18 Sep 2014

Ways of Avoiding Scams While Carrying Out Online Businesses

As said in an earlier post an Online market is a place where people come together to buy and sell. That is to say even the website such as olx is not sure of the authenticity of the products being displayed by sellers. Therefore a lot of people get swindled for they think only serious minded people visit this sites. Well below are ten ways of which you can help protect yourselves and others from being defrauded while carrying out online transactions.

1. Know Who You Are Transacting With.

Having the phone number of who you are dealing with is definitely not enough. You need to know the seller’s physical address.Do an online search for the company name and website, and look for reviews. If the feedback is not favorable, then you choose if that is the best for you.. After all, a deal is good only if you get a product that actually works as promised. If it is an individual make sure create a meeting at an open space around people so as to avoid any case of harassment.

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2. Never Wire Money To Sellers From An Online Market

Fraudsters in most cases will insist that you wire money to them. Why? That’s because it is almost impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money. Don’t wire money to strangers,clients, buyers or sellers who insist on wire transfers as a medium of payment.

 3. Read your monthly statements.

Fraudsters steal account information and then run up charges or commit crimes in your name. Fraud merchants will charge you for monthly fees” and other goods or services without your permission. If you notice some fees or charges you don’t know or could not verify, then you need to contact your bank as fast as possible, card issuer, or other creditor at that time or instantly.

4. Don’t reply to messages asking for personal or financial information.

You need to be careful of messages or links asking for your personal or financial information. Most of them are fake and they are keen on getting your personal information for fraudulent act, please don't fall for scam through this means. Online business should be treated with care.

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5. Talk to Experts Before You Buy Any Product Online

Whatever it is you want to purchase online, make sure you speak to people ho have at least basic knowledge of the product so you do not get ripped off by paying too much or so you can identify if the seller I legit. Forexample imagine someone trying to pass off an a fairly used iPhone 5 for just 10,000 Naira. Absurd right? But you would actually see such crazy adverts at online markets. However adequate knowledge of the iPhone product will immediately allow your senses to recognize it’s a scam are rip off.

6 Utilize Common Sense

If time has taught me one thing, Common sense is rare and scarce. While some of these suggestions might be real, they're worth repeating.
Do not let your emotions determine whatever steps you are meant to take with a seller. Wether they need money or not. Appropriate precautions must be taken so you do not fall vctim to fraudster.

The Common Mistakes Nigerian Make Between An Online Store and Online Market

The online market in Nigeria definitely witnessed an explosion from the year 2013 and is definitely at its peak right now with online markets such as OLX and shops such as Jumia. However many Nigerians have not yet mastered the art of safe guarding themselves from online fraudsters due to the fact that they assume everything works the way you see it in American movies where you order pay online and just like that! Its at your door step.


Let’s get some things clear an online store is different from an online market. An online store is more or less like a supermarket where you see different products with prize tags. You pick whatever item you want, you pay online and whatever you purchase gets delivered to your home or office. For example Jumia and Konga.

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An online market on the other hand is literarily a market online whereby buyers and seller meet to negotiate on various products on display. Unlike online stores that are more or less like your physical supermarkets and all the products come from the owners of the website, The online market is more or less like Oshodi market when it was still untouched by Fashola. The creator of sites that cater to online markets cannot, I repeat cannot vouch for the authenticity of products on display. This because even the seller of products also register with the website before they can display their products.

However Nigerians have mixed up Online stores with Online markets thereby making them vulnerable to fraudsters. It is important to take note because there are a lot of fraudsters when it comes to online markets because the website does not own the products on display but rather help people advertise their wares. Therefore the next time you go to online markets like OLX, make sure you take adequate measures before making any transactions.

17 Sep 2014

6 Qualities a Good Website Must Have

What are the Qualities of a Great Website? This is the same question i ask a professional web designer/blogger whom i seek to help me improve my blog. He only said i can make my website good and great just like others but below are the answers he gave.

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1.Good contents: The only common thing about some good website on the internet is their contents. Content is the king any time and i good website must provide good contents that make lot of sense to the readers. If you are to make your blog or website great, then you need to add fresh, original and nice content to make your website great and even greater than the best.

