20 Dec 2014

Where to Get a Free Website For Small Business

How and Where Can i Get a Free Website for My Business?  This question was asked by a reader who wants to have a website for her small business which will be explained briefly as you read on. It is possible to get a free website for your small business just as everyone now takes their businesses online for better exposure.

Business Website

Your small business website helps promote your businesses online, it attracts new visitors or customers from Search Engine like Google  and can be used to make your business get the popularity it needs. You can get a free website your business using the platform below;

1. Blogger : This is a platform which allows you to own a website for free using their blogger platform. Blogger is relatively cheap because you don not need to buy a hosting plan, domain name but you can buy a custom domain name and extension which help make it look professional. Blogger is easy to customize with the existence of ready made responsive template and logo format which make your business website have a good look. To start, just visit blogger and register with a gmail account to start.

2. WordPress: This is a blogging platform that helps build a business website for free. There are two WordPress platform which includes WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Wordpress.com allow you to create a free website with free hosting and domain name but you may not be able to place advert on compared to WordPress.org. But wordpress.org is make your site look very professional with different programs and plugins which makes it search engine optimization friendly. WordPress.org highly recommended for your business site but you will pay for hosting and domain name which helps you have control over the site and any activities on it

3. Tumbler : This is a micro blogging platform which allow you to create a free website with good customized themes, logo,pic and your contents for your products or services. I don't really have much experience using tumbler but i recommend blogger and WordPress for your business website.

These are platforms that can be used  to create a free website for your business. The are reliable and people are creating website with them daily. Get your website done and start promoting your business. Thanks for reading.

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18 Dec 2014

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best method or the sure way to make money online either through a blog/site or other means like email leads and the social media. Affiliate marketing has been tested and trusted as the most efficient way to generate income online by selling other people's products.

affiliate earnings

But many people still complains of lack of sales while other complains of not making any money from this program. Even the most experience online workers and earners will always tell you to start affiliate marketing because it a sure way to make money through the internet. What you need to do is just to get a reliable affiliate site, copy the codes and start spreading by way of traffic to the product but there are mistakes people do which prevents them from earning money through affiliate marketing which includes;

1. Understand the Products :  One of the mistakes online marketers which prevents them from earning any dime online is lack of understanding of the product they are spreading. You should avoid the mistake of just picking any product but be sure you pick the best product that sells, work and products that solves problem are really in high demand online. Also, you should also place product that are relevant to your site just to prevent mismanagement of information.

2. Advertise: To succeed in affiliate marketing, you will need to advertise the site to generate some traffic to the product and advertising in these sense means paying for adverts such as Google adwords or Facebook ads. It will be a mistake just to assume you won't use a paid advert to spread an affiliate link.

3. Neglect emails: What has really worked for many successful affiliate earners and marketers is their ability to capture your visitors email using an auto-responder form like aweber. This will allow you get closer to your readers thereby sending occasion messages like newsletters, bonuses, free reports etc. It helps boost sales

4. Research; I believe you wont like to make mistake of not making research on the products, relevance and other products that are really making sales. You also need to learn the best way to drive traffic to the blog or site you are using for the promotion, its very relevant

5. Bad Web Design; Having a bad website design or blog for your affiliate marketing and sales may be a bad idea for you. What you need to do is simply get a responsive template for your affiliate sales and if you really can do it yourself, then outsource it other professional designer. You could find a good number of them on fiverr for $5 or online forums

Looking at the points above, you i believe you have learnt so much reading this and avoiding the mistakes above, you success story is what we want. Thanks for reading
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17 Dec 2014

3 Hot Online Money Making Ideas

I Decided to write this few tips on the hot or hottest online money making ideas for our readers to learn, execute and begin to earn money online using our ideas.

Hot Ways to earn Money Online

Using the sentence "Hot Online Money Making Ideas" means working, reliable, most used, most search and real ideas to earn money online. If you look at the internet this days, its gradually becoming a big market place where various activities like buying and selling as well as a place to generate extra cash doing work online and we also need to give our readers the hottest online business ideas.

