Top 10 cool Jobs in the world

This is a list of world coolest jobs. They spend more time working on this job and yet they enjoy doing it. The beauty of the job is that, you make money and you enjoy what you do. Most of this jobs are high paying but only a few knows what they really are :

Top Coolest Jobs in the world

1. Photography.

2. Luxury Bed Tester.

3. Product Tester

4. Chocolate or Candy Tester

5. Beer Taster

6. International spy.

7. Soap Tester.

8. Phone Tester

9. Video Game Tester.

10. Secret Shopper

11. Travel Blogger.

12. International Interpreter

13. Football Coach

14. Bike Rider

15. Motivational Speakers.

Some of this jobbers even work online and they also earn cool cash online. Do you agree with me ?


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