25 Apr 2015

Is Online Business Better Than Employment?

We see Employment as a normal day to day salary jobs where people get paid at the end of the month for jobs or task done. But, its been attached to so many effect like fatigue, long hours of work, emotional imbalance, task and lack of pay at the end of the month while the advent of online business seems to be making people self employ and getting paid from home.

online business vs employment

Unlike Salary jobs or employment where you wake up early to work, work for long hours and get paid even if you don't like the work but Online Business is a way to make money from home, to make extra money or way to work in front of your computer and get paid at the end of the week, month or when you reach pay out.
Despite all the advantages that comes with making money online, it also has it set back which is lack of information on the best online jobs and choosing the best business online. Instead, i choose to be engaged in internet business as part time work from which help me earn extra income online.

Big giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook etc are giving out opportunity which beat salary jobs or employment through different ways people make money online using their programs. If you ask me if "Internet Business is better than Salary Jobs" i will say yes because it comes with lot of comfort, can be done from home and money are paid directly to your local bank account any where you are.

If you have no job and all you seek is to get employed in one company or the other for a good pay then, Start a small business where you can plan your own diary and divert your energy to your own business venture and start making good income for yourself

I suggest you use our search box above to check ways to make money online using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Fiverr, Blog and many more. When the job comes, its good but when really do not enjoy your work or you aren't making much, then try online business. Its a good way to make money or earn extra money online. Thanks for reading.

Is Brazil Taking The Internet into Its Own Hands

brazil internet
How Brazil is taking the internet into its own hands

There’s a huge new communications project taking place right now – and the US isn’t involved.

Next year, Brazil will begin laying 5,600km of undersea internet cable from Fortaleza, Brazil to Lisbon, Portugal, in order to free themselves from the aggressive spying processes of the USA.

The $185 million project will allow internet to flow freely between South America and Europe. Most internet traffic currently has to go through the US, but this will ensure that the US can’t implement their mass surveillance on South American and European web traffic as easily as it wants to.

Brazil’s Telebras and Spain’s IslaLink are the companies behind the project, and they’re not messing around: the cable will be coated in Mylar and wrapped in polyethylene, and basically serves as an anti-NSA protest. There may not be any US-made technology involved, despite Cisco being one of the contractors involved with Telebras.

The potential for the rest of the world to get by without US technology and without bowing to their spying practices highlights the damage that the NSA mass surveillance project is doing to the US economy; as other countries grow tired of this, they will invest in technologies that allow them to do things their own way.

It was revealed last week that the NSA’s surveillance program was almost dropped before the Snowden scandal, as it was deemed to be too expensive. Will this new undersea cable, and the implication it has for the US economy, be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

Source : Surf Easy

24 Apr 2015

Sort Codes for Banks in Nigeria

Below is a list of Nigerian banks and their Sort Codes just in case you need it. Sort code of any bank is very important especially when filling a form that requires bank payment or accepting money for work done for people, firm, companies etc

sort codes

Sort Codes of Nigerian banks listed below are accurate and can be used for any bank branch nationwide. For example, the Sort Code of GTBank is 058152052 apply to any GTB Branch in town which means a bank uses the same Sort Code all round.    Read Also - Top 3 Reliable Bank in Nigeria

WEMA BANK - 035150103
FCMB - 214150018
FIN BANK - 085082357
BANK PHB/ KEYSTONE - 082150017
DIAMOND BANK - 063150162
ECO BANK  - 050150010
ETB - 040150101
First Bank N - 011151003
Fidelity BANK - 070150003
GTB - 058152052
Intercontinental Bank - 069150014
SKYE BANK - 076151006
STANBIC IBTC - 221159522
STANCHART - 068150015
STERLING BANK - 232150016
UBA - 033153513
UNION BANK - 032154568
UNITY BANK - 215153593
Zenith Bank - 057150013
ACCESS BANK - 044150149
CITI BANK - 023150005


The sort code of Nigerian banks posted below are real, correct and can be used without going to the bank for any information. Thanks for reading.

23 Apr 2015

Best E Currency Exchanger in Nigeria

Which is the Best ECurrency Exchanger in Nigeria?
E-Currency is an electronic payment method or online payment gateway that can be used to make payments online, receive payment, buy or sell goods online and can be used to transfer money online from one region to another.  Its make various online transaction fast and easy which means you can buy online, make payment online, receive money and exchange money in form of currency online. Examples of good and recommended E-Currency includes PayPal, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, SolidTrustPay, WebMoney and many more.