The 3 Recommended Hot Ideas to Make Money Online includes;

1. Google Adsense: This is the best way to make money online from a site/blog or from YouTube videos by monetizing it. Google Adsense is an online advertising program which allow blog and site owners make money from their blog by allowing Google place adverts on strategic position of your site and you earn some money through valid clicks gotten from ads. Google Adsense is probably the hottest online money making ideas any one can give you for online earnings. If you are to get involved in these, just a blog, post some contents with it, drive traffic to the blog or site and start getting few cents from its clicks or impression. You can also earn money with Google Adsense by monetizing your videos on YouTube. It works and can be the best Earn Money Online Ideas.
2. Ebay: This is an online market place where you could buy and sell but the best earn money online ideas is to find a product people really wants or products in high demands and also find wholesalers or merchants that sells at low price in large quantities. Doing this guarantees a reasonable income online from Ebay where many people will begin to order for the products and get paid for it. Its a good idea to earn money from the internet.

3. ClickBank: Clickbank is one the best affiliate site on the internet where you could make money by by picking a product from the store/market place, copy the banner or link code and start marketing the products. If you place this codes on a blog or site with high traffic, then you will be making some money. Try click bank and start earning money online, its hot.

4. Sport Bets: Even i usually see this as a risky way to make money online but its damn fast. Soccer betting is played all over the world and i hear result of people playing and making good money after 90mins of every soccer played in any league in the world. You can see people around you obsessed with this ideas of making money online from soccer but the only thing there is to just learn the winning tips that work best. This is also a hot or even the hottest way to make money online. Thanks for reading.


4 Things That Makes an Online Business Successful

Online Business or Internet online also has the same way of making profit like the normal real business to make profit from it. To make huge profit from an Online Business and also generate revenue from it, you need these 4 things listed below;

Online Business

1. Product/Services: To be very successful in an internet business, you need to sell something and for you to sell something you need to get a reliable product to sell on your site or blog. Not only you need to sell a product but can also render services online that brings money, such services like webdesign, search engine optimization, traffic generation, logo design, fiverr, solo ads, fb likes and many more

2. Customers: To be successful in an online business, you need to attract customers through to your product or services. Just like a real offline business, many online business owners believe you should use paid adverts to publicize your products and services and better find ways to generating more traffic to your site which attracts sales and huge earnings to your products.

3. Knowledge: The ways i recommend to enhance a profit in an online business is to get knowledge, seek more knowledge about the products you are selling or the service you are rendering for your online customers. The soul of a business ideas the business owner have. You can decide to get more knowledge on best performing business online or the high earning services or products.

4. Networks: To be successful in an internet Business, you need to be highly connected on different networks on the internet and many online entrepreneurs believes heavy presence on blogs,Facebook, Twitter, digg, email(gmail,hotmail, yahoo), instagram, reddit etc.

Do the recommended things described above and see how improved your online business is going to be with more cash earned through the business which may even surpass your present job, do this and make your online business successful.Thanks for reading

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16 Dec 2014

5 Important Features of a Good Domain Name

Having a site or blog with a good domain name is one of the important thing to consider before starting an online business. Although not all internet business requires a website or blog but its a good way to promote your services or brand and those involved in affiliate marketing really need this.
Domain name
Before starting and selecting a name for a blog or website, one needs to consider some features which are important for a good domain name. Below is a list of 5 important features or things a good domain name should have, it includes;

1. Relevance of Domain to Brand/Service: The first thing that makes a good site or blog depends on how related is the domain name is to the services or purpose of business. If you are to choose a good domain, one of the features you need is to ensure the domain name is related to the service rendered or business name.

2. Length of Domain Name: some years back, a long domain name or web url do not usually matter but now you need to keep the domain name as short as people. This makes people remember the blog name easily which brings returning traffic.

3. No Hyphen: Hyphen or dash(-) should be avoided when buying a domain name, these symbols are really not in use anymore when it comes to naming a site and buying its domain name. This features are really not important this days but avoiding it is good.

4. Numbers: Using numbers for a site name is no more relevant but avoiding this is a good feature for the site. Many big site on the internet may have numbers with god authority but for a new blog or site, just avoid this.

5. Choice of Extension: Using a .com is really common and is highly recommended but if the site is for educational purpose, then a .edu is recommended and a .org extension is good for an official site. The domain extension is a such an important features if you are to get a domain name for your site.

These are important features you need for your blog or site as well as some old fashioned features that are no more in use this days. Consider these features before buying a domain name for your site. Thanks for reading.

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5 Best Affiliate Marketing Site of the Year

Affiliate marketing is one the best online business as well the best money making online method that has really worked for us this year. Working with good affiliate guarantees good income for individual whose site has good target traffic.

