10 Mar 2013

Is Twitter Worth Joining

A reader sent a mail about use Twitter and she asked if Twitter is worth joining. She claim to be a Facebook addict and that she operate on Facebook on a regular basis and she want to know how useful the claimed Twitter social network can match up with Facebook.

Why join TwitterI started to realize how useful Twitter works when i see fresh news, reliable links, breaking news about celebrities, useful internet links where i get information according to my website niche,

I have just put some few advantages of using Twitter and just as you read the few lines below, you will get the best from earn online why you need to join Twitter.

10 Advantages of using Twitter

1. The first advantages is that you can easily connect with friends, families, celebrities, co workers and many others just like Facebook.

2. You will get unlimited followers/friends on Twitter.

3. You get fresh gist or news.

4. You can easily promote your business, website, products or services using twitter.

5. For website owners, Twitter can be your source of information.

6. You can participate with life discussion or programs on Twitter using Twitter Hash tags (# ) or Twitter chat

7. For website owners, its Twitter is a source of information.

8. You can also make money on Twitter through your blog or tweeting product/services from reliable advertisers.

9. You can re-tweet other people tweet on Twitter.

10. You can follow million and million can also follow you back, it provides one on one meeting with your favourite star or mentor.

Don't foget that you can also get traffic from twitter if you are a website owner. All these are just a few amongst the many advantages you get using Twitter. Thanks

dayo odunukan

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