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Blogging vs Tweeting

Blogging and Tweeting are two interesting ways of passing information on the internet that could help to change lives, help people with some relevant information online as well as giving news alert. Both Blogging and Tweeting seems to be the most interesting part of the internet.

Before we could compare Blogging and Tweeting, we need to consider the one with the highest vote in popularity on the internet, we needs to see the gains of blogging with tweeting and then compare who run the show mostly. Below shows the benefit of tweeting to blogging and let see which one you think has more advantage on the internet since they both change lives;

Blogging or Tweeting

1. Blogging can be used as an online journal where some personal work or writings can be kept but i don't think such document be kept on Twitter for so long.

2. Since, Tweeting belongs to a powerful social network called Twitter, then its easy to socialize, find friendship with stars and have real fun tweeting.

3. Blogging can b…

10 Ways to Avoid Annoying Your spouse on Social Networks

One could easily get carried away using Facebook or Twitter never minding that fact that there are some things that shouldn't be shared on Facebook. Just recently, i uploaded my girlfriend's pics and she really got annoyed. I never see it as a bad thing, but she does, so understanding some annoying thing that should not be shared make me write this post.

Some annoying post at times makes you lose your Twitter followers and many Facebook friends which means we need to identify some of this act and stop it. Everybody want their close one to be happy and that is just the reason to identify this annoying habit.

10 Ways to Annoy your Spouse on Social Networks

1. Post on Facebook or Tweet that your spouse is getting too fat.
2. Post on Facebook or Tweet he/she is getting bald.
3. Post on Facebook or Tweet about your spouse eating too much.
4. Post on Facebook or Tweet about your flirts with his or her friend.
5. Post on Facebook or Tweet about his/her grammatical errors.
6. Tell your spouse…

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone

The primary reason for buying a cell phone is to make calls, text messages as well as secure some vital information and contact but now buying a phone entails checking some good features like the internet facilities, games, browsers etc which can will make it more interesting.

Since the tech world is now in a more advance stage, then the type of phone one could easily buy will depend on the some of this factors highlighted below.

10 Things to consider before buying a phone
1. The prize : many people seems to consider the prize of a cell phone before buying it. I recently took a survey on how people buy phones based on prize and the conclusion was that people buy phones with cheap prize i.e just a means of saving their money.

2. The Brand name : Another survey claimed that the brand name of phones is really important for buyers, while people picked Nokia for its reliability, others prefer Samsung, Blackberry, Ipads, Andriods or the Iphones.

3. The color : the color of phone also determin…

15 Things You Shouldn't Share on Facebook

The internet seems to be more interesting with phones and computers with Facebook apps which allows its users to chat, send mails, read mails, play games, upload pics, send latest music and many other apps. But many have fail to realize that the internet is not 100% safe to share some of this information.

Although Facebook is free for all but one need to be careful about exposing some vital info to the internet. Many times, it seems annoying seeing some uninteresting post and the user complains of information leak or friends complaining and getting frustrated with you without knowing the cause. Below is the 15 Annoying things people share on Facebook ;

15 Things You Shouldn't Share on Facebook

1. Your bank details and the amount of money in it.
2. Personal information like lo gin details, password or emails.
3. What you intend taking for breakfast or dinner.
4. Uploading pay check as some people do.
5. Exposing your private body pics from phones or laptops.
6. Arguing about religious or …

Blogging and Its Gains

I never knew the gains of Blogging until i started blogging. I never taught of Making money from blogging at first but to blog for passion, share some financial tips with my readers and have fun. Just lately, i started to see some changes in certain aspect of me and i really want to share some of the gains and benefit in blogging.

Gains of Blogging
1. Knowledge Acquisition : this is one crucial aspect of my gains from blogging. I notice i acquired so much knowledge when i make research on topic i should post for my readers and the quest for this, i learn t new things which sounds interesting to me.I love to acquire knowledge because it widens my scope.

2. Self Discovery : i see my writing style and skills improves daily and when i see some old post of mine, then i see changes. Blogging has made me discover myself greatly because i was never a writer but i now write. I was never a good reader but i now read other people blog and articles and so on.

3. Improved Creativity : i also wonder wh…

How to Identify Fake Money Making Online Site

In the quest to start working online to make money, one needs to identify the legitimacy of some site which claims to make you a millionaire by working and getting paid in a short while. Not long ago, i nearly fall into a scam site which claims i can make $100 daily from my blog which they never did.

I strongly believe earning online requires patience and hard work to excel but never a get quick rich scheme as many online business people claims. Especially when you blog for money, you don't really need to expect making money in a short while but over a period of time. Just see below to see ways you can identify money making online site that never pays;

1. If such site is new and they promise to pay higher amount of dollars.
2. If the payment method of such site is not by check, lr, payza, paypal, moneybooker, payoneer, Western Union or direct bank payment.
3.  If such site is not well registered.
4. If such site offers more than $1000 as it payout
5. If such site promise to pay at a st…

The Internet My Friend

With my internet connected laptop or phone, i wonder what the world be like without them. I now see the internet services as a part of me where i can make research, get answers to questions, get the latest gist and also the biggest market place where virtually everything is done.

I never see myself as a Facebook addict until i realize i can do without lo-gin into Facebook for long hours. Even the Iphones, Blackberry, Androids, Smartphones Ipads etc have made it easy for everyone to get more acquainted with various Online activities.

Apart from having fun with my internet services, i rather want you to see the internet the way i see it explore it advantages like ;

1. The internet as a marketplace where you buy and sell.
2. The internet as a place where you promote your product.
3. The internet as a a place to Make money.
4. The internet as a place to do blogging.
5. The internet as a place to work online
6. The internet as a place to get ideas.
7. The internet as a place to treat yourse…

How to Get Traffic From Twitter

Getting Traffic to one's blog or product through Twitter is just as simple as a way of getting Traffic from Facebook but just a slight change. Since, Twitter is becoming more popular and widely used, then its important every blog owners or online marketers explore the use of Twitter traffic because blog Traffic brings popularity, visitors, thousand of views to a blog and in return it is turns to your money making tools.

Having high traffic either from Social media or from Search Engines is not something that can be achieved over night but this simple way explained briefly below can help you get some Traffic from Twitter. Below is the simple way of getting twitter traffic based on users review and experience.

1. The content : when a link is shared on twitter, the attractiveness and creativity of such will determine how long its has helped the followers or users who are eager to see what the tweet is all about thereby clicking on the link shared which brings cool traffic to the blog o…