1 Jul 2015

Tips on How to Sell a Domain Name Quickly

sell domain name
How Can i Sell a Domain Quickly Online? This was the question i have seen on many online forums or on different Facebook group where people want to know the guide or tips on how to sell a domain very quickly.

To sell a domain and selling a domain name quickly seems similar but they are different. Many people buy or register a domain to sell in the future at high price like million of dollars but these dream may not come to pass but works very well for those who knows and understand the domain business and how to earn money from it.

Some of the things that attract a buyer for your domain name or how you can quickly sell your domain as fast as possible includes;

1. Buy Expired Domains: One way to sell your domain fast and quick is to always try to register or buy an expired domain name instead of registering a new domain. One fact some people do not realize about domain business is that Expired domains are established and listed on search engines with good amount of traffic which make the price high but if you can sacrifice such cash on an expired domain, then it worth the investment.

2. List at Cheap Price : Even in other business, reduced price attract more demand where you enjoy the return on turnover. If you are to sell a domain, then auction it for a cheap and affordable price on an auction never ask too much in the beginning but when the see the high rate of demand of the domain, then you increase the price for the highest bidder. Its one of the quickest way to sell something online especially domain names or a real website itself.

3.List & Sell domain and website together:  If you are giving out your domain name along with the website at a particular price, then people will rush it. It means they no longer have to worry about the website anymore. When a see a domain coming along a good and well design site then, i buy such as quickly as possible before someone else buy it.

4. Make it Short : Domain name with longer word usually do not attract site owners or individuals but when the domain name is short with a .com or .edu, og, gov etc then it is always a good market that sells fast. So, if you have a thought of selling your domain name in future and as fast as possible, then register domain names that are short in words and pronunciation. Its a magic that sell domains quickly

5. Payment Method
: One of the things you need to put into consideration to sell your domains as quickly as possible  is to includes easy and fast payment method like the normal Credit Card, Debit Card or Verified VISA or MASTERCARD but not online payment method like PayPal because not everyone uses PayPal due to restriction in some countries.

These are the things, tips and ideas you need to put into consideration that helps you sell your domain fast, quickly or any other word you can use for it. Thanks for reading.

How to Protect Your Domain Name or Lose it

Someone came to me and explaining if could help him recover his site domain that was lost to someone else because that his one side of his business that was lost. He waited few days after expiration of his domain and someone else parked the domain which became an issue.

Do not forget the fact that your domain name is an important aspect of your business/brand and to lose such an important aspect could be too risky. But still, people lose their domain name due to carelessness because they forget to renew their site domain before expiry and some do not keep their domain contact information in a safe place, booklet or notepad.

One of the ways to lose a domain name is to ignore or fail to renew an expired domain name forgetting that there are people who will grab this opportunity grab when surfing the internet for expired domains. Some people may even demand huge ransom to get your domain name back which is usually a difficult decision to take.

How to Protect Your Domain Names

1. To protect your domain name, just Activate the 'Domain Lock' feature with your registrar which is usually for a few cents. This will help you secure the domain by preventing suspicious attack on site, contact info, DNS servers and other act to steal the domains.

2. Another safe way to Keep protect your domain name is to write your contact information, email address, password in a paper or diary.Its one of the safest ways to remember password and other registration of domain info.

3. One way to protect and keep your domain names is to take note of important notification from the registrar just to be sure your you don not fall for phishing mails from fake domain registrars.

domain name
4. To keep your domains safe, take seriously occasional Whois Confirmation emails sent by domain registrars to domain owners which gives them a high level of security to correct old and outdated information.

5. The best way to protect a domain name is to cultivate the habit of renewing before expiry date. If you leave your domains for few days after expiry, you do not know who is after the domain name and you get stuck. Be protective about your domains by checking the renewal status regularly.

6. Popular ways to secure a domain name is to check other features on the domain when it comes to security. It can cost you few dollars or cent but at times, it worth it.

