13 Apr 2014

How to Get Google Adsense Approval on Blogger or Blogspot Platform

Can a Blogger Blog Get Google Adsense Approval?
Google Adsense is of the best way to make money blogging and also a sure way to earn money through one's blog site also Blogger platform or any other platform.

Many people especially blogger believed that a platform may be favored than the other when applying for Adsense but i do not agree to that because i tested both ways. Blogger or Wordpress are both good but the secret is that blogs on blogspot can also be more popular than the customs blogs.


The most successful blogs in the world with high remuneration from Adsense most times are blogger blogs while some are free blogspot site with or without a custom domain.

I have few sites that got their Adsense Approval even faster than some custom or wordpress blogs. Getting Adsense Approval only depends on few factors such as;
  • Age of blog
  • Does site Obey Adsense Policy
  • Traffic
  • Quality Contents
  • Quality back-links
  • Popularity on Search Engine
  • Popularity on Social Networks
  • Search Engine Optimization
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All these and many more will make your blogger blog easily be approved of Adsense and not the Platform where the blog is powered. '

With these few information now, i believe you can now see reasons why your site is not approved of Google Adsense and not the blogspot or blogger platform where the site is powered. Even some self hosted site may not be given Adsense easily. Thanks for reading.

8 Apr 2014

5 Things That to Consider in Negotiating a Starting Salary

Things to Consider Before Negotiating a Salary

This is a question which i believe is very important during a job interview and it determines your pay for the job. Many people do not know how to negotiate a salary where they end up getting underpay at their place of work.

Stating a salary or negotiating a salary during an interview or at a new place of work depends on few factors which are listed below. You may not need to consult any body for this, just read carefully and get the gist.

How to Negotiate a Salary

1. Get Information About the Job : Its proper before one could negotiate a salary for a new job, then you really need to make some researches about the job, its requirements, responsibilities, how it works and what is expected of you. Then remuneration follows.

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2. Get information about the company salary : You also need information on how much is been paid for the post, how much an average worker get and average salaries for similar job. You can get information on this through some workers, research or through some site on the net.

3. Get information about the company : It will be nice to get some information about the company, salary scale, their mode of operation and how regular their salary is. This information will help you negotiate a good salary for the start.

4. Determine your Target Salary : Through experience from former place of work previous earnings, or research about the company payment can help you set a target salary that's good for you at the start of the job. Just set up a salary range and stand by it. If it goes higher than the employer has to offer, then ensure it falls within the range.

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5. Know your strength : Your strength, experience, what make you better, what makes you unique and better all determines your salary target. An expert in a field will not want to agree on a lesser amount. All these should be considered before taking up the job

 These are few things that can help you negotiate a good starting salary especially during a job interview. Thanks for reading.

6 Apr 2014

Is Google Adsense Still Profitable?

Is Google Adsense Still Profitable? This is a question asked by a reader that wants to earn money online through Adsense just as other people do. Yea, this is a good question and i can categorically tell you that earning money through Google Adsense is the best and as well as the oldest online money making method.


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Google Adsense is still very lucrative, profitable, good and if there's another word i can use then i will. But making money through Google Adsense requires not only a website but ;

1. Patience : To make money with Adsense, lot of patience is required because Google Adsense is never a get rich quick scheme like other online scam site. Your sites need some Authority and Time to mature for earnings.

2. Traffic : Adsense is profitable if your site has good amount of traffic and visitors. Few clicks can earn you real money through your site.

3. Seo : You can make money from Google Adsense if you site credibility and good search engine optimization

4. Clicks : I realized that the best way to make money from Google Adsense is quality traffic not bots. Huge traffic brings few clicks which are converted to cash after accumulation.

5. Site Popularity ; Adsense may be highly profitable if your site has huge popularity on the internet. This can be achieved through search engine, social networks, social bookmarking site etc

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6. Quality of site : the site must be quality in content and relevant to your audience. Such can bring in some cash also

7. Quality content : As you know, Content is the king of any blog that want to make money from Adsense. If you want to earn money from Google Adsense and make adsense profitable, them you need to write Good and quality content and not copy and paste content like other writers and bloggers does.

8. Audience : Adsense will be profitable if you have a large audience that vivit your site from time to time and their activities can make you earn more from Google Adsense.

9. Visit : Adsense is lucrative for site with good number of visit running into thousands. Even high Adsense earners are site with thousands of visit. Increase your site visitors and see how profitable Adsense can be.

10.  Investments : just like other businesses, you make them profitable by investing into it, the same way you need to invest on your site and see the change. Investments can be inform of having a good and responsive template, good design, seo service, Google adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and as well as yahoo ads. All these will bring traffic to the site which in return brings money.

If you carefully read through points above, you will notice Adsense is very lucrative only with time and few things. Its great sharing this experience about Adsense. If you feel you have more ideas, please use the comment box below and let learn thanks. 

