24 Apr 2014

How to Control Your Spending Now

I think at this time of the year, people really need to control some reckless spending, track the spending and adjust their money spending spree in order not to get broke. Even if we are making some good cash does not mean you should not control the cash and spend wisely.


The best way you can control your spending at this time of the year is to track and adjust Instead of spending, why not invest more in other business to earn more or you make some plan on the salary you are earning at your place of work.

There are ways to control and track ones' spending which are explained as you read further below.  Read alsohow to Save Extra Money

5 ways to Control Your Spending 

1.  Prudence Spending ; the best way to track excess spending and control it is by spending your earned money cautiously and judiciously. This help prevent unnecessary buying of things and wastage.

2. Plan : there is no other way to control excessive spending than to plan. Planning not only ensure good spending but it also give room for control of cash where important things are considered and money spent based on plan.

3. Get Committed : you can get rid of excess spending simply be getting committed and achieving it. Commitment wholeheartedly in order to control spending at times tell how discipline someone can be financially.

4. Keep Records : keeping records such as invoice, receipt, teller, and every other payment made help check excesses and may help track one's spending. Keeping payment records is a good and reliable way to control one's spending.

5. Buy cheap things : it may not make sense buying expensive things when cheap things can be bought cheaply online or from stores. Cheap things help to control cash spending because it saves money.

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These are different ways people can actually gain financial success by controlling excess and reckless spending. If popular sportsmen, musicians, business moguls can go bankrupt due to spending spree, then its too risky for us to make such. We will give ideas on how to make money and not to lose it. Thanks for reading.

Short Domain Name vs Long Domain Name

The quest to have the best website start with the domain name selection and hosting but many free hosted site especially on blogspot or wordpress do usually have long domain name and they are doing well in terms of traffic, seo, money making etc.

Either short domain name like the .com, net or .org all have their own advantages while some long domain names site also get significant result from search engines due to its seo reasons


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Both Long or Short Domain names due to not determine the site traffic or popularity but the originality of content, creativity, designs and many more.

In my own opinion, shorter domain names are user friendly while longer domain names are search engine friendly but Google is fast appreciating sites that are user friendly and recommendation.

Advantage of shorter Domain Names
1. Its user friendly
2. Visitors finds it easy to pronounce
3. Its easy to type
4. Its easy to refer
5. User can easily remember
6. It may also be search engine friendly if keyword is good.

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While some long Domain name are also search engine friendly and user freindly. For instance, www.earnonlineng.com and www.earnmoneyonlineng.blogspot.com you can see the difference. But its does not matter anyway because contents is the key for any site to get traffic and popularity.

If you are a new website owner, then the ball is in your court to choose the best out of this two long or short domain names which depends on the title of the site and its contents. Thanks.

23 Apr 2014

How to Submit a Site to Google, Yahoo and Bing

Do you have a new or old website and you want to submit to the top 3 search engine in the world which are Google, Yahoo and Bing? As you carefully read the post, you can easily submit your site or blog yourself search engines. Read AlsoYahoomail vs Gmail
Submitting your site to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have many great advantages which i believe you wouldn't like to miss as a site or blog owner. Some of the advantages which includes;
  • Traffic from search engines
  • Fast Search Engine indexing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Presence of site on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Website Popularity
  • Better site Ranking
  • Site & Domain Authority
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The advantages of submitting a website to Google, Yahoo and Bing are numerous and are very important if you want your site to be exposed and make money from the site.

How to Submit a Website to Google, Yahoo and Bing

Just visit the link below, submit your site by putting the correct url, site name and other information required and your site will be ready for indexing.

1. Submit site to Google here @  Google Url Submit 
2. Submit url to Yahoo here @  Yahoo Url Submit
3. Submit url to Bing here @   Bing Url Submit
Just visit the link to each of the search engine above and submit your website freely and fast for better website traffic, index, presence, popularity and many more.

The quick way to submit your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo are the links provided above. Thanks for reading.

How to Withdraw Google Adsense Money with a Payoneer Mastercard

You can definitely withdraw your Google Adsense Earnings directly into your bank account anywhere in the world due to the recent Google upgrade and announcement passed to Adsense Publishers on direct bank payment system.


