29 Jul 2015

How to Earn Money Online Doing Small Tasks

How Can i Make Money Online with Small Task? I found this question on most blogs and forum where people demand anwers on various online jobs they can do with small task. It means people will be interested in money making online programs with less stress and task to perform. I believe this brief ideas give you some information on how to earn money online doing simple work and not the usual voluminous jobs.
make money online doing simple task

There are many ways to make money online but majority of them require huge task like marketing, selling, driving traffic, promoting etc while only a  few requires small tasks with good money. I believe what you need here is information and list of online jobs that requirtes small task which we will be providing as you read on. 

To make money online doing simple or small task, check the following make money online programs that requirtes simple task;

1.Freelancing - Freelancing is one of the simple ways to earn money online without much task. Freelancing really works if you have some skills like web design,  article writing, seo services, logo design, video editing,teaching,  transcribing etc can pay you well by working for people from home. All you need is to register with sites like freelancers, rentacoder, getacoder, elance, guru, warriorforum etc and edit your profile with the skills you have. People will hire you if you are good at it.

2. Take Paid Online Surveys - You may not get rich taking surveys online, but its possible to make some cash from it especially if you register with multiple survey sites that pay per hour. Paid surveys requires no selling, no marketing, promotion but to fill forms online for cash. If you have ampayment system like PayPal, then you can register with sites like opinionoutpost, toluna, globaltestmarket, surveyhead etc. Those surveys sites are good and they pay well without much task since most surveys are usually with 15 - 20 minutes and they pay between $5 - $10 for such surveys.

3. Write Articles - You can also make money writing articles which i believe its a small task. You only write reviews or paid post on a particular product, post it on your free blog and promote it through Facebook ads or other cheap means. You can also write more contents and sell it to blog owners and they will buy. This is an easy way to earn money online doing simple task. 

4. Fiverr: Fiverr is a micro jobs site with a huge customer base who needs your talent/skills for money. Just like freelancing, Fiverr is one of the good ways to earn money online doing small task with your skills. Skills like web design,  article writing, seo services, logo design, video editing,teaching,  transcribing etc can attract clients that pay you for it at $5.

These are real ways to make money online doing simple task. Read it, make more research on these and see how real these online jobs are with less task, stress and earn cash online. Thanks for reading.

28 Jul 2015

How to Earn Money From Blogspot

How Can i Make Money from Blogspot?  Because you are blogging on a free blogspot platform doesn't mean you won't earn money online from blogging. Blogging is the best ways to make money online but takes some time to mature and you must post quality contents to the blog regularly to gain popularity on the internet.
earn money online blogging

Blogspot is a very beautiful platforms to make money online through blogging and the same way WordPress users make money is also the same way blogspot also do but depends on the traffic the blog is generating and not the platform. To make money from Blogspot, you need to do the following;

How to Earn Money From a Blogspot

1. Create a Blog: To start making money through blogspot, go to blogger and create a free website, design it using good template and begin to add contents to the site site. If you have done this, that is the first step to making money from blogspot. The next step is to share your contents on social networks like Facebook or Twitter to gain more traffic to the blog.

2. Use Adsense: As soon as the contents is getting you some traffic then, you need to monetize the traffic by registering with Adsense and placing their codes on your site to display adverts. Google will pay you at the end of the month or when your earnings get up to payout which is dominated in Euros or Dollars. Its just like renting a space at a corner of the newspaper for adverts, the same way it is for your blog. It means you can rent your space for Google advertisers to display their ads in exchange for few cash irresptive of whether you site is on blogspot or not.

3. Register with Affiliate sites: So far you are adding some contents regularly to your blogspot blog, the best way to make money from it is to register with some affiliate site that pay well and place the banner codes of the product on your site. You will get paid per clicks, leads or sale depending on the affiliate site you user leads and the region of your site traffic.

 4. Sponsored Post: This is a way to make money from blogspot if your blog is on this platform. Blogspot blogs with good traffic can generate good amount of money for the owner if the blog accept paid post from advertisers. You only need to work on your blog to have good traffic, rank or Authourity and advertisers will find you for a paid post even though its a blogspot blog.
5. Paid Reviews : This is a way to make money with your blogspot blog if you have some good contents and traffic. Try as much as possible to work on the blog for traffic and popularity,  advertisers will come for reviews. Writing reviews means recommending a product or services through your blog post and getting paid for it. The best sites for these includes reviewme and sponsored  reviews where you get paid in dollars for your work.

