24 Oct 2014

5 Apps that help Save Your Money

Managing finances is what many people should learn. At times people do not save money. It is always important for people to have some extra amount of money somewhere that can help in future. There are apps that can help in saving this money. They are;


To manage your finances, use the following apps:

Mint: It is an App that helps one to track all activities related to finances. All transactions are kept in check to avoid wastage. The App also presents a graph showing a person how cash has been flowing. With this graph, one is careful not to go behold a certain level on the graph. For security purposes, the Apps have a password that only ensures that only the right owner gets to access it. 

Bill Tracker: The App helps in keeping all dues on check. One knows when and what to pay during certain periods. For quick response to dues, the software shows dates when the payments should be made. Notifications are also clearly shown on this App. 

Budget: It is a clear structure showing sources and expenditure of finances. It makes one alert on all transactions. The sources of this finance and how to spend it is clearly shown here. You need to purchase this App to restrict you on how to use your own money, hence helping you to save some for the future.

During shopping, you can use the following Apps to save money in your account:

Shop kick: An app used by millions of people worldwide. What you need to do is browse through your phone along this app and get a view of the products posted here. Select the products of your choice. Make purchases of the products you have selected. By making purchases, you earn points which are converted to cash and put into your account. The points can also be earned by inviting friends or family members to make their purchases in this app. The cash can also be also be converted to gifts only for you.


Ibotta: Here one can get real money by only shopping. One needs to browse offers related to different products and select according to the person interests. Competition is always stiff in this app as it requires one to post on Facebook or have a look at a certain video of the products. By making contributions to this, you earn yourself cash which is deposited in your account. Make purchases from one of the retailers and earn extra cash. The cash can also be transformed to gifts like cards for the participants.

The list is endless. The named are just but the few among the many apps that can help one save lots of money in their accounts. In addition, one can consider going through a driving practical test to enhance money saving tips in your driving experience. Don’t take unnecessary risks. You cannot know when you will need some money for any emergency case. Always be quick to respond to any issue concerning money because you have learned about the apps that can help you save.

Author bio:
Hannah, a student from United Kingdom who loves to travel and write in travel niche. She has traveled to India, Australia, and Switzerland. She engages in all types of outdoor adventure, explores the local way of life. Presently working on Practical driving test.

23 Oct 2014

How To Maintain A Blog

There are so many advantages or gains a blog owner gets when he cultivates the habit of maintaining his/her blog either on WordPress or Blogger platform. Since your blog is your brand or business, then you should always find time to maintain the blog just to keep it active.


When you maintain your blog, readers will never think of neglecting the blog and will always come for more. I never realize this earlier until my site drop in Pagerank and Alexa recently and I decided to make some researches which am posting the end result here.

Back to the topic, you can always maintain your WordPress or Blogger blog doing the following;

1 Post Regularly : One of the best way to regularly maintain your blog is to post regularly, it is advisable to post at least weekly and if you have the time, post daily or better still, schedule your post if your are too busy to write often. Doing this helps your blog stand out and remains active 

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2. Moderate Comment: One of the things that kill a blog faster is to leave comments unchecked. Many readers in the quest to create backlinks leave comment with links and other also send spam comment as soon as they realize the site or blog is free. You can moderate comment simply by removing comments with links, option of Author approve comment if the blog is on Wordpress or You use Captha comment system if its on blogger. Its helps prevent spam and ensure the blog do not lose value on blogosphere.

3. Get Busy : You can keep your blog safe and properly maintained by ensuring you take your time to write original contents, avoid plagiarism through the copy and paste method and ensure you work to keep your social networks stand very active. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Digg etc 

4. Updates : WordPress regularly post new updates for bloggers to update their blogs while blogger also do so, its good to keep your site updated with some new features.

5. Check Blog States:  It’s always nice to make your blog fit by monitoring the blog through its statistics. This can be achieved by integrating the Google Analytic or Webmasters reports. It gives the blog owner the status of blog through quality of visit or any other site health related problems

6. Edit Pages or Post: You can also keep your site in safe standing by editing pages or post which needs to be edited or if there’s any change in address, phone number or even contact information, then you can change or edit such pages and if Google ask you to bring down a post, you ca do so easily.  Read Also - Make Money Online Blogging

7. Back up: You need to regularly back up your blog just in case of any loss or Unauthorized access to your blog. This is a thing you must do weekly or monthly as a blogger. It’s a good way to keep a WordPress or blogger blog safe .