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2. Solve Problems: To make a great website, you need to ensure your blog/website give information that solves problem. Either directly or indirectly, you must provide solution by smiles, laugh,tutorial, entertainment, news,research etc

3. Design: Your website can be greater than the existing one through a nice design. The design or template of a website or blog is one of the selling point for a site which keeps your reader coming again and again. People love responsive website with easy navigation, it means it must have well positioned menu or pages and well optimized for mobile viewers. You could go for premium templates that are responsive, it really helps the site to be good.

4. Contact info: A good website or blog should have some contact information on display or in a link page. Having a contact information or on a page gives impression that such person is a human being and at least can be contacted. It make negotiation easy and cool. The presence of your email or phone number is okay.

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5. Social Networks Button: Your blog or website should have social bookmarking site button as well as social networks like Facebook or Twitter button. It ensure social interaction between the site and the people on the internet. The presence of this button ensure a great blog.

6. Making Money: This may be controversial because not all blogs or website use it. Its a link or banner of programs to make money. I believe people don't just create a website or blog for fun but it must fulfill a particular purpose on ways to get money. People who sell can put a link and payment button where people can buy and pay online or other affiliate banners for money which Adsense is part of them.

These are few things that makes a great on the internet, if there are other ways, don't hesitate to pass information across to our readers by using the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

16 Sep 2014

How to Make Money with an Android Phone

I really want to give out some information on what i do and how i have been making some cash using my Android phone. Its a not a brag but i feel many people will learn reading this tip and can start making money from their Android phone.


There are many Android version and types but i don't care as long as the phone is Android. I have used Htc and Sony Xperia and they both perform the same function for me. The usb, wifi, bluetooth, Vpn and other gadget all have various functions they do for me and they also enhance performance of business.

1. Printing: The first thing that makes me money especially in my country is to help people fill out forms and submit online. Example of such is CV and other documents.I already have some format of cv and other things, i only edit through word apps like polarize office, send it to my small printer for printing and get paid.

2. Online Registration: I earn money daily from online registering of anything. For instance, i do registration of id cards,national id cards, international exams and scholarships, and many more. My hp printer can easily print out from my phone and that's all. Read Also- How to Make Money Selling Phones

3. Blogging: An android device is best used for blogging. You only need to download the blogger or wordpress apps and you are already doing the blogging. Many times, if am less busy and i need to develop a post, then i just bring out my phone and start typing on my notepad and later transfer it to the apps i use. It make blogging easier and making money from it simple.

4. Internet: My Android phone provides income for me when i use the subscription or data plan as internet provider and get paid for it. Many times if am at work and few people needs to be connected, i then connect my wifi for whosoever and get paid for providing such internet facility.

5.Sport betting: My Android is the best thing i can ever use to access my sport betting sites, stake some odds and play live event too. Since most site has a mobile apps, its makes it easy for me and i play on for money. Its risky but i still earn from such.

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6. Videos: The latest and fast way to make money online this days is to create videos, post it on YouTube and monetize the traffic,it generate income. With my Htc Android, i don't need a video camera and video editor, it can be carried out directly on my Android

There are the top ways i earn money from my Android phone right now. Many more ways will be posted in the second in the later post. Many people use their android phones for fancy, chatting, music and flirts but i us mine to make money. So think.

7 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online

I knew it might not be possible for me to write on earning money online if i haven't being making money myself. I see the internet as an extra way to earn passive income. Since the basic salary might not be enough for me, then its an alternative to extra cash for myself.


Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. I will really advice you to start the easiest one among the online businesses around and make it way to earn passive income for yourself. Ways to Earn Passive income from the internet includes;

1. Google Adsense: This can be used as a source of income through blogging, websites and YouTube. You only create a free website for yourself from blogger or WordPress, post useful contents, get traffic and enjoy money made from your clicks. It can also be achieved by creating original videos, monetize the video and make money from the videos. Its a great way to earn cash only if you drive traffic to the contents and videos.

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2. Affiliate Marketing: This involves selling other people's product through your site. You only copy the code of the seller on your site and make money from sales or views gotten through your site. It can be started simply by building a free blog, drive traffic to it and start placing affiliate codes on the site. Its a good way to earn passive income online.

