Entrepreneur of the Week : Larry Ellison

This site has named Billionaire Larry Ellison as the Entrepreneur of the week. This result was based on poll result on the the winner of Earn Online Highest money maker of the week as well as the Entrepreneur of the week.

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Larry Ellison is the CEO of Oracle and has been named the 5th Richest  Man in the world. Larry Ellison has donated $445million to his Ellison Medical Foundation and has supported lot of anti aging and disease project.

pics of Larry Ellison
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Larry Ellison, America's third richest man, has been on a real estate buying spree. In June, he bought 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai from David Murdock. That purchase, for a reported $500 million or more, gave Ellison almost all of the 141-square mile island, including two resort hotels and a housing development. Adding to his real estate purchases, Ellison has also been active in the Los Angeles mansion market, purchasing two Malibu homes in October and January for a combined $55 million. Ellison can afford all of it, too. As of February, his shares of Oracle are up more than 20% year-over-year.


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