places, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Blogger, Gmail, Google Drive, Calender, Google news and many more.

So many opportunities on Google which makes it the best Company in the world. Kudos to the Google Team.

6 Reasons the Celebrities Prefers Twitter to Facebook

I have watched the activities of high profile people and celebrities on social networks and i see that most of them preferred Twitter to Facebook. Twitter is been used by most celebrities to connect with their fans, share some personal thought and communicate with loved ones.

I thought Twitter is much more easy and widely used globally compared to Facebook but the reasons the celebrities prefers Twitter to Facebook is much more than that. But are listed below

Why Celebrities Prefers Twitter than Facebook.

1. Unlimited Friends : most celebrities prefers Twitter to Facebook because the twitter followers for any celebrity is unlimited. It means a popular celeb or politician can have as many followers as possible. Celebs like Justin Berber, Kim kardashian, lady gaga etc all have

6 Self-Employed Businesses With No capital

You may decide to start your own business with little or no capital to earn passive income. You can render services or sella product which seems to be a sure way to make money. Many successful entrepreneur believes being self-employed is the best in this current economic state.

Below is an highlight of best business to start with little or no capital only if you can work round, gather experience and start the business.

6 Businesses to Start with Little or No Capital

1. Childcare/ Baby sitting : this is a self employed business that requires little capital.You can start this in your own private apartment and later move into a bigger environment. The parent of the baby can even tell you stay in their apartment pending their return from work. It requires no special skills or money.