3. Mobile App Creation: Creating mobile apps for cash is a big one. Most companies and website owners needs mobile version of their brand be placed on Google play, Apple Store, BB World etc

4. Email Marketing : This involves promoting other people's brand or product using your own subscribers list. You can send information about a brand or product for your loyal subscriber and people will really pay you to do such.

5. Micro Jobs: This is latest source of income for many online workers or the work at home. You only need to make an advert (gig) of what you can do and get paid for every completed works. Sites that offer such services includes fiverr, seoclerks,gigbucks,zeerk etc. Read AlsoTrending Ways to Earn on Fiverr

6. Video Creator: A simple way to make money online and use it a passive way to earn is to learn to create videos, offer the videos for sale or create original videos for companies its good.

7. Article Writing: If you are a good writer, then you need to start earning money writing articles for cash. Sites like bubblenews,hubpages,triond,ezinearticles,goarticles,freelancer etc accept your articles for cash. Its a good way to earn passive income too.

Other ways to make Passive Income through the internet is to sell something on classified ads site like Craigslist, Sell Ebooks, Sport betting, Forex and many more. It can be used to add more

15 Sep 2014

How to Start a Business With no Money

Can i Start a Business with no Money? A reader sent a question wanting to know if there is a kind of business someone can start with no capital or money. With no money or capital, can one start a business? but the answer is yes.

Getting money or capital to start a business can be challenging at times because nobody really want to help or believe in your business ideas but there are some business that can be started with no money at all.

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It not that the business requires no money to start but their are other things that can take the place of money which is easily affordable. Example of such includes a computer,a phone,an internet,a Facebook or twitter account, Handwork or skill etc. The business which requires no money and can be started comfortably which includes;

1. Craft on Classified sites: You can start a craft making business if you have the knowledge and skill to do so. Making craft is what you can do at your leisure, ensure they are beautiful and place them in front of your house,a friends shop or on classified ads sites like Kijiji,eBay,Craigslist etc. People who loves your craft and are in need of it will buy from you.

2. Micro jobs: This is a business which can be done online. Such sites like fiverr, seoclerks,gig-bucks will pay you for every successful gig you complete and its so simple. It requires no money or capital to start, with your skills, you can make money from micro jobs site designing a website, a logo,creating videos etc

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3. Writing: If you have no money to start a business, then article writing online or offline.g newspapers is a good way to do that. Writing article online pays more than any other business. You don't need to be a guru to become a freelancer but your simple creativity can help you excel as a freelancer. Its great

4. Social Media Marketing: This is a business that can be done at home, you only need to use your twitter followers or Facebook friends to make money buy creating, promoting and posting advert of other people products to your friends. This type of business may require no money but social networks interaction.

5. Work at Home Business: This is also known as online business.Examples includes paid surveys,blogging,affiliate marketing,Adsense,YouTube,Sport bets,Forex etc They require no money to start but only your time and internet connected devices 

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6. Web Design: Designing website for people requires no huge capital but skills and ability to put tools together for the website. Just create time, build a beautiful website and advertise to people around you and online, you get people to bid for your website and buy from you.

These are few business you can do that requires little or no capital. Just think of something you can do or a business you can render to your friends and to people for some cash. You may use the comment box below to add more to this topic or ask a question. Thanks for reading.

14 Sep 2014

Photo: 10 Highest Rated Jobs for Youth in Their 20s

This is a photo which shows various jobs that can be done by people or youth in their twenties. 
 As shown in the picture, the job title and rating where included.The pics shows all the information you need for the job. Thanks as you make use of this information.

13 Sep 2014

How to Add Contact Form to Blog on Blogger

Since blogger introduced the contact me form, its being very useful and people or visitors can get across to admin of a blog easily. I decided to post on how i added the Contact me form on my blogger blog.

To add this form, the steps to do this is so easy that you only need to add it as a gadget which is the simplest form of integration of codes to form on blogger. Just do the following;

1. Login to your blog dashboard

2. Press on Add a Gadget 

3. Search for Contact me form and add

4. Then Save

You can then drag the contact form widget to any position on the blog, it can be at the header, sidebar, footer etc

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Its good, it helps get feedback as fast as possible with easy installation of widget. Thanks

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