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Can Money Buy Happiness ?

Happiness which i believe is a feeling but have different meaning to different people. I work to make money online and offline, i don't want to be poor and am happy with the way am earning money. I could use my money to buy latest cars, houses, estate, laptops and phones which at times make me happy. But sometimes ago, i begin to think does mean am happy struggling to get so much money?
Types of Happiness Money can Buy 

1. Money can buy cars
2. Money can buy houses.
3. Money can buy expensive cloths and shoes.
4. Money can buy good health.
5. Money can help get good education
6. Money can buy food

7. Money can buy love
8. Money can buy companion
9. Money can buy some bad friends 10. Money can buy fun

But sometimes, i wonder if money can buy good friends, real love, contentment in life, good children and many more. I may not know your own happiness but surely i believe money can only buy a little and not the joy we really need. Hence, when there is lack of money or the earnings is too low t…

Help: I Don't Want to be Poor

I see poor as a situation of poverty and as a young person, i need to reject this act of poverty with some little steps of financial freedom which i will like you to let you know. Every one want to make money either in business, salary jobs or online work, but is the money really sufficient in spending ? The reason i don't want to be poor is to enjoy the later part of my life with joy and happiness while i earn more money offline orearn online.

In order not to be poor, am planning some success steps which i believe may later result to wealthy life and some extra income for me. I really love to learn more ideas on how to earn money, make more money and even while i sleep, i should be making money. Here are few steps am making in order not to end a poor individual;

My Steps to Avoiding Poverty

1. I work very hard to earn more money but is hard work really enough to be successful?
2. I seek more knowledge on how to avoid poverty.
3. I associate myself with rich people and highly place bu…

Working Online vs Online Dating Sites

I have seen the internet grow so big that different activities takes place in it. The early days of internet experiences the popularity of some online dating sites where people spend time making friends and having fun but the online money making sitesand social networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn seems to be the trending site on the internet with lot of active users

The popularity of some online dating site really seems to be struggling because people spend most of their time on working online to earn money or some spend their time on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Am beginning to see that many people prefer to make money online only if they find the real and legitimate ways to make the money, rather than spend hours on some online dating site. Online dating site also has it own fun because people get real entertainment from people of other countries, make friend which may lead to marriage and also have the best of fun while working online is to earn incom…

Facebook vs Google

It's been a cool and interesting struggle for internet supremacy between Google which is definitely the best search engine giant and Facebook which is also known as the best social networking site. In some countries, the internet is often referred to as Google due to it popularity and wide range of product it offers the internet world, then apart from being the best search engine, Google also offer wide range of service which makes it unique and fun to be with.

It got more serious when Alexa announces Facebook to be the No 1 most visited site in the world while Google maintained the 2nd spot which is based on their web analysis tool and calculation. Many internet expert saw this change as a boost for Facebook.

 Facebook recently announced in a Tv ads that it has hit 1billion active  users and over 1.6 trillion likes. The Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg said, Facebook is the tool which connect the world together just as the bridge, chair, doorbells and aeroplane connect the people …

5 Ways to Make Money with Freelance Photography

You may not necessarily be a professional photographer or a photo expert to make money with photography, only if you are very creative and you love taking quality pictures with your camera or phone, then you can sell the pics online and alsomake money with the pictures at any time online, this is called freelance photography.

You need to create original, quality, funny and real pictures which can easily be picked by site owners, advertiser and web designers to sell and earn online with freelance photography. Here is just the latest ways of selling and making money with photography;

Ways to Make Money with Freelance Photography

1. Blogs : you can easily make money with your pictures by setting up a blog for it which i believe is relatively cheap, maintain some traffic on the blog through Facebook traffic or Twitter traffic method and some search engines traffic. You can also make money over a period with pay per click program like Google Adsense or addynamo

2. Fiverr : this is a huge marke…

15 Ways to Stay Positive

When the goings get tough and things are not really moving on well in life or in business, there is a chance of negative thinking. Imagine someone graduating out of school and finds no job, you've spent your earned money to start a business and no positive result or you are not really earning money as expected.

No matter how rough the road may be or how bad the situation is, you still need to think positively and get on with life. Achieving success is never an automatic thing but to work for it. Below show the different ways for one to stay positive by positive thinking.

15 ways to Think positive.

1. Think of positive things.
2.  Forsake your flimsy excuses.
3.  Get wisdom and become wise.
4.  Make a list of best things that ever happened to you.
5.  Make yourself happy
6.  Listen to good music.
7.  Get knowledge, get education or learn trade.
8.  Listen to successful people talks.
9.  Get a walk.
10. Stay focus.
11. Set your goal.
12. Make yourself smile always.
13. Pamper yoursel…

Happy Birthday to Google

The biggest search engine in the world as well as the number 1 website in the world celebrate its 14th year of existence by making a nice chocolate birthday cake as the homepage. Google's birthday reminds me of the benefit since i started using and its role in my business.

In 14yrs of existence, Google has proven to the world that its the best. Google provides avenue for interaction amongst it members by providing G plus. Also, it provide avenue for users to make money with Adsense, Advert product etc. See below the list of some of Google product that may benefit your business or you;

1. Google Adsense.
2. Google Adwords.
3. Google Maps.
4. Google Translate.
5. Google Search.
6. Google Images.
7. Gmail.
8. Youtube.
9. Google calender.
10. Google plus.

Just too many to be mentioned, checking some of this list and many more program that enable users to earn money with them makes it possible for many people to wish Google the best and also to make some of their product more user friendly. Why n…

3 Tree-like Kinds of People

This post is just a reflection in category of people in your life simply described in a tree-like form.This people may be your friends, family, colleagues, employees or whomever but surely each and every one of them are place in a tree form. please enjoy this post as your read on.

1.Leave People : These are the kind of people in your life who are just there like a leave, you can't depend on them for ideas or money because they are weak and are only gaining from you. They are there to enjoy your nutrient and take anything and everything they need to survive, once it get cold or maybe they see you as a failure then they are out just as leave falls off a tree when there is no more water. That is just what they are and there nothing you can do because they are part of you.

2. Branch People : This kind of people are just like the branch of a tree because they are more stronger than a leave which means they are not affected by any flimsy excuse. They are not dependable because they can cu…

Beware of False Proof of Earnings

I see the internet as a place of many opportunities where one can easily get information, blog, tweet, chat, earn money, work and also a huge marketplace for buying and selling. But the action of somefake money making site and Online marketers who finds popularity in posting false screenshot of earnings really needs  attention and how wonder if the internet is really safe anyway.

A successful Nigerian Online Marketer, Mr Patrick Ogidi recently posted on the media how some groups of online marketers has been posting screenshot/payment of his earnings online as theirs. This act calls for caution and we need not fall for this online scam. Mr Patrick Ogidi is taking steps to expose those false screenshot of earned money which i will get you posted as soon as he releases it.

Not only that, some ptc site and survey site also does that which seems painful after spending time and when it get to payment, you will wait for several month and never get paid. I need to tell you to be careful of suc…