5 Apr 2014

9 Things That Can Make You Rich

9 Things That Can Make you Rich

1. Start Saving : in order to be rich, its good to make saving a priority because it helps, No matter how small or big the savings is, the saved cash can as well help you get some cash in case or emergency or investing in things that can bring good money. You can start small and later increase your savings which may later be used for bigger project, purchase or pay for college.

2. Excessive Spending : Many people called this Overspending. If you really want to accumulate wealth, then you need to avoid overspending or spending on irrelevant things. I believe rich people do not overspend but instead, they invest and make more money with their resources.

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3. Reduce Debt : owing too many people or having too many debt may become an hindrance to financial success but you can pay off debt as quick as possible to easy finances because life is not so rosy and too many debt may prevent you from becoming rich.

4. Plan for Richness : Many rich people achieve their dream to be wealthy because they plan for it, Its said that "does who fail to plan" Plan to fail. Just set a goal and work towards it, then the ideas will start coming on ways and how to become rich.

5.  Start a Business : A wealthy man said that the 'best way to make money and get rich is to start a business' either a small scale business or large scale. Its good when you solve people's problem. Rich people are problem solvers.

6. Invest : Investing in things like Shares, Stocks, Real estate, Agriculture, Bonds, Property etc are things that makes you rich over a brief period of time. Its may take time for your investment to mature but someday, you will reap the goodness that comes with it.

7. Stop Complaining : I've noticed that complaining about lack of money or income will not be realistic if one should continue complaining but rather work towards it. Take steps on ways and how to make money within your environment in no time, you become a millionaire.

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8. Never put all your money in one Investment :  many people may never get rich or become wealthy if they put all their money, savings in one basket .Its too risky to put all eggs in one basket because it there's a fault or a sudden setback, all we be destroyed. That's why its good to invest wisely and not put all your egg in one basket.

9. Believe in yourself : you can become any thing you want to be only if you are convinced within yourself that you can. Yes you can become the Richest Man and Woman in the world if you believe you can.

I believe the following ideas shared in this post are good, informative and can make you achieve your dream of becoming rich and nothing can stop you from achieving it.

If you have other ideas on how and ways to becoming rich, then use the comment box below to share for our readers. Better still also use the comment box to ask or make a suggestion. Thanks.

2 Apr 2014

10 Good Strategies to Earn Money Online

This post briefly explains few reliable strategies on tips, things and how to earn money online in a simple way. Earning Money Online only works based on information, principle and fact you need to know before starting to make money through the internet.

There are many online businesses where you can actually make money from but getting to know the fastest, most reliable and best site to make money seems to be the regular questions we get from our readers. Read AlsoWhat is Online Business


Blogging, Article writing, Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Writing, Online selling, online photography, sport betting etc are good ways to make money online but there are few things you need to know and the strategy to follow on how to Earn Money Online which includes;

Strategy to Make Money Online

1.  Be Creative in Thinking and have Problem Solving Skills

2.  Make Google Search Your Friend, where you can search for facts, paying site, good site etc

3. Have it in mind that Nothing is free in this world, you have to work to earn

4. You may not earn much money at the beginning.

5. Create a high quality site with lot of traffic - it may be of help to you if you want to make money from Google Adsense or other CPC advertising platform

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6. Try to sell a services, product or idea online

7. Get as many Information as possible from other work at home expert.

8. Get a Mentor to guide

9. Have a good online payment gateway e.g Paypal, Prepaid cards, Ecurrencies account etc

10.  Be Patient, Gather as many information as possible and get proof of payment
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The highlighted points are good strategy on earning money online. You may use the search box just at the right-hand side of this site to search various ways on how to earn money online in any category of interest because more interesting topics will be posted in our next update.

You feedback iwill be highly appreciated, Just use the comment box below to make a suggestion, ask a question or add to the points listed above. Thanks for reading.

31 Mar 2014

How to Save Money As a College Student

Even as a College Students, there are few things you can do while in college and ways to save money. The best way for a college student to save extra money is to prevent wastage while studying and where few cash are kept for futrure use.


The best way to prevent wastage as a college student is to save money in all aspect which may range from feeding, buying books, buying gadget and many more. 

5 Ways to Save Money as a College Student

1. Overspending on Entertainment : the best way for college students to save money is to avoid overspending on unnecessary things that brings entertainment e.g going to clubs as a student, buying drinks, expensive phones, buying high end computers, games etc

2. Wastage of food items : a good way to prevent wasting money as a student is to avoid wasting of food items when bought in excess. You need to but the food stuffs that are okay for you to eat and not buying for anybody or multitude. Its save money.

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3. Expensive Apartment : as a college student, you need to save money by renting expensive house on or off campus but you could rent a house with only a few cash which helps you save more.

4. Cheap Textbooks : as a college student, you could save some cash by buying cheap textbook and other writing materials and forgo the expensive textbooks, There are various retail store where cheap textbooks can be bought. Better stilll, check and buy them online.