These are ways earn money online on blogspot or with your blogspot blog. This blog is also hosted on blogspot but with a custom domain and we have been using the method we described above as the best way of generating income from blogspot site. Thanks for readin.

Best 5 Ways to Get More Customers To a Business Within a Month

In our previous post, we described "ways to avoid someone stealing your customers" just in case you do not have the opportunity of the reading the article. Since, we learn't some tips there, we will be applying new ways on how to get more customers to your Business within a month which i believe is possible.
Even if the business has been in exisitence for a long time or its just a new business, this tips will help you to gain some customers within the shortest period of time. Since, the primary goal of your business is to have an increase in profit, serve for a longer time and not crash along the way, where these can only be achieved by keeping the current customers and getting more to boost sales of your product.

I believe the secret to gaining more customers depends solely on your business marketing strategy even if your business is a small scale or large scale business. The best way to get many customers within a month or in few weeks includes;

1. Effective Publicity:  One of the ways to gain more customers within a month is to create an effective publicity that works. Even if you have the best product and nobody sees it, it amounts to nothing and no one will buy but if you have your own way of advertising like stickers, posters, handbill, cheap banner or other online adverts like Facebook ads exposes your business and you will continue to get more customers within the shortest time. So your marketing strategy should be the first thing to consider.

2. Make it Attractive: To gain customers on a monthly basis, you need to make your business attractive by creating a beautiful website for the business, creating a Facebook page, Organizing end of year party, giving out gift, paint with attractive colours and ensure you have good interiors like chairs, tv, cable network and internet payment option like POS to accept payment.

3. Sell What the People Need: If your business satisfies the needs of the people, they will come and your customer base increases. Items like good, groceries, kithchen, call cards, phones, computer accessories etc are in high demand.

4: Define your Market: How do you define your market, if you run a small business in your area, it means you need to study what the people want according to the their income. You can't be a small area and begin to sell gold or expensive jewelries, who will afford that. So you need to market to people who are ready to buy, who needs your struffs and what you do is to provide satisfy their needs which is called buisness.
5: Respond Quickly: One of the thing that attract people to a particular business is the customer care and how fast it is. To gain a huge number of customers within a month, make it a habit to responds to questions, problems from your customers as fast as possible. Either through mails, phone calls, visit. Just try as much as possible to respond promptly to complains, inquiries from customers. If you do this, your business will grow, your exisitng customers will stay and new customers will come in.

Tyr these buisiness ideas and your business will attract large number of customers within months, weeks or the shortest period of time and sales will increase on the demand your product and services. Thanks for reading.

27 Jul 2015

How to Determine Which Wholesale Products Will Sell

How can i know which Wholesale Product will sell Well? i was looking through some of the wholesale product on eBay and i feel the strong point for any buyer is to know which product sell well and fast. 
wholesale product

Since eBay allows retail and wholesale stuffs at good amount, you can make money buying and selling on eBay through this means of buying in bulk and reselling but how are you sure if the product will do well after purchasing them.

Most times, we get confused to buying some product in wholesales thinking such product might not sell well in the market but the ideas below will help you figure that out. It includes;

1. Start Small: To buy product in bulk at wholesale price, you need to start small, that is, to buy the product in small quantity. This will help you monitor the demand of the product from people around and the market at large. If the demand of the product is high, then it means the product will do well and you order for more of the wholesale products.

2. Start from Home:  To determine if a wholesale product will sell well in the market, you as a seller needs to evaluate the buying habits of your own family. If the demand from your family is high towards the product, it means every other people out there will buy from you.

3. YourSelf: T
o determine if a wholesale product will sell fast, a reseller needs to check the buying habits of him or herself. If you also demand the product yourself at high rate, then the product is good because many people might also like the product. 
These are simple way to know if a wholesale product will sell well as well as sell fast. So, to order for a product in wholesale, you need to know if such product will sell well and also study the rate off demand of the product which you can meet up with as a seller. Thanks for reading

How to Prevent Someone Stealing Your Customers

If you are business owner or you manage a business for someone else, you will notice that the competition will increase especially the business is booming. Someone else will like to start your kind of business and do all possible things to steal your customers using various means.

If you lose customers to other people or your competitors daily, it means you are not doing what others are doing and your customers are attracted to other business ventures. Now there are ways you can avoid someone stealing your customers instead, you steal other people's customers where you earn more money.

Either you business is an online business or real business outside the internet, ways to keep your customers save from going to buy from others includes;

1. Collect their Phone Numbers: To avoid someone else stealing your customers, you should learn to collect your buyers/customers phone numbers which can be done through duplicate of reciept, invoice, cards or you ask them to give you. This is the most effective way to keep a customers because you can reach out to such customer any time by calling.

