26 Aug 2014

How to Maintain and Earn from Multiple Survey Sites

Earning Money Online from Paid surveys can be achieved only if one could register as many survey site like 20 legitimate survey sites and taking paid surveys with each.

But paid surveys can be time consuming, waste of time and many at times boring but its very possible to make money from 20 or more surveys site at once using a software called roboform.


RoboForm for Android is a password manager and form filler app that allows you to use your logins from your RoboForm Everywhere account on your Android  

Roboform helps you auto fill questions from surveys sites and the great news is that it can be used on Phones or Computer.

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You can download roboform to your computer or from Google Play if you are using an Android phone then Apple store for Iphones.

Roboform helps you take surveys in few minutes and you earn money taking such surveys. Just find some legitimate surveys sites, register with them and use your roboform quicken your surveys. 

Its very possible to earn cash from different survey site using this software. And if you are not a resident of United state, Canada or UK do change your IPAddress to access the site or better still, use a VPN to surf anonymously. Thanks

25 Aug 2014

How to Make Money from Paid Surveys in Nigeria

Paid Surveys is a common way to make money but many Nigerians don't really know how to make money taking paid surveys in Nigeria.


Taking Paid Surveys requires no special skills or degree but your time, internet connected devices and valid email address. Most surveys site are located in the United State, Canada or United Kingdom which means they allow most people from that region.

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 But as a Nigerian, who want to make money registering with some legitimate surveys sites needs the following;
  • A Valid Email
  • A paypal account
  • A US Phone number
  • A US Address
  •  Time
The requirements above are what you need to earn money from paid surveys in Nigeria and this is how to start.

1. Connect your Pc or Phone to the Internet
2. Change your ip address or get a free vpn online
3.  Register with a United State or Canadian Ip address, real address and phone number
4. Check Whichsurveys and register as many sites as possible
5.  You must be 18yrs and above to register
6. Start with Opinion Outpost, Toluna or Globaltestmarket or any other
7. Download a roboform software to help you auto fill the forms

The following process should be rightly followed to earn and make money from paid surveys. Although there are many survey sites which are scams or waste time but there are some that are legitimate which you can work with them. Thanks

22 Aug 2014

How to Transfer Credit Between Mtn to Mtn Network

Can i Transfer money or Credit from my MTN sim to Another? Yes its very possible especially for people in Africa who are using the Mtn Network.


I tried to send money from my MTN sim to another Mtn Network using my phone but it didnt work so, i use the following code which works perfectly.


Follow dial the code above and carefully replacing Number with the person's phone number, Amount with the money you want to spend and your Mobile Pin.

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Remember that you cant use the default Pin of 0000 to do this but you can easily change your pin by dialing *600*New Pin*New Pin#

Doing this helps you transfer credit or balance from your MTN network to another but all on the same MTN network. Thanks

How to Make Money from Pay-for-me Services

Helping people to pay for various transactions either online or offline is referred to as Pay for me services.

You can make money helping people pay for product or services online and and still earn some cash from such.

There are different ways to earn cash by helping people pay for anything online or offline which includes;

1. PayPal : If you have a working and legitimate PayPal account, there ate so many people who needs your service to help pay online or accept payment on their behave. Many people will like to pay for services like hosting, domain name registration, Facebook or Google ads, items like phones,computers, cloths, etc.


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2. Ecurrency: people needs help to pay or convert e-currencies such as perfect money,Egopay,web money,Stp,PayPal etc.

3. POS : You could also help give small amount of cash to people using your POS machine especially for a small amount and add a commission to the deduction from such persons bank debit card.

4. Foreign Debit/Credit cards : If you have a foreign credit or debit card which is accepted anywhere in the world, then that's is an opportunity to make money from people who do not have because you help them pay and charge q token for it. It's a way to earn money helping people to pay.

These are different ways to make money helping people to pay popularly called Pay for me services. Thanks for reading.

Photo - the Worth of $100 in Each State

The Chart Below shows the worth of $100 dollars in Each State of America. Although, it depends on your state and rate


20 Aug 2014

How to Sell Network Marketing Products

Network marketing is program that enrich and helps people to make money by selling a product or building a chain of followers which later result to earning based on activities of others.