5. Choose a Good Bank : in order to save money as a student and avoid reckless spending, a college student needs to pick a reliable and goal driven bank to keep money, seek credit card and other bank transfers.

These are good ways for college students to save money and become a better person tomorrow.  This information is simple, short and informative. Just read the few tiops above and see the change financially. Thanks

Photo of the Day: Dilma Rousseff - World Most Powerful Woman

The Photo of the day as seen below is Dilma Rousseff who is a Brazilian, The President of Brazil and also the world 2nd most powerful woman according to forbes. The President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff has been seen as the woman in charge of Brazilian economy which remains the Seventh Largest economy in the world.
                        Pics of Dilma Rousseff

                              Photo Credit  - forbes

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One of the world's most powerful women, Dilma Rousseff is more than halfway through her term as president of Brazil, the world's seventh-largest national economy with a GDP of nearly $2.4 trillion. The country is hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

Kudos to the Dilma Rousseff, The Brazilian and 2nd Most Powerful Woman in the World. She's Great even at age 66. Happy Women

29 Mar 2014

Sources of Funds for Self Employment

One of the major challenges of a self employed person is Money/Funds. Many people have business ideas, skills and attitude that can make them self employed but could not achieve this due to unavailability of cash of funds to start self employment.
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 But few people were able to get cash to start a business somehow and the method some of them use to get funds includes;

1. Family and Friends : One of the easiest sources of self employment is from families and friends. Family members and friends may contribute money/funds for a business especially if you are able to convince them about your business idea. Its easy to tell and seek funds from families and friends and you get the funds.

2. Personal Savings : Another source of money for self employment includes is through personal savings. You can do this by reducing your expense on consumer goods and you could also get money simply embarking on daily or monthly contributions with people, friends, families and colleagues.

3. Loans : you can source for funds for self employment through loans. It may not be too easy to secure a bank loans as a young entrepreneur but there are other means of getting loans which includes thrift societies,cooperatives and other informal lending agencies.

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4. Grants
: grants are like donations which Governments or groups give to individuals to start a business and get self employed. There are so many agencies that can help you with money to start, you only need to visit some Government offices for more information on this program.

5. Pension : Pensions is a good source of funds to be self employed mostly for retired people who are still active to work. Some may invest their pension into another business while other may decide to give their children some money out of their pension to start a business, this is a good way to invest a Pension.

6. Sales of Property : People source for funds to start a self employ business by selling their properties. Such properties like shares,land, houses, jewelries and other belonging can provide huge sum of money to commence a business.

There are good source of money for self employment projects. Any the sources above works especially if only a little money is required to start a small scale business. Thanks for reading.

27 Mar 2014

Things You Need to Know About Self Employment


Self employment
is referred to as a way of working for one's self without being employed by any organization. Self employed people make money and run their business solely or in partnership with others.

Self employment is a form of Entrepreneurship which is based on creativity, determination and business ideas of an individual. Even when the Government,groups, private firms failed to provide work for the unemployed, self employment will always be the second option to survive.

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Self employment
can be categorized formal or informal, the formal self employment  includes;
1. Livestock or poultry production
2. Teaching
3. Arts
4. Printing
5. Pharmacy
6. Importation
7. Buying and Selling

While the informal self employment includes;
1. Furniture and carpentry
2. Welding
3. Painting
4. Fashion Designs
5. Hairdressing
6. Importation
7. Buying and Selling etc

9 Reasons for Self Employment

1. Job Creation : self employment is the answer  to the problem of lack of job especially for the youth or unemployed. Self Employment provides jobs since the Government may not provide jobs for everybody.

2. Prevent Crimes : Self employment helps prevent crime but when someone is idle, such person can easily be lured into violence and crimes. 

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3 . Development of Small Business : Self employment also helps develop small scale business which also contributes to the Nation GDP, Countries like China, Japan have benefited from the development of small scale Business

4, Provides Income
: Self employment provide income and can make you rich after some times which also turns you to an employer of labour.

5. Fulfillment of Goals : Self employment help to fulfil goals as an Entrepreneur or one may be listed as word Billionaire oneday only if one can invest, do business and be self employed.

6  Personal Ego
: if you realize you cant work under someone, then you can be self employed to achieve that drive

7. Unemployment : self employed is the bwst option to curb unemployment in which an individual could earn money for a living instaed of looking for work daily.

8. Personal Skills
  ; You need to be self employed so as to use onses talents to make money and earn a living. One can start a business business with his or her skill and start making some cash. That is one of the reason someone should be Self Employed.

9. Availability of fund : you can start a small business and be self employed if money is available. An idle cash or fund finds its use in self employment. Instaed of the money staying idle, why not start a small scale business and be self employed.

I hope you've learnt few advantages of becoming Self employed and avoid spending time, energy and money looking for work everytime and day. Thanks for reading.

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