2. Collect their email addresses: Another effective way to prevent someone from stealing your customers is to collect their email address which can be achieved by including in your reciept, invoice, cards or you ask them to give you. This is one of effective way to keep a customers because you can reach out to such customer any time by sending them mails periodically.
3. Keep in Touch: You can keep your customers by keeping in touch and how do you do this? you just give them a call, send mails, visit them if the house is not far and do all possible thing to get closer to your customers. If you do this, you won't lose them to your competitors.

4. Add new Stuffs: If your business is online, continue to add new contents, information and if yours is offline, then buy new stuffs and remove old stocks from your store. Customers want new things, new product e.g cream, after shave, food items, cloths, bags etc.

5. Give Gifts: I was surprised to enter a bank and they offered me sweet and coffee, this is a good strategy to keep customers. You can also give free and inexpensive gift to your loyal customers, it helps. Especially during festive periods which is fast approaching, you need to give your customers a package as gift.

6. Solve Problems: To keep your customers, ensure your business is a kind of business that solves immediate problems. McDonalds is making so much money from snacks because people need to eat and must be fast. If it requires you to deliver the items for your customers at home, then do so. It will prevent your customers from hijack by other business owner.

7. Be their Friends on Social Networks: Another good way to prevent another person stealing your customers is to be their friends on Facebook. Create a Facebook page for your customers, invite them and discuss with them. Post pics of new stocks or information, they will come to your store to check. This is very effective because it keep and tie them to your business without losing them

8. Learn from Others: You can also keep your customers and not lose them to other people by learning from other businesses. You will learn what makes people go to other store and use the ideas for your own business too.

Not all things are spiritual and many people thinks if their not selling or if they are losing their customers not knowing their simple things that can keep their customers for them. Thanks for reading.

26 Jul 2015

How to Educate Yourself as a Small Business Owner

How do i educate myself as a small business owner? Since i started running my small scale business, i realize that am putting my best to become successful in it and the time spent on daily basis prevent me from learning new things around and not educating myself really anymore.
small business
I decided to figure something out so\me information which am sharing now on "how you can educate yourself with your business"  Although many people attend trainings,  seminars, programs, workshops which are sponsored by the company you work for and not yourself. It means attending seminars may be expensive but like the say, experience is the best teacher anytime and with time, you will getting that daily as you run the business. You can you learn through complains or suggestion from your customers, clients, buyers, sellers or your competitors?

Ways and how to educate yourself about your small business includes:

1. Learn from your Customers: You can educate yourself as a small business owner by asking questions from your customers, what they like and what they do not like about your operation. You can also ask your clients what they want and how they want it done. That is a good way to be informed about your business.

2. Join trade associations: You can also get informed by joining trade associations where you learn from others even if you run a small scale business. You learn from other people's success tactics and what is really earning more money in their own business.

3.  Find a mentor --For every business, you need a mentor who will suppport and guide you on what works and how to make profit from the business. A mentor will also let you know what wrecks other business and how to make your own business the best. Doing this will get you some knowledge as a business owner.

4. Read : You can get books in the stationary stores that talks about your business. You will gain more knowledge on information you might not have gotten on your own but by reading books, you get the information you need.

 5. Associate with Others: You can get educated in your business even as a small business owner by associating with other people who are into your kind of business either on a large or small scale. Its a good idea to move weet people around you offering the same service as yours because someday or anyhow, you will need their help.

 6. Attend seminars You need to also find time to attend seminars, workshops to increase your business knowledge, morte understanding and exposure. This will give you ideas on how to become better in business and how to increase sales in it.

7. Read Business Blogs/Sites: You can also get yourself educated reading some business blogs, forums or website that talks about business ideas and various happenings around. This is one way to learn from people through the internet.

You need to Educate yourself and these are ways i actaully educate myself too about my buisness. When you spend to seek knowledge, it makes a you a better business man or woman and i believe you will become even more greater than your competitors. Thanks for reading.

25 Jul 2015

Good Ways to Make Money Online

There are many good ways to make money online without fraud, scam or illegal means and get paid directly into your local bank account in your country. I observe there are many scam online and these days, people really do not believe in money making programs but the programs we will be discussing here are things you can do to make good money. 