Google Adsense is the oldest and fastest way to earn money online as well as the sure way to make money with one's website based on site popularity and traffic. The Payoneer Mastercard is widely accepted all over the world even in this country and its can also be used to as a good option for Google Adsense Payment.

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Since you can withdraw cash with your Payoneer card, then you only need to register your account detail information on your Adsense Dashboard where your money can be sent directly to the Payoneer MasterCard. But on the condition that the Google Adsense has the option to withdraw with US Bank Account via ACH

Integrating Your Payoneer Account with Google Adsense

  • The Payoneer Account provides you with a US Checking Bank Account details which provides a US checking account number, routine number, debit card, Name of bank etc
  •  Go to your Adsense dashboard just at the top corner, you see the payment option where you see direct bank transfer.
  • Provide Payoneer mastercard account information which includes full name, bank name, account number, routine number and other information.
  • Make sure the name on Adsense is the same with the name on Payoneer Account
  • The Google Adsense has enabled withdraw from US Bank via ACH
  • Read terms and condition and click save
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After a brief review, you can begin to get your Adsense Earnings sent directly to your Payoneer Account which can be withdrawn at any Atm Machine.
 Its quite easy, the money get transferred without any charges, fees or delay. Just receive the alert and withdraw your Adsense Earnings via the Atm. Thanks


Top 5 Reliable Pinging Sites

Some pinging sites are still reliable for good search engine optimization (SEO), faster crawl rate of blog by search engines, traffic etc and the list of the 10 free pinging sites will be listed below as you read on. 


Some Pinging sites ensures the search engines crawl your sites faster, improve site visibility, backlinks and relevance of site to other search engines.

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Regular pinging of sites at times increase site popularity on the web and the five pinging sites seems to be the best and most reliable free pinging sites. They submit your sites to many other search engines and also notify the site for any new updates on the sites.

 List of Pinging Sites

1. Pingler

2. Pingomatic

3. Pingates

4. Total Pings

5. Google Pings

6. Submit Express

7. Tecnorati

8. Pingoat

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9. Pingmyurl

10. Bulk ping

Even if your site is not getting recognized by search engines  or the site isn't getting the required popularity based on poor seo, why not ping your site regularly using the list of pinging sites above and see the change. Thanks for reading List of Best Pinging Sites.

22 Apr 2014

How to Promote YouTube Videos

How to Promote YouTube Videos? This question was asked by a reader who really wants to know ways to promote YouTube Videos and we decide to write this post.

YouTube is a video sharing website where you could make video, post it and you get videos on the Videos based on the shares, views, popularity and uniqueness of the video. You can get you videos promoted through the simple method below. See Also, How to make money on YouTube


Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

1.  Social Networks : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are good social networks where you could easily promote a YouTube video simply by posting the link of the YouTube video on your wall and people watch the videos live.

2.  Create a website : You can get your YouTube video across to people just by creating a free website with nice designs, keyword, logo, contents, search engine optimization and share the links across to people by email, social media, forums etc

3. Google Adwords : You can promote your YouTube videos using Google Adwords advertising programs. This program ensure you videos get across millions of people through Google Search on Video contents. This is a good way to promote a video online.

4. Facebook Ads : This is a good way to get your YouTube videos across to huge number of Facebook users. Its not free but very effective program. It makes the YouTube Video go Viral with lots of traffic. Read Also, Facebook or Twitter- which do you prefer

5. Micro Jobs Site : Sites like fiverr, gigbucks,seoclerks are good way to promote a YouTube videos for a token. People with huge number of YouTube subscribers will post a link of the YouTube video to their viewers only for a few $. For example, you could find gigs like this on fiverr " i will post your YouTube video for my 100k YouTube subscribers for $5"

Theses are good ways to promote a YouTube videos and get people watch the video either for cash, popularity or fun. Thanks for reading.

13 Apr 2014

How to Get Google Adsense Approval on Blogger or Blogspot Platform

Can a Blogger Blog Get Google Adsense Approval?
Google Adsense is of the best way to make money blogging and also a sure way to earn money through one's blog site also Blogger platform or any other platform.

Many people especially blogger believed that a platform may be favored than the other when applying for Adsense but i do not agree to that because i tested both ways. Blogger or Wordpress are both good but the secret is that blogs on blogspot can also be more popular than the customs blogs.


The most successful blogs in the world with high remuneration from Adsense most times are blogger blogs while some are free blogspot site with or without a custom domain.

