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Warren Buffett : Entrepreneur of the week

Our site has decided to name Warren Buffett as our entrepreneur of the week. He is the 2nd richest man in the world afterBill Gates.

  Warren Buffett


This is the picture of the most expensive Blackberry phone model used by high earners and celebrities around the world. This is the picture of Blackberry Porsche below.

Blackberry Porsche

How to Make Money During Valentine

Valentine Day celebration is fast approaching and the rush for gift items for loved one is trending now. While many people are thinking of buying valentine gift, we want our readers to make money during this period. You can make money from those who seek valentine day presents.

Many of our readers usually don't regret reading our tips but to learn to earn money from any available holiday or event. We have something similar here on How to Make Money during Africa Cup of Nations.

Top Offline Businesses that Gives Steady Income

Offline Business or local Business can simply be referred to as a business that is not based online. Offline Business can also be called local or small business and also the best and quickest way to make money unlike the Online business. Just like the market woman, salon, furniture, super market etc.

Running a small scale business can help make money even  more than internet business or large scale business which can encounter a breakdown if not properly managed.

List of Small Businesses that Gives Steady Income

1. Soap Making
2. Nylon Making.

Top 10 Affordable Private Jets

I recently noticed an increase in private jets acquisition in my country. I see the trend where so many Business mogul, Entrepreneurs, Pastors, celebrities and Governors buy personal jets to ease their movement or Business transaction from one place to another.

This money makers gave reason for acquiring this private airlines. Some reasons which includes ease air travel, no flight bookings, reduce risk of air travel accident, fast air transport network, saves time etc. Many could have considered the cost of maintaining this private airline but the owners gave the various advantages of owning a private jets.

Photo : Bill Gates with Melinda Gates

This is the picture of the world richest man with his wife in 1998 donating $100million for vaccination effort for children in developing countries. The world riches man is a true giver with The Bill and Melinda Gates Vaccine program.

How to Withdraw From Paypal In Nigeria

Paypal is the most widely used Online Payment Methodin the world which allows you to send money, receive money and also sell/buy product online. PayPal is widely used by online earners and many internet marketers in Nigeria have used PayPal to receive money for job done or online sales

Some countries are not listed for their operation thereby making Online business a bit difficult but there ways you can withdraw from your Paypal with or without country inclusion but recently Nigeria was listed among countries that can use it for online transactions . Paypal offers free and quick prepaid card with Bank account details

Online Earnings vs Health

The internet is the best place to have fun, communicate with friends and family, make money, work at home, invest, blog etc. People spend more time with the computer or phone than to watch television or read newspapers to have real time for rest.

But, the Online business gurus, internet marketer, work at home moms will spend more than 15hrs trying to make money online. Earning cash online is not a get rich scheme definitely more time is needed to make money onlinethereby making you spend several hours.

Especially those who take surveys to earn, those who do ptc, those who blog etc spend several hours online without considering the health status and finding ways to improve on it. I believe health is wealth and we as online earner all need to share ideas on how and ways to make money online that will favour hour health status.