Since securing your domain name, website is synonymous to securing your business, then use the ideas above to keep your domain name safe. Thanks for reading.

I Want to Earn Money Online for Free

How Can i Earn Money Online for Free? There are many methods for anyone to earn good income online using a computer the  internet. Its called Work from Home and the recommended method to do this is to be involve in programs such as the ones listed as you read on: 

I want to earn money online for free?, how?  This was the same question i typed on Google search as the kind of result i got were the ones listed below. It means each of the listed programs are the free ways to earn money online. To get detail report on each of the listed programs, use the search box above and you get details instructions;

free money
  1.     Blogging for Money
  2.     Writing poetry
  3.     Flipping expired domains
  4.     Resurfacing expired domains
  5.     Using expired domains to establish pay per post blogs
  6.     Building a retail or ecommerce website
  7.     Domain or webhosting Reselling
  8.     Answering online surveys
  9.     Writing ads for products and services
  10.     Creating video ads for products and services
  11.     Writing articles
  12.     Sponsored or Paid Post
  13.     Writing Product Reviews
  14.     Email Newsletter Services
  15.     Building a website for money
  16.     Starting a Pay-for-services
  17.     Establishing a websites for cell phones and other niches
  18.     Establishing or Building a custom Word-press themes
  19.     Branding new domains for sale
  20.     Starting a Small Business Online
  21.     Generating online leads for cash
  22.     Building an Online search engine
  23.     Building an online community
  24.     Creating a Niche website
  25.     Micro Jobs e.g article talents, graphic design, web and brochure deign
  26.     Doing research for people in Need
  27.     Selling Things on eBay
  28.     Blogging with Google AdSense
  29.     Selling e-books
  30.     Entering online competitions and raffles
  31.     Becoming a web host or Registrar reseller
  32.     Parking expired domains for sale
  33.     Creating Videos for money or companies
  34.     Affiliate Marketing
The listed programs above are legitimate, free and reliable ways to make money on the internet from home using your computer and internet devices. Partaking in some of the listed programs above can help you money per day than working for a full time.
Even if you are new in these field, you could get more information about these on Google or find someone who you trust in this field of earning money online who could teach you how to go about it and doing things right. Thanks for reading.

30 Jun 2015

Best Website to Learn Art Skills Online

How Can i Learn Art Skills Online? Having some skills are very important this days when skills are used earn money for a living especially in the area of art. Since the internet has grown to be one of the best market place where people buy and sell, its also a place to display your art talent for money.

art skills

Its very possible to teach people about drawing sketching, shading all on the internet for money and its also possible to learn art work online and you can also sharpen your art skills online. There are websites that teaches art skills, art lessons for free on the internet.

The site where you can learn or sharpen your Art skills for more productivity and creativity are listed below. 

1. drawspace.com  : This is a site based on Free online drawing lessons.

2. ctrlpaint.com 
: This is website teaches a free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting and art.

3. exposureguide.com 
: This is a site where you get Photography news, tips, and tutorials.
4. cambridgeincolour.com  : This is a site known as a learning community for photographers and art designers.

5. khanacademy.org 
: This is a site that teaches art history basics from cave paintings to contemporary art and many more.

6. googleartproject.com 
: This is art site contains collections of famous artworks.

7. photography.bastardsbook.com 
: This is a site which provides a guide to working or drawing images with light.

8. artgraphica.net 
: This is a site where you can learn to sketch, draw, and paint with free lessons.

9. enliighten.com
: This is a site that teaches digital painting using Photoshop.

If you already have the art skills as in, you know how to draw and you want to become a master in art through the internet, then this site are best for you to learn or teach various art drawings and other skills you need to know. It can become your best income generator in few month or years to come. Thanks for reading.

List of Programs to Make Money Online in Nigeria

This post shows the list of programs and website to starting working and making money online in Nigeria. Since the Internet is getting bigger and wider daily, you need to start finding ways to earning money through the internet in Nigeria.

