25 Nov 2014

Best 10 Business Books Of 2014 For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

As a business owner and an Entrepreneur, not only starting a business is enough but making it successful is the key. And i believe to make it in business and investment, you need to read business books which helps you acquire more knowledge on your Business.

Business Books

Below is a list of Business Books you could read as a Business owner and Entrepreneur for 2014.  This books helps you grow in Business and also give Business ideas on how to make more profit from the busness especialy small business or start ups. These Business Books teaches Small business and are highly recommended for business owners and Entrepreneurs are ;

1. #GIRLBOSS - by Sophia Amoruso

2. Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers
by Alexander Osterwalder and Dr. Yves Pigneur

3. Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition
by David Newman

4. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't
by Jim Collins

5. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
by Nir Eyal

6. How To Win Friends and Influence People
by Dale Carnegie

7. Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time
by Keith Ferrazzi

8. People Buy You: The Real Secret to what Matters Most in Business
by Jeb Blount

9. Rules For Revolutionaries: The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services
by Guy Kawasaki

10. Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It...and Why the Rest Don't (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)
by Verne Harnish

These business books can be downloaded online or visit Amazon store to get a copy of your. I read only a few of them and am already convinced to read all. You also can do the same. Its going to help you in your small business and make money from your businesses and investments. Thanks.

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24 Nov 2014

5 Fast Ways to Make Money From a Blog

Blogging is one of the sure ways to earn money online but to be candid if you are just starting to blog for money, it takes some times. Before you can start making money from your blog, you will need to 
really work on the blog, post content, drive traffic and be active on social media.
Earn Money From Blog

But all these seems to be diminishing with time because there are so many ways you can begin to make money from your blog as fast a possible using the ideas provided below. You can start to make fast money from your blog simply following this steps ;

How to Make Fast Money From a Blog

1. Providing Original Contents: The more contents your site have, the more people get involved in it and as well search engines. The traffic in return brings clicks to the site that earns you some cents and in a accumulation, you earn good income. This could be faster if you are a full time blogger who can write multiple times a day. If you new into blogging and you really want to make money from it, then you must be ready to write useful contents frequently.

2. Facebook Ads/Google Adwords: If you want to earn fast money through your blog, then you must be ready to spend on advert. The best form of online adverts remains Facebook ads and Google ads. This advertising media ensure your site goes viral to thousands of people on their network but your money counts here. The more money you invest, the more the site get views and clicks.

3. Best Affiliate sites: If you are using Facebook advert or Google adwords to boost your site, then you must get your money in return by registering with reliable affiliate site or cost per action site. You not just spending money for traffic here but also gaining money through the sales or leads from the traffic you get.

 4. Social Networks engagement: To make fast money from your blog, you need to be active on social networks and finding ways to increase your Facebook fans, Friends, Twitter followers etc. This will ensure your blog get social,popularity and engagement from people, friends ans site visitors

5. Search Engine Optimization (seo) : This is a very wide area of blog or web development which helps search engine fall in love with your blog for traffic. Search engine optimization is a great tool for any blog or website that want popularity. It varies based on any platform you want to use which may be either blogger or WordPress. If you cant do this, then seek help from professionals or blogging expert who will help you out or you buy some search engine optimization manual to help.

These are things you can do on your blog or site that guarantee steady income from the blog. Remember you can also add Google Adsense to the site because its very reliable as a means to earn from your website. Do this and you begin to make quick or fast money from your blog. Thanks

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Airtel 4GB Data Plan for Pc, Androids and Other Smart Phones

This is for our readers in Nigeria who really needs information on how to browse, surf and work online with their Airtel Sim or line using a 4GB data bundle on their computer, Iphone, Androids and other smart phones at 1500.

Airtel 4GB Data Plan

Many people might have been wasting money trying to get a 4GB internet data plan from Airtel but lacks information on how to do that.

Now, there are two 4gb data plan from Airtel which includes the Airtel 1+1 data plan for blackberry and Airtel 4GB for Modems, Androids and other smart phone users at 1500 .Your Airtel Sim or line may not qualify for the two at a time but you can always check if any one is available for your own Sim.

Airtel Data Plan for Androids and Pc
You can subscribe for the Airtel 4GB Data bundle for Android and PC plan at N2000 simply recharging your phone with N2000 and dialing this code *437*1# your get your line credited with 4gb data plan.
Eligibilty Status : You can check if your Eligible for this plan simply by dialing the code above without having money on your phone. If you get this message, sorry you have insufficient fund for this, it means your line is eligible but if you get "sorry, you are not eligible for this plan" then your are not qualify for it.
Airtel 4GB Blackberry Plan
You can also get this done simply by checking the eligibility status first in order not to lose money. You can do this by dialing *440*161# If you get a message stating you have insufficient credit, then you can but if otherwise, you are not qualify for it.
You can subscribe for this plan by dialing *440*161# on your line and you immediately get credited with 4GB worth of plan   at N1500

NOTE: They both work on Pc, Iphone, Windows, Android and other Smart Phones

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23 Nov 2014

What To Do Online When You Have Nothing To Do

Many people seems to be confused when it comes to work online. Some claim they don't want to fall for scam or start working online for nothing, so tend to just enjoy their internet plan on their mobile phones or pc.

