29 Aug 2013

Top 30 List of Pagerank 8 Sites for Backlinks

Pr 9 siteMany website owners loves their blog or website to rank high in terms of Pagerank or Alexa ranking. Pagerank is a program designed by Google inc to rank website according to their performance or world rank.

Sites are ranked from 0 to10 and many see Pagerank as a factor which determines the worth of a site especially by advertisers and can be used to create quality PR8 Backlinks

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Below are sites that have Pagerank of 8 i.e PR8 site. They can be used to create quality dofollow high Backlinks by leaving a link on those site. They could help a new blog or site get cool and fast pagerank from Google Pagerank updates due to their high PR8 Backlinks.

30 List of PR8 Sites for Backlinks

1. Winzip.edu
2. Washington.edu
3. Usc.edu
4. Usda.gov
5. Virginia.edu
6. Utoronto.ca
7. Realplayer.com
8. Unc.edu
9.  Arizonia.edu
10. aol.com

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11. Asu.edu
12. Blogger.com
14. Columbia.edu
15. Dmoz.org
16. Eb.com
17. Ebay.com
18. Go.com
19. Google.fr
20. Intel.com
21. Java.com
22. Msn.com
23. Nih.gov
24. Nas.edu
25. Nokia.com
26. Msnbc.com
27.  Realplayer.com
28.  Statcounter.com
29.  Winzip.com
30.  Utexas.edu

The following list above contains the list of Pr8 sites (Pagerank8)
Maybe for many purposes or tips on how to improve your site rankings, then feel free to visit the sites above. It may not be too easy to create backlinks with them but some may be lenient enough to accept your links or sponsored post.

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