There are many sure programs for anyone to start earning money online in Nigeria through a computer and the internet. The list of programs to earn money online in Nigeria includes;

online money
  •     Selling Stuffs on Classified ads site
  •     Blogging for Cash
  •     Web Design
  •     Flipping expired domains
  •     Using expired domains to establish pay per post blogs
  •     Building a retail or eCommerce website
  •     Domain or web hosting Reselling
  •     Online paid surveys
  •     Writing ads for products and services
  •     Creating video ads for products and services
  •     Writing articles for People Online
  •     Sponsored or Paid Post
  •     Writing Product Reviews
  •     Email Newsletter Services
  •     Building a blog/website for money
  •     Starting a Pay-for-me services
  •     Helping people to buy something Online in Nigeria
  •     Establishing a websites for cell phones and other niches
  •     Establishing or Building a custom WordPress themes
  •     Branding new domains for sale
  •     Starting a Small Business Online
  •     Generating online leads for cash
  •     Building an Online search engine
  •     Building an online community
  •     Creating a Niche website
  •     Micro Jobs e.g article talents, graphic design, web and brochure deign
  •     Doing research for people in Need
  •     Selling Things on eBay
  •     Blogging with Google AdSense
  •     Selling e-books
  •     Entering online competitions and raffles
  •     Becoming a web host or Registrar reseller
  •     Parking expired domains for sale
  •     Creating Videos for money or companies
  •     Affiliate Marketing
The listed programs above are legitimate to make money in Nigeria which means you are free to join, make some research on how the program works and how to get paid into your local bank account in Nigeria. Thanks for reading.    Read Also - How to Make Free Money Online

How to Invest Money Online and Earn Daily

This is post was written and aimed to describing the various ways to invest money online and earn daily For people who wants to invest and earn some cash online i.e to also get a good return on investment, then this post will give you the right information on where to spend your earned money and make money online with your investment on a daily basis.
invest money
Many people don't know that there are ways they could legitimately invest their money on some online programs or site and begin to earn good profit daily through their investment. Since the internet is big and can be used to buy and sell, then you also can invest in any internet business to get paid directly to your bank account steadily on a daily basis. The various ways to invest your cash online and generate income daily includes;

1. Facebook Ads - To invest some money on promotion using Facebook adverts ensures a good returns on investment on daily basis. Facebook adverts is a program from Facebook Inc that exposes your product, link, business, brand or services to millions of its users only for few cents per click or impression. Facebook adverts is a great tool for business minded people who loves to invest in their business/brand and earning money online by promoting their business, website, product, services or brand. When Facebook displays your business or site to people using Facebook, it brings traffic, popularity and sales to the business/brand. If your business is either on a large or small scale level, offline or online, i suggest you invest in Facebook ads because you will always get some profit on your investment daily.

2.  YouTube - To invest money online and earn daily income from the investment, an online business minded fellow like you need to harness the opportunities of a video social networking site like YouTube through creation of original or edited videos, driving traffic to the videos uploaded on YouTube and monetizing the views using Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best way to monetize a traffic on YouTube to earn money from the clicks or traffic generated on the video posted. The investment idea here is to promote the YouTube videos using the boost post method paid adverts like Facebook adverts.

3. Adsense:   Another to reliable way to invest money and earn daily is through Google Adsense. Google Adsense is almost  the best Pay Per Click program online that allow site or blog owners to make money on their site by allowing Google display ads on their website. You can invest and make money from Adsense daily through your website/blog, videos, slides, or other method. The only money making ideas that works well with Adsense for more dollars is to have a good site/blog, post relevant videos or contents and monetize it with Adsense. If your blog, contents, videos or website has a good amount of traffic, then all you need is to integrate with Adsense for better earning opportunities per day.
4. Affiliate Marketing - This is the best way to invest and earn money daily and also the easiest way to make money online. It involves using a website or blog, high traffic to promote a product or sell other people's product by copying and pasting the advertiser code on the site, to display advertisers banner on your page or site for leads, clicks or sales. There are many reliable affiliate sites on the internet and the best part of these is that most site now have an affiliate programs where you only need to copy the codes and paste on your site and the investment plan here is to try to use a paid method to drive traffic to the site or link and your earnings will be great.