Not Working Online

When you have nothing to do online and you have an internet connected phone, tablet or computer or you are just jobless for now and you don't really know anything you can do to do online, below are things you can do when you have nothing to do online;

1. Build a Free Website: Since you do not know what to do online, then head over to blogger or WordPress to build a free website which in one way or the other will be useful for yourself or business.

2. Increase Your Facebook or Twitter Followers : Whenever you observe you do not really have anything to do online, then never refuse social media friends, accept friends on twitter or Facebook. Having many Facebook friends will in one way or the other help you in your business, jobs or career because they can turn to be your buyer, site visitor or customer.

3. Read Books: Irrespective of your status, you need to use your spare time to read books on various topic. You can do so online buy reading interesting books online to widen your scope on various topic. You can also spend a little to buy few books, eBook or materials that are educative.

4. Read popular sites: Many times when i have less things to do online, i read people's blog, forums or check twitter or Google trends to see latest trends, what the people want and most search topics on the internet.

5. Learn more about your skills: If you don;t have anything to do at a particular time, you need to learn more or read more materials on your skills. This is will help you more and get your talent sharpened for the challenges ahead.

6. Learn a Trade: One thing i do regularly is to continuously learn to trade, learn skills of buying and selling because i believe at a point in life, i will buy and sell for profit.

7. The Internet Method: You can use your spare time to learn how the internet works, how to use the internet for something meaning, for investments and not what or chat with friends alone. Do research, get fact for the company you are working for or for your business. For example, i have a friend who bake cakes and the only business idea i gave such is to browse pics of Cake images on Google Image search which i believe thousands of images of cakes will show up where she could see some new designs from other countries

8. Start Working Online: There are so many works you can do online and if you have nothing to do, there are so many online jobs such as Article writing, Blogging, Adsense, Sport Bets, affiliate marketing and many more. All internet business ideas are posted regularly on this site, just check or use the search box above to search for online business and types

Out of the many things one can do when free, these are few but many will be posted on this site regularly, just keep your fingers cross. Better still, you may subscribe below where you can get instant updates from out site when published.

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21 Nov 2014

Best 10 Stores For Black Friday Sales - Discount Rate Included(%)

In few days, the whole world will be experiencing one of the biggest shopping day called the Black Friday. This is a day where companies, stores, online store, retailers, manufacturers sells at cheaper rate and a unimaginable discount on sales.

Black Friday Sales

Many stores either online or offline in the world are have release their discount rate for deals but many buyers are still waiting for the likes of Walmart and Amazon.

Below is a list of Best 10 Stores fro Black Friday Sales and their Discount. This was coined from Forbes chart

JCPenney        - 65.44

Macy’s             - 53.52%

Rite Aid            - 53.34%

Meijer              - 50.85%

Sears                - 50.19%

Walgreens        - 46.74%

Ace Hardware - 41.01%

Kohl’s               - 39.89%

Staples              - 38.56%

I believe this list will help you organize your preferred store to buy or place an order on Black Friday deals. Thanks for reading 


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How to Start an Online Business in the United State

10 Secret of Paid Survey You Need to Know

Paid Surveys is a type of online business which guarantee some income at the end of the day. To many work at home guys, paid surveys seems to be scam but when you work with genuine survey sites that actually pay, you earn good cash online

Paid surveys only involves filling out forms online sent to you via inbox and get paid for the time spent on the surveys. Many paid survey site pay by PayPal, direct bank deposit or check.

The secrets and few things you need to know about taking surveys includes;

1. You do not need to sell anything, pay for any traffic, promote any product but what you do is to fill and submit forms online and get paid.
2. Paid surveys allow you to set time that is convenient for you which means you can do it anytime or any day.

3. Paid surveys depends on no age limit, language, race, location etc as long as you can give candid answers and opinion to questions.

4. Paid surveys is one of the business you do online which requires no capital to start, what you need is just your phone,computer and internet, then you are good to start.

5. The secret i learn t from a friend which works well is that, joining multiple survey site can make you earn more money online at no cost.

6. If you reside in America, South America, Uk or if you can change your ip to those countries, you get more surveys which is really going to help you earn more cash taking surveys.

7. At any age, level of degree, youth, stay at home mom or dad, teenage, students all can take surveys for money online

These are secret of Paid surveys you need to know and why you need to take it in exchange for cash. You only need to register with the reliable survey site like pinecone research, opinionpost, toluna and cada cabeza. They are good sites to start with and the survey site are easy to join, just use a new gmail with them and that's all. Thanks for reading.

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How Lucrative is Taxi Business?

Taxi Business
This question was sent by a reader who wants to start a taxi business to support himself financially and make some cash doing this taxi business.

