27 May 2015

Why is Earning Money Online Difficult?

Why is It Difficult to Make Money Online? It may be very difficult to earn money online especially now that we have so  make money online sites and programs rampaging the internet where some are real and other full of money making lies.

difficult work
At first, i found it difficult to start making cents online talk less of real money but i noticed i was ignorant of somethings called facts which i fail to realize. Some of the reasons its looks difficult to make good money on the internet includes;
1. So Much misinformation: I see it will be very difficult to make money online if all you get are just loads of misinformation. So may even pay to get these fake ideas through eBooks, sign ups, seminars etc. I understand there are so much to read if any one want to do business online but you do not need to be misinformed. Not all internet business are lucrative to some while that same business may be the best to the other. the only way to solve this is to ask questions, get mentors, seek genuine online business experts etc before you start any. Better still, search Google for reviews online about the business.

2. Patience : One of the reasons why earning money online be difficult is the lack of Patience. People are not patience enough to search for the legitimate or high paying sites to work with but get deceived by MLM programs, Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes and many more. If you want to earn money the easy way, then get patience, read books, ask questions from people who are involved in it and you get the best answers for it.

3. Lazy : I realize that lazy people finds it difficult to make money online, if all you need is a fast, easy and simplest way to make money online, then it will be difficult because most site who promised fast earnings without doing any work are lying. Its not so, you have to invest either money or time to achieve success online.

4, Procrastination : The internet is a big market place where people build the presence of the business online online with time. If you fill feel making money online ideas seems difficult and postponing it will be the solutions, then you are getting it more difficult for yourself. It means the earlier you start any of the internet business, the more profitable it becomes with time especially business like blogging and other affiliate marketing.

5. The Legit Ones: I still believe the sure way to make money online is to take time to get the most profitable and legit programs that works. My first money earned online was through sponsored post and i really appreciate seeing the money come my way through these method. Later i began to think of selling something or other people's product online with cheap advertisement. These are legit ways but may look difficult at first but the fake ones will always ask you to pay some amount to join, pay to do something, and promise easy and high earnings.

Just believe nothing come easy and free, to make money online is not really difficult but when you work with the right people, programs, channels etc you get the real stuff and money comes in. Thanks for reading.

Advantages of Using Flyers for Business Promotion

Are Flyers Still Effective for Business Advertisement?   
The flyer method of advertisement is popularly known and used among by both large and small scale business owners. This marketing style has been in used for over a long time and has been seen as one of the best form of advertising that converts but very cheap. 


But if you prepare a proper plan to distribute the flyers, your business can be advertised and served to the right people or consumers.  If you are a business owner and you want to advertise or promote your business through these method, you can still use the flyers distribution method and some of the advantages of using these method to promote your business includes;
  • Cheap : one of the advantages of the flyer distribution method of advertising a small business is that it has been proven to be relatively cheap and requires little capital investment. It depends on the money set aside for the adverts, you decide the amount and type of advertisement papers to be used for the advert and designed where the delivery can be done by yourself or other guys that paste posters. If you decide to spend less, you print lesser numbers of flyers and when you want to spend more, you print more.
  • Target Exact Customers: Another, advantage using flyers distribution method of campaign is that it target exact customers who need the information especially when it comes to buying and selling. Interested people collect flyers, read through and can contact the business owner in case of purchase. This way of the advertisement is needful and helps a lot when determining the actual number of flyers to be printed and circulated by vendors or self. 
  • Better Tracking : A business owner can measure the performance of the flyer distribution adverts based on the way the people, viewers or consumers respond to advertisement flyers they receive which is an added advantage to the business owner. For better conversion of flyers by customers, the flyers can be designed to include free discount, free offers or gift to make people respond to the advertisement flyer. By the time you as the business owner start to get calls, emails then you can evaluate the result based on the number of printed flyers in responds to the feedback.
These are advantages or the gains of using a flyer for business advertisement or promotion. Distributing flyers is still very in vogue, cheap and effective. I tried it and i see results. Thanks for reading.

25 May 2015

How Facebook Helps Small Scale Business

How Can Facebook Help a Small Scale Business?
This question was asked by one of our readers/ a small business owner who wants to know how social media like Facebook can boost a small scale business or small scale businesses.

Facebook has really helped many businesses especially small scale business which i believe it has gotten so much advantages from Facebook. Facebook has helped small scale businesses to compete with other big time companies/businesses on the internet especially in the area of popularity and advertising. 