At this point, I think I have been able to give few and important information your blog or site need to stay safe and properly maintained. Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging

21 Oct 2014

How To Make Money from Google Adsense As a Teenager or College Student

Even as a student or teenager who is currently in college, there are many ways to start working and earning money online in support of life at a young age. If i had known this, i would have been more okay than this. But its not too late for you to make use of this information on how to make money from Google Adsense as Teenage boy or girl or as a Student.


Google Adsense is one of the best and sure online program for publishers i mean site/blog owners to make money through traffic generated from their blog or websites.

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As a college student, you can make money from Google through it Adsense program by doing the following;

1. Create a free website: As a teenager or student, you can create a lovely free website from blogger or wordpress,post contents in it, drive traffic to it through your friends on social networks and after a while register and integrate Adsense to it. It means you are allowing Google place adverts from its Adword customer place his ads on your site.

2.  Write Interesting Post: This may be easy for teenagers and student to do, it involves writing original articles on your newly created blog, post pictures and share on social networks. Your Adsense will be begin to get some clicks and impression which brings money for you.

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3. Create Videos : This is one of the best way teenagers and students earns money from Adsense, it requires just a little exercise using your phone. Just use your phone or computer to create videos of any event either in your school or environment, upload the video to YouTube and monetize it. As you spread the video, you will making money from Adsense through views generated from such.

 These are ways and how teenagers or students can make money from Google Adsense for free. It may take some times to start earning big money but with time and experience, you get it. Thanks for reading.

How to Stop Wasting Time On Social Networks Like Facebook or Twitter

People whose activities on the social networks like Facebook or Twitter is to chat with friends, make some argument, make birthday wishes, post a prayer, talks about today's activities at work are equally enjoying the social networks but are wasting time.


I believe to avoid wasting time on the social networks like Facebook while you enjoy it is to find somethings to do online that fetch money. Many which includes;

1. Promote a Business: You could promote your business either big or small to your social networks friends. Your Friends on Facebook or Twitter followers can as well as become your buyer only if you build a relationship with them and introduce your business to them by posting on your wall.

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2. Start an Online Business: The time spend on Facebook or Twitter can be converted into cash doing the same activities. There are site that pay you for your tweets e.g addynamo, sponsoredtweets, mylikes etc You only tweet their products to your followers and get paid for it. It also applies to Facebook also.

3.Start Blogging: You can also invest the time you use on social networks to start a blog and post links of your blog contents to your social networks friends. If what you do on social networks is just to have fun, then you are wasting time but instead start a free blog which will bring opportunities for you later.

4. Build a Profile for Business: Ensure your Facebook or Twitter profile have few information about you, your skill, business or any services you render. You can also ensure you leave your business phone number while you enjoy your social networks. You might get called for business someday and make money from it.

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5. Sell your skills or Ideas : In order not to waste your time on social networks, you need to sell your skills or business ideas to your social networks by letting them know about the business. This can be inform of a website, links or art. You can also harness the money making ability of YouTube for video monetization. This is a great way to earn money online and avoid wasting time online.

These are things you can do online and earn some cash from it instead of just wasting time browsing and chatting on social networks. Remember you use money to buy your internet subscription and other things. Thanks for reading.

20 Oct 2014

How to Earn Money Online On WordPress

WordPress is one of the leading platform for creating and running a blog. Although, many site owners prefers WordPress platforms to blogger which has a limited usage,plugins and other advantages but how do people make money from WordPress?


Making money on WordPress looks a bit similar to earning money online through blogger which WordPress users can also testify to it. My other site is on wordpress and i see the various advantages of wordpress over blogger. Very soon, i will also be moving this site to wordpress which provides an avenue for me to have full control of the site.

       Ways to Make Money on WordPress

1.Google Adsense: You can make money on Wordpress through blogging and if your site has good amount of traffic,then wordpress is a good way to make money online from your blog by integrating Adsense on the site.

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2. Create WordPress Themes: Many wordpress users wouldnt mind buying a very quality and responsive themes for any price so, a good way to earn some cash through wordpress is to create themes and make adverts on the themes with Google Adword or Facebook ads.

3. Create Plugins: If you are a geek or tech savvy who knows software and plugin programming, then start making some cash by creating plugins that people will need on their wordpress blog. You can earn some good amount of money creating plugins and selling it to wordpress users.  

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4. Article Writing : There are many WordPress site owners who needs article, if you can write good and original article and not a copied and paste contents, then you make money from wordpress users who need some content for money. You can get such people from sites like odesk, hubpages, fiverr,freelancer, warriorforum and many more.