How Profitable is Taxi Business? The Taxi Business is very profitable just like any other business but it has its own conditions. I have someone who did the taxi business long ago, another one is presently doing it and making money but after checking the business, i realize some factors needs to be considered before starting the business.

1. Type of Car: Before you start a taxi business or car hire, you need to get a good vehicle, strong and fuel efficient. Note all cars are good for taxi business or transport business. You really need to make time out to get the best car for this kind of business.

2. Drive it Yourself: Taxi Business is most profitable when you drive the car, bus or tricycle yourself. Hiring a driver for this business may not be profitable and people are really making it big in this business are those that drives the taxi themselves. If you want to start the taxi business and you want to learn how profitable it could be, then drive it yourself and later hire a trustworthy driver to continue.

3. Get all Valid vehicle document: Before you begin to learn how lucartive this business can be, you need to get a valid vehicle document and license before anything. It helps you from police, road officers, sheriffs and any other governmental car business authorities. You need to get the vehicle duly registered.

4. Get a fuel efficient Vehicle: You can always get a full efficient vehicle for this business and i believe cars from china, japan saves fuel. Toyota is a fuel saving vehicle and its good for taxi business

5. Don't Not Hire a Driver: To expect good profit from taxi business, you do not need to hire a driver at first and maybe you can do that later. If the car is new, drive it yourself because it only you that can take care of the car due to the money involved. Given it out to driver will end the business soon.

6. Car Maintenance: This is one part of the business you need to take serious. Be expecting to spend great fund in the maintenance of the car since its for business.
7. Its not Easy: To start a taxi business, you should always know its not easy and no business is easy to start. You need to get the required information ready and knowing its not so easy at first. Money don't just come in one day but it comes gradually.

8. Route : Taxi Business can be very lucrative if you are driving on the right route. This means the route that has good population of passengers, work group and highly populated areas. Working through this route ensures good profit.

9. Hire Purchase
: This is money making aspect of taxi business. If you buy or won a car or bus, you can decide to give a condition of hired purchase. This is a phrase used to describe given car out in a particular high amount and tell the driver to pay a certain amount weekly until he finish paying it. For instance, You bought a car at $1000, you can decide to give it out at $1800 or $2000 where the driver pay a certain fixed amount every weekend or months.

10. Hire: You can also hire it out for weekends or months for a rent or hire and get paid at the end of the trip.     Read Also - How to Make Money Selling Used Cars

Note: Don Not Hire a Driver at First

These are things you can do to make taxi business profitable or lucrative for yourself. Taxi business is a good business.

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19 Nov 2014

9 Businesses which Requires Zero or No Capital to Start

This is a list of common Businesses you can do with little, zero or no capital in any where in the world including Nigeria. These business requires little or zero capital and i recommend for anyone who want to start a business and have no capital to start.

Business with Zero Capital

1. Information Marketing: This is a kind business carried out online and you get paid with time. It involves selling information to people and getting paid for such useful information. It can be packaged inform of an eBook or free blog to disseminate such information. Many topics can be written and sold online for people and i believe health, insurance, drugs, business is a strong point to teach people on how to get their problems solved

2. Google Adsense : Making from Google Adsense require no capital but an internet connection to blog, write and pass information that can be monetize with Adsense. There is a step by step process on how to make money from Adsense on this site, use the search box above to get your answer. It a good business with zero capital to start.

3. Teaching:
This business requires zero or no capital to start. You only need to place fliers or small poster of the subject you can take and interested people may call you for home lesson or school. I see teaching as a fast job to get this days but having an extra lesson guarantee additional income.

4. Home Services: You ca render home service for any skills you have. I have a friend who earn good cash from home service such as hose cleaning, laundry, barbing etc. Its a good business to start with zero capital.

5. YouTube: This is the reigning way to make money from videos. You can start by creating promotional videos of product and services for people and get paid doing it. You can also make money from YouTube through original videos and monetizing it with Adsense where you get paid some cents per click

6. Newspapers: You can start a newspapers distribution or vendor freely. You only need to get a space, go with a guarantor and you get the papers for promotional purposes.You sell the papers on your stand and get paid commission per sale.

7. Network Marketing: Starting a network marketing business requires no capital but attending their seminar, get training about their products and start selling. You can sell drugs, weight loss, cosmetics etc. A good example is GNLD, GreenWorld, Tianshi etc

8. Blogging: This can open more way to make money through Adsense or affiliate marketing. Blogging required=s no capital to start, you only need to register with free blogging sites like tumblr,blogger or WordPress etc You post contents to the site, get traffic and sell adverts inform of space, post, banner etc. It may take time but it works

9. Baby Sitting: This can be done right there in your own house or you go to parent house. You could get job as a baby sitter by word of mouth, poster, posting on forums, social networks or calling the number of poster of people who want baby sitters. You wont spend any money doing this.

These are business which requires zero or no capital to start and you could do them gradually till you have enough cash to make it bigger and invest heavily to earn bigger and better income.

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