Facebook Business

Some of the ways Facebook has helped to grow small scale businesses or other businesses includes:
1. Free advertisement : Facebook has provided an avenue for small business owners to advertise their business on the internet for free. This is done by sharing links of business site, uploading photos of products/services and direct business deals/selling to customers through Facebook chat or video call. Even if its paid, Facebook charges as little as few cent or $1 per adverts per day which i believe is good for small scale business.

2. Good Online customer Services:  The biggest social networks called  Facebook now connects, customers, visitors etc with business owners easily online. Through Facebook, a buyer or seller can interacts based on business or you can also get free feed back from people about your business through by integrating a Facebook page, link or profile. What seems to be a paid method now becomes a free service through Facebook. This will ensure an improved services, quality and customer satisfaction can be achieved freely through Facebook.

3. Business transactions: Facebook now allow it users to transact business with each other through their site at any time. A small scale business owner may not need to go extra mile to do business online with other people but Facebook has made it easier for any body to do business online at anytime, you can easily make a deal with potential customers. 

4. New Customers: Facebook advertising, Facebook groups, Facebook page all are very wonderful programs because it makes it easy for small business owners to attract new customers to their products. People can easily see your business or products through this additional advertising means which i believe is good for small business.
The invention of Facebook has really helped small scale business and has also boost sales/morale of small scale businesses. Some small businesses have seen considerable growth through Facebook for their business while other have gotten good connections through Facebook. If you have a small scale business then try this Facebook methos to boost your small scale business.

The Meaning of Facebook Poke

What is Facebook Poke? This was the question i ask myself when i got a notification that someone  poked me on Facebook and i wondered exactly what the word "poke" means?  I read an article online which explains what Facebook poke is and i giving the ideas as you read on with these articles. 

facebook poke

When you see a notification on Facebook that that people have poked you, Facebook claims poking means 'to say hello' to your friends or families and its also been reviewed that poke feature on Facebook is a way of saying  "Hello" to people, I miss you, i think of you" or Hi
Thus, I think a poke feels pretty good.

So when you get a poke notification from a friend, you should poke back just to tell such person thanks or to give feed back but i noticed that "poke on Facebook" means so much like "acknowledgement" i miss you", i still remember you" you there" and many more like   

Facebook poke also means remembering a long time friend who you must have lost contact with or have been off for long time. The poke can be used to get such person back on chat or communication.

Facebook poke brings long time friendship back to normal and can be used to initiate a quick step to get a new friend or passing a message that can lead to relationship. To business, it means a lot and can also be used to market a product to people after starting a poke and the responds on such can be used to market a business and generate income from 

24 May 2015

9 Things That Makes a Good YouTube Video

I notice that one of the easy and simple way to make money on the internet this days is through YouTube videos which is well monetized with any good Pay Per Click program such as Adsense. Creating a videos and uploading on YouTube is no more child's play but one aspect of internet money making hence, good videos should be made to attract views.


The videos may not be originally created by you but can be edited or you get a copyright backing for the video. What makes a good video? or let put it this way "How can i Improve a YouTube Video? You can see that both question means the same and the main point there is to get the best or required video before uploading on YouTube especially if you are creating the video by Yourself.

These are few things you can do to improve your YouTube Videos or things that makes a good video includes; .

1. A good YouTube video must have a good sound at any level. So, you need to ensure you have a good and loud sound when creating your YouTube video before uploading it.This will make people who are watching get pleased with the video.

2. A good YouTube video must be focused which means you need to use a tripod stand or just make sure you do not shake the camera during recording. 
3. Dressing. One of the things that make a good video for YouTube is a good dressing.You may not put on the most expensive dress in the world but put on a neat cloth that matches you skin color or the mood. If you have a dress code for success, then i think such dressing will be perfect and please do not dress too local for a video presentation because this is business.

4. Smile. YouTube videos with good smile by the presenter do attract good views and it makes the listeners have confidence in such video. People love smiling face rather sad face, you rather remove the sadness in your look and put on a smiling look. It will make you video look good.

5. If you are to make a video presentation, one thing you need to do is to comb your hair. If this is business, then we must look neat when presenting it. 

6. An improved YouTube video presentation should have a fun atmosphere or the video maker look like he/she is enjoying his/herself. People tend to watch more videos of people presenting something unique and fun-like. While you make the video, just add some fun to it and that all.