Affiliate marketing

Below is a list of the best 5 affiliate marketing site that works well, paid promptly with good customer relation. Since, the best way to earn money online is to is to sell other people's product simply by placing the brand banner on your site.

Our best affiliate marketing systems for the year and the affiliate site includes;
1. Commission Junction (CJ)

2. Amazon

3. ClickBank

4. ShareAsale

5. Peerfly

If you have a blog or website with good traffic, the best way to make money from the blog is through affiliate marketing and the affiliate site posted above really performed well this time in terms of payment of affiliate earnings.

We have decided to name the 5 affiliate sites above as the best affiliate site for your site or blog for the year 2015 because we got paid from this site this year 2014. Thanks for reading

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15 Dec 2014

How to Make Money Online from Facebook in The United State

If you are residing in the United State of America and you do not really understand how you could make money from Facebook and get paid right there in the United State, then this post is for you because it explains briefly on things to do and how to earn money online from Facebook and cash out to your bank account in the United State.
Earn Money on Facebook
The United State or any part of America is one of the best place to work and earn money online especially through Facebook, Google and YouTube. Its believe that clicks, sales, leads and traffic from the U.S are very credible for any online business. The only criteria to make money from Facebook in the U.S is to have a Facebook page with good number of friends who are like minded and may buy things from you when you post them on your Facebook wall.

Do the following and start making from Facebook in any state of America. The ideas includes;

1. Sell Something: The best way to make money on Facebook in the United State is to sell something to your FB friends. You can post pics of your product, links from your blog, websites or sales page describing the nature of your business, the website or contact number of what you sell. For instance, if you are good in craft making, you can post samples of your work on your Facebook wall where interested buyers can see and make order right here in U.S
2. Facebook Adverts: While in the U.S, If you have something to sell through your site,blog, business sales page or any other business you do apart from online business, this is a paid program that can help you get your brand across to millions of people in America with your money. Although, it may be expensive but this is a sure way of advertising which brings huge leads, clicks, sales, and new customers to your product. you can also pay for adverts for Facebook adverts and start making more sales from the traffic your product or services get from Facebook.

3. Facebook Page/Groups: You can make money from Facebook in U.S by creating a Facebook page or Facebook group and advertising your products and services to them. You can also earn money through Facebook by selling your Facebook page or group and the best way is to use the page or group to drive traffic to your brand. It works and many people are using it to make some cash for themselves in different states in America.

4. Google Adsense : Google Adsense works well in the United States thereby allowing site or blog owners can make money from it simply by using Facebook to drive traffic to their links or site. This page views gotten from Facebook can also generate clicks which are credited in cents to your account and accumulation of these cents brings cash.

5. Fiverr : Is a micro jobs site with lot of opportunities, people order for your services inform of gigs and many online workers or people working to earn from home in U.S are really earnings good money from fiverr. You can decide to render services like Facebook shares, Facebook likes, Traffic and many more. If you have a large number of friends on Facebook, fiverr is a good site to earn money online right here in U.S

6. Mylikes : This is a site that pay you to share links of products, services, brand to your Facebook friends or twitter followers. It involves getting paid to share a link of companies, website or other brands to your friends on Facebook and you get paid for such activities.

These are simple ways you can Make Money From Facebook in U.S and feel free to use the search box above to get more info on each ideas discussed or use the comment box below to ask any question on this topic. Thanks for reading.


14 Dec 2014

Best 3 Domain Name Registration And Web Hosting Sites for 2015

So far, the year 2014 has been good based on our recommendation to our readers on the best domain name registration site and good web hosting for site owners or blog owners who wants to get a domain name for their site as well get a hosting for their site on the new year.

domain name and web hosting

Our recommendation for a site or blog owner who wants to get the best domain name registration and hosting for their site still remains the same and we will be given out the best domain name and hosting service for the new year based on few factors discussed below.
1. Good customer care services
2. Easy method of payment which involves PayPal, bank payment or debit/credit card payment
3. Expand Bandwidth
4. Quick Responds to changes
5. Cheap services

Listed above are few out of many conditions used the select the best 3 domain name registrar and webhosting services recommended for the new year are as follows;

1. Namecheap

2. Hostagator

3. Godaddy 

These are recommended domain name registration and web hosting services as well as the site involved. We recommend the hosting services above for your site or blog in the year 2015. They are good, reliable and will never let your site down when needed. Thanks for reading.
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