I have few sites that got their Adsense Approval even faster than some custom or wordpress blogs. Getting Adsense Approval only depends on few factors such as;
  • Age of blog
  • Does site Obey Adsense Policy
  • Traffic
  • Quality Contents
  • Quality back-links
  • Popularity on Search Engine
  • Popularity on Social Networks
  • Search Engine Optimization
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All these and many more will make your blogger blog easily be approved of Adsense and not the Platform where the blog is powered. '

With these few information now, i believe you can now see reasons why your site is not approved of Google Adsense and not the blogspot or blogger platform where the site is powered. Even some self hosted site may not be given Adsense easily. Thanks for reading.

8 Apr 2014

5 Things to Consider in Negotiating a Starting Salary

Things to Consider Before Negotiating a Salary

This is a question which i believe is very important during a job interview and it determines your pay for the job. Many people do not know how to negotiate a salary where they end up getting underpay at their place of work.

Stating a salary or negotiating a salary during an interview or at a new place of work depends on few factors which are listed below. You may not need to consult any body for this, just read carefully and get the gist.

How to Negotiate a Salary

1. Get Information About the Job : Its proper before one could negotiate a salary for a new job, then you really need to make some researches about the job, its requirements, responsibilities, how it works and what is expected of you. Then remuneration follows.

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2. Get information about the company salary : You also need information on how much is been paid for the post, how much an average worker get and average salaries for similar job. You can get information on this through some workers, research or through some site on the net.

3. Get information about the company : It will be nice to get some information about the company, salary scale, their mode of operation and how regular their salary is. This information will help you negotiate a good salary for the start.

4. Determine your Target Salary : Through experience from former place of work previous earnings, or research about the company payment can help you set a target salary that's good for you at the start of the job. Just set up a salary range and stand by it. If it goes higher than the employer has to offer, then ensure it falls within the range.

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5. Know your strength : Your strength, experience, what make you better, what makes you unique and better all determines your salary target. An expert in a field will not want to agree on a lesser amount. All these should be considered before taking up the job

 These are few things that can help you negotiate a good starting salary especially during a job interview. Thanks for reading.

6 Apr 2014

Is Google Adsense Still Profitable?

Is Google Adsense Still Profitable? This is a question asked by a reader that wants to earn money online through Adsense just as other people do. Yea, this is a good question and i can categorically tell you that earning money through Google Adsense is the best and as well as the oldest online money making method.


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Google Adsense is still very lucrative, profitable, good and if there's another word i can use then i will. But making money through Google Adsense requires not only a website but ;

1. Patience : To make money with Adsense, lot of patience is required because Google Adsense is never a get rich quick scheme like other online scam site. Your sites need some Authority and Time to mature for earnings.

2. Traffic : Adsense is profitable if your site has good amount of traffic and visitors. Few clicks can earn you real money through your site.

3. Seo : You can make money from Google Adsense if you site credibility and good search engine optimization

4. Clicks : I realized that the best way to make money from Google Adsense is quality traffic not bots. Huge traffic brings few clicks which are converted to cash after accumulation.

5. Site Popularity ; Adsense may be highly profitable if your site has huge popularity on the internet. This can be achieved through search engine, social networks, social bookmarking site etc

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6. Quality of site : the site must be quality in content and relevant to your audience. Such can bring in some cash also

7. Quality content : As you know, Content is the king of any blog that want to make money from Adsense. If you want to earn money from Google Adsense and make adsense profitable, them you need to write Good and quality content and not copy and paste content like other writers and bloggers does.

8. Audience : Adsense will be profitable if you have a large audience that vivit your site from time to time and their activities can make you earn more from Google Adsense.

9. Visit : Adsense is lucrative for site with good number of visit running into thousands. Even high Adsense earners are site with thousands of visit. Increase your site visitors and see how profitable Adsense can be.

10.  Investments : just like other businesses, you make them profitable by investing into it, the same way you need to invest on your site and see the change. Investments can be inform of having a good and responsive template, good design, seo service, Google adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and as well as yahoo ads. All these will bring traffic to the site which in return brings money.

If you carefully read through points above, you will notice Adsense is very lucrative only with time and few things. Its great sharing this experience about Adsense. If you feel you have more ideas, please use the comment box below and let learn thanks. 

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