7. Another thing that makes a good YouTube video is a reduced background noise. If you want to create a good video to be uploaded on YouTube, just ensure you really do not have distractions any where and ensure you use a cool area out of noise.

8. To make a good YouTube video, ensure you title your video nicely because the headline of videos also play important roles especially from search engines and viewers. Just try as much as possible to make the headlines catchy and interesting.

9. Ensure you use a good and easy to use video editor or video converter and also get your timing correcttly because people love short videos with good ideas. 

These are the ways you can improve a YouTube video as well as creating a good video that guarantee returning views that can bring good income.  Thanks for reading

23 May 2015

The Simplest Way to Make Money Online

Which is the Simplest Way to Make Money Online? A reader sent this question few days ago after reading so much articles online on how to earn money online but wants to know the simplest method to actually make money online. I love the question and i believe i will give the best answer in my own little knowledge pertaining making money through the internet in the most simple way or we all it the simplest way.

simplest way to make money online

To go straight to the point, the simplest way to earn cash online is to believe, read and gather information on the kind of business it is. If it has been working for other people, it means it can also work for you and that is why you need to believe in anything or business you want to lay your hands upon

Secondly, i think the simplest or easiest way to make money online is to sell items you really do not need any more or items you no longer need. This can be done by posting your unwanted or used items on sites like eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, Alibaba or any other popular classified ads site in your region. You can easily list some of your unwanted items for free on free adverts sites like the ones listed earlier. For example, if you have a laptop and you've already gotten a new one, you can take a snapshot of the laptop and list it on sites like Ebay where interested buyers can easily contact you for the item at a reasonable price.
Thirdly, the simplest way to make money online is a through a method called drop shipping where you only advert a product online and another person/company ship the items on your behalf especially when there is an order or purchase on the item you advertise. Another way to explain this is that you advertise or order the items, and the real company or someone else package and deliver the items to the customers. Its looks easy and the only simple thing you need to do here is just to advertise the product through any form of advertising like Facebook ads, posters, newspaper ads etc. It looks related to affiliate marketing but this kind of business is real life.

Fourthly, a simple way to earn money online or probably the simplest way includes boosting a post or link using Facebook adverts. Facebook adverts is a good way to promote a business online and the boosting method seems to be cheap and work pretty good. For example, i posted a YouTube video on my Facebook page and boosted the video for few dollars, Since the video is monetized, i got my money back within few minutes and everything works well.

Try the following money making ideas, act on it and see ow it works. You will see that the following ideas posted above are the simplest ways to make money online. Thanks for reading.

22 May 2015

Disadvantages of Free Domain Names

What are the Disadvantages of Free Domain Name? I often tell people who wants to own or build a blog or website to start their website with paid domain names due to the advantages and less risk but they still prefer to use a free domain name which is good but has some disadvantages just like free web hosting
free domain names
There are many free domain registrars on the internet which includes .blogspot, .WordPress, tumblr and other domain name registration site that provides free domains but the site must bear their name of the host while some offered free domain names for promotional purposes or redeem through coupon. Free domain name registration has many advantages but since we are talking about disadvantages now, we will be providing some of the limitations of free domains or disadvantages of opting for free domains. I rather choose the best or cheap custom domains for my site than using a free domain names.
The disadvantage you get using free domains is the restricted domain names, restricted contents, choice of extensions like the .com. .net.,.org, .edu etc but you only have .blogspot.com if the site is on blogger or .wordpress.com if is on wordpress and you have no full control of site. Free domains often comes with certain instructions to restrict some post contents, domain names, videos or pics on the site and the site may get deleted any time if you go against their terms and conditions.

One of the disadvantages of using a free domain name is the search engines. Although it depends on the level of search engine optimization done on the site, many free domains usually do not rank well on search engines due to poor contents or seo (search engine optimization).

Another disadvantage of a free domains is that it does not make the site on the high standards especially the site is being listed for sale or flipping websites. People do not really buy sites with free domains on sites like flippa. Its better you start with custom domains or paid domains but it may be costly.

In Conclusion, the disadvantages of using a free domain names are huge and should be considered when building a website or blog for business or sites to generate income in the future. The main ideas here is that free domain names may not be secure and you really do not have full control on the site.

 These are just the things you need to know about the disadvantages of using a free domain names for your site. The site can be deleted anytime which seems bad for business.Thanks for reading.

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