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30 Reasons Why Small Business Fail

Recently i had a research on why and how small business fail and i concluded with some findings which are stated below. Many people want to start a business or many are already in business based on no other reason than profit.

A Business consultant said, 90% of new business tends to collapse on the 1st to 2nd year of establishment based on some factors. Despite the business ideas, the business plan, the working capital, the time etc. No one pray for his/her small business to collapse. See the reason below;

Why Small Business Fail
1. No workable Business plan
2. Lack of understanding of small scale business.

How to Check Gtb Account Balance via Sms

Gtb bank has proven to be the best bank in Nigeria due to its effort to be the best in private banking on online banking. This time, Guarantee Trust Bank has come up with a simple step on how to check the account balance on your account on your mobile phone.

This Online banking program will save you the stress of going to the bank or Atm machine to check your account balance. You can actually check your Gtb account balance on mobile phone. Just follow the steps below and you will get your account balance very fast.

Top Credit Cards for Online Payment

The internet has become the fastest growing for business, adverts, sales, promotion, traffic etc. It makes sense to buy and sell online, make online adverts, engage in online transaction, receive payment, send payment online, buy gift items online, online shipping, online importation etc.

To do all these, the individual needs a debit or credit card that can be accepted all over the world  and also can be used locally to cash out money on Atms machines. There are common universally accepted  credit cards that are accepted for any online advert or Online payment of good, domain etc. Such cards includes

Entrepreneur of the Week : Linda Ikeji.

Our site has decided to name Miss Linda Ikeji as the Entrepreneur of the week. This is based on result from surveys we took about her personality. Linda Ikeji was named among the popular earner from Google.

Linda Ikeji is a popular Blogger in Nigeria and an ex beauty model. She claimed to the most blogger in

Top 20 Business Carried Out With Phones

Don't be surprise that there are some home base Business you could start using your mobile phones. It doesn't matter if your phone is an Andriods, Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry, Smartphones or an ordinary phone with no apps.

It does not mean that these Business will be carried out on your mobile phone but your phone will only be a gadget or communicator for such business. This is usually called how to earn with phones. See the list of the Businesses that works well using your mobile phone.

List of Businesses Carried out with Phones
1. Car Hired Services

Top 10 Profitable Business with 160k

My findings on the most Profitable business one can start with 160000naira is based on thorough research and findings from local business expert. 160000 Naira in my country is equivalent to $1000 and the common business to make money are listed below.

This post serves as an advice to the jobless with little capital as low as $1000 which is equivalent to N160k. Many may decide to split this money and divert it into different section but to be candid, the money might be enough to start a large scale business but definitely fit to start a small business and make some income.

Top 4 Alternative to Western Union

Accepting or sending money to foreign countries seems to got better because you not only need western union to receive money from foreign countries, forex earnings, investments or your online banking transaction but other useful and trusted money transfer services.

Western Union has been very reliable to send and receive money from other countries or location but there seems to be new payment gateways to receive money other than Western Union. I will rather call these as Western Union Alternatives for Nigerians.

Top Rated Western Union Alternatives

1. Money Gram.

2. Domiciliary Account.

3. DT &T

4. International Bank Account

Other Online Payment Gateway
1. Paypal.

2. Perfect Money

3. MoneyBooker

4. Payza

The exchange rates for these payment site are relatively cheap, as well as their charges. They operate worldwide and have been trusted a secure way to send or receive money any where in the world.

PHOTO : Chromebook Pixel Touch Screen Laptop by Google

This is the picture of the new Google Touch Screen Laptop. This Touch Screen Laptop is Great.

10 Things You Need to Know About Promo

Promo as popularly called is an act of promotion, a free gift, a give away and also a way of recognition especially for new product. Offline product like phones, television, computers, household materials etc needs a promo to get known in the market but also your Online business and personal business can also get huge success from the promo.

Promo which comes either by a way of free gift, free services or reduction in prize of a commodity has many advantages. Business experts see this as a way to excel in business by advertising. Site owners with huge traffic also made mention of give away or promo as a source of traffic.

Your income and Donation

Average salary earners or business owner make money in one way or the other. Many spend their money on relevant, investments and generally needs. I noticed a change from my last earnings and current earnings due to a small exercise i did which is giving. I gave some few dollars and i saw a change from my donation.

I quickly realizes that the rich and famous people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gate, Mark zuckerberg etc are big spenders when it come to donations. They donate to the poor, the needy, the widow, the less privileged, the sick and in return, they earn more.

Making donations to the motherless, orphanages, the sick, disaster victims, the sick will help your business grow. I notice giving out some part of my earnings comes back to me in another way. That is why i see