5. SEO Services: What many blogger who are using the wordpress platform needs is help on search engine optimization. KI recent paid for one despite i have some premium plugins that can do it. Doing this or rendering this service will help you earn money from wordpress, on WordPress and also from WordPress users

These are things you can do to make money on WordPress either as a user or a developer. Make use of this tips and make money from Wordpress like any other internet guru. Thanks

19 Oct 2014

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Service Provider

For those who need quality web Hosting Service provider, you may not just jump into just any web hosting site because they are frustrating especially if your blog has an increase traffic.

There are things you need to know and consider before paying any site for the web hosting of your site or blog. They are discussed briefly below as you read on.


Whenever you need a quality web hosting service provider for your site or blog or you want to pay for a domain of your site such as .net, .com, .org, .info, .ca etc then, you need to consider;

1. Reliable Web Hosting Service Provider site: Another thing to consider before paying for hosting of your website is to make sure you register with reliable and quality web-hosting services like Hostagator, Godaddy, Namecheap and Arvixe 

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2. Speed : To host your website on any web-hosting service, you need to research if it provides high speed internet service. The speed of operation is what your site needs but when the site is low, it may disturb the performance of your site and many people may not come to surf on the site again.

3. Quick Customer Services : The best Web Hosting Sites are the ones with quick and fast responds from customer service. This helps maintain a good site just in case you the blog or site encounter a problem. Their quick responds can help you solve issues as fast as possible which makes your hosting service the best.

4. Limits of Bandwiths : Settle for web hosting site that will not charge you much money even if your site traffic limit exceeds it bandwidth. So reliable web hosting site will always contact you and let you know how you can improve on that. 

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5. Easy Online Payment: Paying for web Hosting may be an issue if your webhost do not accept your means of payment. Many quality web hosting site accept payment by PayPal, debit card, bank payment or other e-currency site as a means of payment. It may be a bitter experience if your site goes offline due to your inability to pay for hosting.

These are few things you need to consider, things you need to know before selecting any web hosting service provider. Learn from these and choose the best web host. Thanks for reading.

18 Oct 2014

PHOTO: Michael Jackson - The Highest Earning Dead Celebrity

Even after death, the music legend Michael Jackson still earns more money just like when he was alive and has maintain the rank as the Top-Earning Dead Celebrity according to forbes.

The Late Pop Star Michael Jackson earns over $363.4million for the last 12 months - forbes

Even after death, the pop star and richest dead celebrity (Michael Jackson) album Xscape occupies the 2nd chart and has earn millions this year alone.

See more of Michael Jackson earning method even after death @ forbesThanks for reading

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Domain Name

Since your website or blog domain name represent your brand or promote your business, it must be picked with care. I see many people complain of not getting enough popularity or search engine optimization on their sites and blogs, not knowing the shortcoming is due to some unobserved errors.

If you are to register a domain for your site such as .net, .com, .org, .info, .ca etc you need to put the following into consideration because it can help make the right choice when choosing the best domain name for your blog or website which in return boost your sales or promotion.

1. Reliable Domain Registrar site: The first thing to consider before choosing and registering a domain name for your website is to ensure you make some research on few reputable domain name registration site. Few domain sites i believe and have been tested are Hostagator, Godaddy, Namecheap and Arvixe 

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2. Similarity with Business: Before picking a domain name, the name of site or blog must be similar and related to product or brand to be promoted. It helps to attract people visit the site more based on what they are searching for and the keyword used.

3. Avoid the use of slangs, Symbols and shortcuts: To choose the best domain name for your blog or site, you need to avoid slangs and too many symbols such as , . / ? " ' ; : #@ ! and many more. It may not be too reliable for proper search engine optimization and many people may not like such.

4. Keep it Short: Choosing a short and simple domain name usually have edge over sites with longer domain name. Imagine a site like makemoneyonlineinunitedstatema.com It looks longer and many readers or new visitor may find it hard to remember. So to choose a domain name that works fine, pick the shorter one's that can easily be remembered.

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5. Act Fast : Now that you have a domain name on your mind, then you need to act fast by registering it immediately before or after the site or blog is live. Even if the .com is not available for registration, then you can also get the available .org or .net just to secure the domain. Many free domain users like the blogspot or WordPress are often faced with the problem of cyber squatting where someone else register their domain before they do. its very common these days.

These are few important things you need to consider before choosing and buying a domain. Your site is your business, so act fast now. Thanks for reading.

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