How do i earn good money online? If you are looking for good method or ways to make money online in a very perfect way and get paid into your account business online, then the articles you are reading is good for you.  

good money
To make good money online, you only need a computer, phone and an internet which i believe you can get cheap internet plans around. There are many programs or sites online where you can work and make good money with time. These are not get-rich-quick-schme but very legitimate. The sites includes;

1.Google Adsense :  The proven way to earn good money online is through Google Adsense where payments are sent to bank account when your earnings reach pay out. Google Adsense is a sure way to earn money through the traffic generated through your blog. Google Adsense money isn't illegit o scam but good money because you earned it through your work, energy, sweat and activities. Google Adsense is owned by Google Inc and its been paying bloggers and site owners for a long time. To start making good money online through Google, create a free blog, add some contents, give the blog a good template with nice design, and share your post on Facebook and Twitter. All these will help you to make good money on the internet by the time start displaying Adsense on your blog.

2.Sport Prediction : To many people, sport betting isn't a good way to make money online but to me i think its a good way because it requires no sales, no website, no promotion, no adverts but to place bet on good teams. If people are making money legitimately through sport bets, you also camn do this. You make money by predicting the scores of matches around the world on sport such as football, tennis, Basketball sp, Live event etc. Just Google for good sport betting site in your region and register with the site.

3.Affiliate Marketing - This is one good way to earn money online as well as the most reliable internet business. You only need to create a free blog, give it a good design and drive traffic to it. Affiliate Marketing involves selling other people's product or your own product through banner placement and traffic required. You get by commission on leads, clicks or sales made through your site. Examples of affiliate site that works best includes Peerfly, ShareAsale,Clickbank, commission junction, eBay, Amazon etc. 

4. Sales of eBook : A good way to earn money online is to create an eBook based on the area you are an expert. How do you do this? Just type the article in  a microsoft word format, convert it to pdf format, give it a nice design and start selling by listing on site which help to sell eBooks. You can also make money from your ebook by selling the articles to site or blog owners for some cash.

5. Sell Something : What every online money maker, online money consultants or mentors do tell me when i ask them "what is the good way to earn money online?' and i think most of the answers gotten here is to sell something to people. You can sell your ideas, craft, used items, unused items, books, laptops etc by listing them freely online.You just need to figure outn what works, what the people want and some unwanted around you has to be sold to earn extra cash.

6.Paid Post: A good way to make money constantly and steadily online is through paid post. Paid post or sponsored post as its generally called, is a pice of written article sent to you to publish on your blog  where the advertiser is expected to get something in return such links, backlinks, trafffic, social media etc. You only need to work on the site, drive traffic to the site and people will find your site fro one opportunity or the other for paid guest post.

These are good ways to make money online and you are free to make a suggestion on this topic or ask a question using the comment box below.

24 Jul 2015

How to Display Adsense Ads at Homepage Only on Blogger

For every new things i do or any widget i install on my blog, i will always post the steps on my blog for people to see in as much as the widget gave some changes. This time, am going to teach you simple steps on how to make your Adsense ads show on homepage alone and not on individual pages

Adsense Size

The reason i did was to maximize the revenue coming from Adsense by placing the requires Ad Sizes at the right place. If you look at my blog, you will notice that the number of Adsense size on individual post differs from the one at homepage. I don't want a particular Adsize to display on all the pages but i want it on home page. 

To make display Adsense ads on home page only and without displaying on other pages, you need to follow these process;
1. Login to Blogger Dashboard

2. Create the New Adsense Unit of any size you want and get the code.
3. Click on the Layout Icon

4. Click on Add a Gadget, Open the HTML/Javascript and paste the Adsense codes on the side bar or any where you want it and SAVE.

5.  Go back to the Html/Javascript and right click on the edit menu to copy the link address which looks like,   http://www.blogger.com/rearrange?blogID=7243280908926933904&widgetType=HTML&widgetId=HTML7&action=editWidget&sectionId=sidebarleft

6. Take note of HTML7 or copy it somewhere.

7. Go back to Template Icon and Click on Edit Template

8. Press CTRL + F and find the widget ID you copied in step 6

9.  In the line directly below that widget ID, you should see this piece of code:
      <b:includable id='main'>

10. Just below the code in 9 above, paste <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'> 

11. Scroll down like 5 to 8 lines till you find       </b:includable>

12.  Just above the code in step 11, paste    </b:if>

13.  Then SAVE it

It will display the Adsense you insert in the Html/Javascript on at home page just like the way it displays on my site above
For any reason best known to you, you can do this and just like i got positive result on my Adsense revenue, you also can do it yourself. Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging.

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