29 Jul 2014

Android or Blackberry - Which is Best for Business

The Blackberry and Androids phones are both smart phones capable of doing other aside receiving phone calls. Both Phones can be used for business such as Internet Business, Sport Business or real offline business


Which is Better - Android or Blackberry?
This question was asked by a reader who is much interested in knowing the preferred phone suitable for business. The question is open for other readers to answer but based on some factors, we will be highlighting some facts below showing the preferred.

Why Android is Better than Blackberry for Business

1. Google Play
: The Google is the popular market place for Android Phones where million of developers post their mobile applications for use unlike Blackberry which has only few mobile apps developers. The Google apps store contain thousands of apps that can be used for business for example, Apps for easy access to bank accounts, Payment system such as PayPal, Perfect money, Skrill, Western Union etc

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2 Google Store: Google apps store for Business on Android is well defined because users can gain access to mobile apps of sites, login and various payment site o easily

3. Office Suites
: Another reason why Android phones may be better than Blackberry in Business is the readily integrated Office software for word, excel, power point, and many other document materials

4. Battery Life : Blackberry may not be better in the aspect of long battery life especially the older versions but most Androids can stand the test of time on longer calls, internet services, downloads etc

5. Online Business : Androids phone are basically the new trends used for making money online. Most site and business owners are gradually making an apps of their sales page, sites and posting them on Google play where their users can easily get across to their listed applications and sites.

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6. Earning Money : Android apps posted by Google mobile developers for Android users is the new way to make money. You only need to develop an apps, post it on Google play or store and earn commission on every downloads you get from your apps by Android users especially when the apps is a paid version. This is called profit making from Google through Androids.

7. Number of Users : The number of users of Androids surpasses the Blackberry users. This means your Business get the exposure it wants easily on Android devices than Blackberry especially if you are a website owner using paid advertising platform like Google Adwords, Adsense, Facebook ads etc.

Many more facts why Blackberry is better than Androids for Business or in Business will be posted in our next post. Please keep your finger cross and thanks for reading this post.

5 Things to do with a YouTube Account

YouTube is the biggest video social networks on the internet where videos can be posted, shared and viewed for free.

What can I do with my YouTube Account?

This is a question asked by one of our readers. There are so many things you can do with YouTube or your YouTube Account which includes;

1. Make Money Online - Earning money from YouTube is sure and that's one of the thing you can use it for. You make money from your videos posted on YouTube simply by integrating online advertising program like Adsense, AdWords, Facebook ads, Yahoo or Bing.

2. Promote Products - One of the ways to use a YouTube is to Use your YouTube account to promote a business, product or services simply by making videos of the product or business and posting on YouTube for people to see, get attracted to your products and buy from you.

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3. Get Information
: YouTube can be used as a source of information such as news, facts, ffindings,research and new things. You can also watch movies, listen to live music and get entertainment from YouTube.

4. Become a Partner -You can also partner with YouTube for a mutual earning and sharing of revenue from adverts placed on your uploaded videos generating loads of traffics and clicks.

5. Advertise Yourself - Videos can be created to tell people about yourself, areas of expert, what you offer and many more.

These are things you can do on YouTube and how well to use your YouTube account lucratively and productively. Thanks for reading.

27 Jul 2014

How to Earn Money from Skrill

Skrill is a popular Online payment system which allow users to send and receive money form any part of the world. You can also use Skrill to send gift items, make payment for shopping online and also to receive cash. Skrill ca be conveniently used to pay online, send money and receive cash instantly from anywhere in the world.


Skrill is like an alternative to Paypal when it comes to Online payment for goods or services. You control your login detail and ensure it safe. Skrill operate like a online bank account which gives you opportunity to buy, pay, receive money online with ease but how do people Earn Money from Skrill? is what we want to give now

How to Make Money with Skrill

 You can make money online from Skrill Online Payment System by ;

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26 Jul 2014

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25 Jul 2014

How to Promote a Video Online

This aim of this post is to let our readers get new ideas and ways on how to promote their videos online for people to see. You can promote promote your video on the internet and make it go viral thousands of people to see and still earn money from the video.
The video can be inform of entertainment, business, personal, how-to etc with little or no cost and still make money from it with time. The requirement includes;
  • Internet connected Pc
  • Internet connected phone
  • Facebook account
  • Twitter Account
  • YouTube Account
As long as the videos you created are original and not copyrighted material then you can start. What you need to do to promote the video is to get the video on your computer or device, convert or compress the video using video editing software or converters

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You only need to upload the converted video on your YouTube Channel, Publissh the video and spread it using your 
  • Facebook wall
  • Twitter Followers
  • Blogger or Wordpress
  • Tumblr
  • Digg
  • Pininterest
  • Instagram
    and many more
That's the simple information you need on how to spread or promote your videos even as a musical video, personal videos or for profit.

Try these following ways and you are sure you videos get the targeted audience in little time. Thanks for reading.

Hotmail vs Gmail

Hotmail also known as Outlook.com is a free personal email service offered by Microsoft while Gmail is also a free email service from Google Inc. Both Gmail and Hotmail(Outlook) are both free email service that allow users to send and receive free short sms, emails and chats.

Gmail and Hotmail provides instant chat for users and are both used as login info for many sites like Facebook or Twitter as well as many other site. Email service from Microsoft(Hotmail) used to be the most popular until recently when Gmail is gradually taking over yahoo mail and Hotmail in terms of mail service and programs.


Hotmail or Outlook is associated to Bing, MSN and some Yahoo product but the gmail is fast becoming the best due to it relevance in other Google product either as login or to register. The Population of Andriod and YouTube users also is a big advantages to Gmail.

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In terms of Money making online, Gmail from Google Inc is having more edge over Hotmail because the email service provider from Google(Gmail) is used as a sign in information for Google Adsense, Google Places, Andriod, YouTube and Google Adword program which seems to be the highest earning pay per click program in the world.

Just recently, Gmail introduce a program where Google email users can get any incoming email alert directly on mobile phones by registering with one's personal number. Although, Hotmail can also be used as login to popular site like Facebook, twitter, Bing etc but no to Google Products like Adsense, YouTube and the Android Phones

If you have any encounter using Hotmail or Gmail which you think makes Gmail better than Hotmail, Please feel free to use the comment box below and let learn from your own ideas. Thanks.

5 Best Sites to Buy US Used Phones

Are you looking for good sites where you could make an order for US cheap and used phones like Androids, Iphone, Blackberry,Windows Phone, Tablet Pc, Ipads, Laptops etc. These are tops site that offer cheap and reliable sales online with trusted and fast delivery with easy form of online payment such as Paypal.

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You can buy or place order for these phones online and get it delivered to your doorstep only if payment terms where accurately accepted and confirmed. You could also make purchase for new or used United State Phones or computers form these sites.

Top Sites to Buy US Used Phones or Tablets Online

1. Ebay

2. Amazon

3. Aliexpress

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4. Dhgates

5. Criaglist

These are reliable sites where you can buy US Used or New Phone or tablet devices like Andriods, Blackberry, Ipads, Smartphones, computers etc in large quantity or small quantity at reduced price

I have bought few United State cheap and used Andriod, Balckberry and Iphones from some of the site above and am very proud to let you know that those sites are really reliable in terms of payment and delivery. Place an order for used US Phones or devices from these sites and get it delivered. Thanks for reading Earn Online

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