5. Blogging - I see blogging as a good way to invest online to earn more. Blogging is also a long term online investment program that can be very profitable with time. Blogging involves building a free blog either on WordPress or blogger which seems to be cheapest, post some quality contents and you can start making money from the traffic generated through the blog in many ways which includes Adsense. Blogging is fast becoming popular and also the best business online especially when the traffic and contents on the site are good and the ability to spend more cash on adverts either through online or offline adverts brings more money. You can monetize your blog with programs like Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, MediaNet, Yahoo ads, Bing ads and many more. Blogging looks wide, broad and the various making money ways from your blog are real and simple. You can earn money daily through blogging when you invest in it with your time and money.

6. Micro Jobs - One can also invest his/her money online on micro Jobs Sites like fiverr, gigbucks, seoclerks, zeerk which are good sites to earn money daily only if you have a skill or services to render as gigs in exchange for cash. Micro jobs sites pay based on the order duly completed by you when a buyer/ site users/customers make order for your gigs at $5. You may start creating videos, podcast, creating logos, designing website, writing songs, writing articles, editing videos etc for $5. And you can also invest money on your gigs by promoting online Google Adwords or Facebook ads to reach wider audience/buyers.

7.  Sell Online - Another proven and best way to make money online is to sell something to people. It may be your product or other people's product, you can also render a services or provide information to those who needs it for money. You can also use your Facebook or twitter page to inform people about your small business or sell other things like music, cards, eBooks, women's wear, men wear, cars, electronics, phones, business e.t.c to them and make money from it daily and steady.

8. Paid Surveys: - This is one of the oldest earn money online program which still rocks and its also the oldest ways to earn money on the internet. You can invest your time, internet plans and some dollars for referral link to earn more money on this program. Online surveys involves filling questionnaires online or giving feed backs about products online and getting paid for it. You can earn money daily from these program with the use of software like Roboform to auto fill the surveys fast. It will save your time and can help you fill the forms or questions online in few minutes.You can register with multiple surveys site to increase your chance of earning more money daily and increasingly.

This is How to Invest Money Online and Earn Daily. We have more information and guide  regarding each of these programs stated above. Just use the search box to search the topics to get full details on each. Thanks for reading.

29 Jun 2015

5 Best Font for Your Resume

What are the Best Font for a Resume?

Applying and getting a good job start with the right arrangement of resume where the font plays an important role. The days of using Times New Roman as your CV/Resume font is gradually fading off which means more and better resume are required.

Using a bad font for your Resume or CV as popularly called can discourage the interest of the reader which may likely be your new employer. Someone said 'the best resume/CV is the one that can be read with ease."

We decide to compile a list of best font that fit in for a CV or Resume. Unlike the times new roman which has its days fading off and coming to the end.


1. Arial ; This font is a much more better than Times New Roman and its been described as a Neutral font. Arial is clean, neat and easy to read at any time.

2. Garamond;  Garamond is one of the best font recommended for a Resume/CV. Garamond is readable and its also one of old font used by many people around the world.

3. Georgia;  Personally, i use Georgia as many preferred font when it comes to printing and other paper work. Georgia is less curvy and no as outdated like the Times New Roman. When i want to create a Resume or trying to submit a printed copy of my CV, then i really do not think twice than to use Georgia

4. helvetica ; I have seen many resumes online and offline and a highly level recruiting official once told me that Helvetica is a good font to use when building a resume for jobs. This font is mostly used even in my place of work right now for official documents.

5. Calibri ; The is the best font recommended for resume or CV right now either online or offline. Calibri is modern, neat, professional, Interesting, clear, clean and can be read easily. Calibri is my Favorite font right now unlike the old fashioned Times New Roman

For the best Resume, get a very good fonts on your Microsoft Word like the once listed above. Thanks for reading.

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