The 3 Popular Network marketing popular in this region are GNLD, Tianshi and Greenword.
To earn money from network marketing, you need to build a chain of followers, sell more products and train other people on how to sell.

The successful network marketers might not tell you how they advance and begin to earn more, but few are listed below;

1. To speed up your growth rate in network marketing, you need to buy a combo pack. This is the first purchase you make after registration. The combo pack gives automatic promotion to another level with moderate wage or salary

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2. You need to learn how to convince people about the product you are selling and the reason why they should buy your product. This can be achieved by getting more and knowledge about the product.

3. Then, You need to start selling to friends, relatives, families, colleagues, neighbours etc. 

4. You also need to build a chain of marketers i.e you teach people how to sell, invite more people to join the network and encouarge them to sell. This in return, will promote your ranking on the network and more cash will emerge for you.

5. Organising free seminars, workshop, free health tips, free medical test in public places like offices, schools, churches, markets can expose the product where you earn money, earn followers and more convidence.

6. To have an effective sales of network marketing products, you need to also ensure you purchase the test kit and a laptop to run test for people which helps detect the actual problem of health of such an individual. Read Also - 10 Fast Way to Make Money Online

These are few things and ways to sell your network marketing product effectively to earn more ranking, money and followers. Thanks for reading.

16 Aug 2014

How to make money from your Internet connected Devices

Internet connected Devices include a personal computer, Laptop and some high end smartphones such as Androids, IPhone and Blackberry are devices used personally and as well can be used to make money.

I only want to post on things I do to make money on my internet connected laptop and my Android which has really worked for me.

1. I earn money using my internet connected phone to play online games such as soccer bets and other games. It's simple, just play bet online using your phone or computer.

2. Another way earn money is to list and post some of my services on classified ads site where I get calls for a brief work and get paid.

3. I also get paid through my internet doing pay for me services. I help people pay online, register using PayPal or other e-currency exchanges.

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4. Many times, I don't use my internet connected Device for chats alone but for marketing purposes.I market and sell things online to make money.

5. My internet connected phone is used as a video camera to record events where I upload them on YouTube for money. That's one if the best way I earn money from my phones.

6. My computer is also a video compression machine which helps compress and convert few videos before uploading. Although you have to install some video compress and converting soft wares to do that.

7. My Internet connected phones are also used to call my customers or mail them on some of the product sold.  Read Also - How to Make Money from Phone Accessories

There are many more ways to make money from an internet connected device such as phones and computers in which many will be posted in the next post.

Better still, use the comment box below to make a suggestion, ask question or provide answers to this topic discussed. Thanks for reading.

Top 3 Fast Ways to Make Money Online at No Cost

I carefully studied the various ways to earn money on the internet to test the sure and fastest way to make money at no cost and i came up with this short write ups.

There are many ways to make money online which has been discussed previously but the fastest way to make money and one which requires no money i.e you will not even spend a dime for adverts or registration are listed below

Top 3 Ways to Make Quick Money Online

1. Soccer Predictions : Soccer predictions(Soccer bets) seems to be the fastest way i earn some few cash into my pocket. Its quick because most matches are played at 90mins unless at extra time but very risky. If you are smart, not greedy and ready to start slow, you will see this money making method as the best and fastest way of all the online money making methods.It requires no money, website, advertisement cost but only your time and internet connected computer or phone.    Read Also - 12 Fast Ways to Earn Money Online

2. YouTube : Getting Cash Online quickly can be achieved on YouTube for free. You only need to create videos for people or advertisers, or you create your own original video and monetize the video with Google Ads, then as soon as you have interesting videos and sharing on Social networks, the earn money from clicks which requires little money, may never require a website but only your time of creating videos.

3. Fiverr : This is a micro jobs site where you get paid based on the service you render. I tried few gigs and it works, you only need time to fulfill the gigs you promised and get money based on order of your services. Few orders(gigs) such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers, YouTube views, Web traffic, SEO, Article writing, Video production, Animation etc are hot gigs that brings money as quick as possible. Read Also - 10 News Ways to Earn Money Online

These are ways you can make money through the internet as fast as possible at no cost. You won't spend a dime only your computer, Phone, internet are tools you need to achieve this. Thanks for reading.

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