E Currency

Many Nigerians who uses E currency like PayPal or PerfectMoney often ask questions and wanting to know the best E-currency Exchanger in Nigeria and not only the best but the fastest, most reliable, most recommended exchangers in Nigeria and due to my experience and usage, i will say

Web Currency  
Magnetic Exchanger

All these E currency exchangers are reliable, most recommended as well as the best E-Currency exchanger in Nigeria because they provide
  • Instant funding of e currency
  • Buy E currency at cheaply
  • Sell E-currency e.g perfect-money at Cheaper rate 
  • Good customer services
  • Bank transfers
  • Bank Transfers
  • Fast Completion of orders
  • Account Security and many more
If you want to buy or sell ecurrency like Perfectmoney, Paypal, Bitcoin, EgoPay etc in Nigeria, then the best site we recommended for instant funding and payments is naira4dollar due to experience and so far, it remains the best in terms of currency exchange. Thanks for reading.

Photo: Small Scale Business Idea

In Photo -This is actually what a lady sells to make money

The pics below describes how someone has been surviving with this small scale business and when i met with the business owner, she narrates how lucrative the business can be and very cheap to start. If you lack a small scale business idea, then look at this pics to learn just a few things

small scale business sample

One of the things i learn from these picture is that it represent small scale business sample for people to start. Its simple, cheap and very high in demand in some countries in West - Africa. The demand for this commodity is high, cheap to start and very lucrative to make money. That is what someone sells to make a living and she's doing well with the business. Thanks for reading

20 Apr 2015

Fast Ways to Make Money From YouTube

Maybe i should just rephrase this post as the fastest way to make money online on YouTube. I never taught of these until i started getting some extra money on my Adsense coming from some of my YouTube videos posted earlier.


YouTube is the biggest video social networks on the internet owned by Google inc. It has always been the most interesting part of the internet where videos can be watched, uploaded and can also be used to make money. Not only that, i figured out something that makes me make more money fast on YouTube which am also sharing now.

The fast way to make money on YouTube or the fastest way to make money from videos uploaded to YouTube includes;

1.  Integrate with Adsense: In fact, the best way to make money from YouTube is to integrate or monetize the video or its views with the best pay per click advertisement known as Google Adsense. If you have more views on your video, it time to monetize the YouTube traffic with Adsense which i believe you get paid into your bank account any where in the world.
2.  Buy Real YouTube Views: Not all paid views are good source of traffic for the video but i believe you can still get some legitimate YouTube views from sites like fiverr which help increase traffic of the video uploaded. Just be careful not to buy bot or software views which amount to nothing but the real human views can also be gotten.

3.  Facebook adverts : Another legitimate way to get good traffic which increases your YouTube earnings as fast as possible is by promoting your videos on Facebook advertising programs. This enables thousands of Facebook users to see your videos around the world. Its a real fast way to generate traffic and also a fast way to make money on YouTube

4.  YouTube adverts; A good way to get an increase in traffic which increases your YouTube earnings fast is by promoting your videos with YouTube adverts. This serves your videos to thousands of YouTube users to see your videos around the world. Its a fast way to drive traffic to a video and also a fast way to make money on YouTube

These are the four (4) ways that guarantees fast money from YouTube. It all depends on the video, how interesting the video is and high views generated through the video. It means to make fast money from YouTube, you must drive traffic to your videos for increase in earnings. Thanks for reading.

How to Fund Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria

A reader sent this from inbox 'How can i fund my Payoneer account in Nigeria?' The answer to this question lead to this post which explains ways of adding money or fund a Payonner account or card for our readers in Nigeria.

payoneer card funding

Payoneer MasterCard is a very useful tool Payment gateway or the best payment option to buy, sell, receive payments online and also to transfer money online. This debit card is widely use especially online because it acceptable as a medium of payment by most companies on the internet to pay fro any product or services but how do you fund it in Nigeria remains the question people ask too often

The best and fastest way to fund this card in Nigeria includes;

1. Private Transfer : You can fund your Payoneer card in Nigeria through private transfers. It means someone can send you money through his or her own Payoneer account but must be trusted. The condition to do this posted on their site so, just search a trusted company or individual in Nigeria and tell such to send some amount of money by transfer and pay the company in exchange.
2. UBA Africard : You can also fund your Payoneer account in Nigeria through UBA Africard. These card is very reliable and can be used to pay, receive or buy things online and funding a Payoneer card is not an exemption. Walk to any UBA bank near your area and apply for Africard Visa Card and fund.

3. Receive Money from Official Partners:  You can load money, fund or add money to your Payoneer Mastercard through accredited partners who pays through Payoneer. Their so many partners on their site who can help you fund/load money into your Payoneer card. Just check their official site for this.

4.  US Payment services: You can also get your MasterCard loaded with money through US Payment services as instructed on their site. Some companies in US prefer to pay via a Payoneer card and the card can be used to receive money directly from USA.

5. Company's Payment via Payoneer : If you are working online or you sell stuffs to companies, you can get paid or receive money into your Payoneer account if such companies pay by Payoneer. Its an acceptable way of funding Payoneer card in Nigeria

3. PayPal: PayPal is the biggest and most widely used online payment service used to withdraw money from Payoneer MasterCard, you can also use it to load money or fund your Payoneer account directly through your PayPal

These are the ways you can add money, load money or fund your Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria and carry out with your online transaction with ease. Thanks for reading

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