21 Nov 2014

Best 10 Stores For Black Friday Sales - Discount Rate Included(%)

In few days, the whole world will be experiencing one of the biggest shopping day called the Black Friday. This is a day where companies, stores, online store, retailers, manufacturers sells at cheaper rate and a unimaginable discount on sales.

Black Friday Sales

Many stores either online or offline in the world are have release their discount rate for deals but many buyers are still waiting for the likes of Walmart and Amazon.

Below is a list of Best 10 Stores fro Black Friday Sales and their Discount. This was coined from Forbes chart

JCPenney        - 65.44

Macy’s             - 53.52%

Rite Aid            - 53.34%

Meijer              - 50.85%

Sears                - 50.19%

Walgreens        - 46.74%

Ace Hardware - 41.01%

Kohl’s               - 39.89%

Staples              - 38.56%

I believe this list will help you organize your preferred store to buy or place an order on Black Friday deals. Thanks for reading

10 Secret of Paid Survey You Need to Know

Paid Surveys is a type of online business which guarantee some income at the end of the day. To many work at home guys, paid surveys seems to be scam but when you work with genuine survey sites that actually pay, you earn good cash online

Paid surveys only involves filling out forms online sent to you via inbox and get paid for the time spent on the surveys. Many paid survey site pay by PayPal, direct bank deposit or check.

The secrets and few things you need to know about taking surveys includes;

1. You do not need to sell anything, pay for any traffic, promote any product but what you do is to fill and submit forms online and get paid.
2. Paid surveys allow you to set time that is convenient for you which means you can do it anytime or any day.

3. Paid surveys depends on no age limit, language, race, location etc as long as you can give candid answers and opinion to questions.

4. Paid surveys is one of the business you do online which requires no capital to start, what you need is just your phone,computer and internet, then you are good to start.

5. The secret i learn t from a friend which works well is that, joining multiple survey site can make you earn more money online at no cost.

6. If you reside in America, South America, Uk or if you can change your ip to those countries, you get more surveys which is really going to help you earn more cash taking surveys.

7. At any age, level of degree, youth, stay at home mom or dad, teenage, students all can take surveys for money online

These are secret of Paid surveys you need to know and why you need to take it in exchange for cash. You only need to register with the reliable survey site like pinecone research, opinionpost, toluna and cada cabeza. They are good sites to start with and the survey site are easy to join, just use a new gmail with them and that's all. Thanks for reading.

How Lucrative is Taxi Business?

Taxi Business
This question was sent by a reader who wants to start a taxi business to support himself financially and make some cash doing this taxi business.

How Profitable is Taxi Business? The Taxi Business is very profitable just like any other business but it has its own conditions. I have someone who did the taxi business long ago, another one is presently doing it and making money but after checking the business, i realize some factors needs to be considered before starting the business.

1. Type of Car: Before you start a taxi business or car hire, you need to get a good vehicle, strong and fuel efficient. Note all cars are good for taxi business or transport business. You really need to make time out to get the best car for this kind of business.

2. Drive it Yourself: Taxi Business is most profitable when you drive the car, bus or tricycle yourself. Hiring a driver for this business may not be profitable and people are really making it big in this business are those that drives the taxi themselves. If you want to start the taxi business and you want to learn how profitable it could be, then drive it yourself and later hire a trustworthy driver to continue.

3. Get all Valid vehicle document: Before you begin to learn how lucartive this business can be, you need to get a valid vehicle document and license before anything. It helps you from police, road officers, sheriffs and any other governmental car business authorities. You need to get the vehicle duly registered.

4. Get a fuel efficient Vehicle: You can always get a full efficient vehicle for this business and i believe cars from china, japan saves fuel. Toyota is a fuel saving vehicle and its good for taxi business

5. Don't Not Hire a Driver: To expect good profit from taxi business, you do not need to hire a driver at first and maybe you can do that later. If the car is new, drive it yourself because it only you that can take care of the car due to the money involved. Given it out to driver will end the business soon.

6. Car Maintenance: This is one part of the business you need to take serious. Be expecting to spend great fund in the maintenance of the car since its for business.
7. Its not Easy: To start a taxi business, you should always know its not easy and no business is easy to start. You need to get the required information ready and knowing its not so easy at first. Money don't just come in one day but it comes gradually.

8. Route : Taxi Business can be very lucrative if you are driving on the right route. This means the route that has good population of passengers, work group and highly populated areas. Working through this route ensures good profit.

9. Hire Purchase
: This is money making aspect of taxi business. If you buy or won a car or bus, you can decide to give a condition of hired purchase. This is a phrase used to describe given car out in a particular high amount and tell the driver to pay a certain amount weekly until he finish paying it. For instance, You bought a car at $1000, you can decide to give it out at $1800 or $2000 where the driver pay a certain fixed amount every weekend or months.

10. Hire: You can also hire it out for weekends or months for a rent or hire and get paid at the end of the trip.     Read Also - How to Make Money Selling Used Cars

Note: Don Not Hire a Driver at First

These are things you can do to make taxi business profitable or lucrative for yourself. Taxi business is a good business.

19 Nov 2014

9 Businesses which Requires Zero or No Capital to Start

This is a list of common Businesses you can do with little, zero or no capital in any where in the world including Nigeria. These business requires little or zero capital and i recommend for anyone who want to start a business and have no capital to start.

Business with Zero Capital

1. Information Marketing: This is a kind business carried out online and you get paid with time. It involves selling information to people and getting paid for such useful information. It can be packaged inform of an eBook or free blog to disseminate such information. Many topics can be written and sold online for people and i believe health, insurance, drugs, business is a strong point to teach people on how to get their problems solved

2. Google Adsense : Making from Google Adsense require no capital but an internet connection to blog, write and pass information that can be monetize with Adsense. There is a step by step process on how to make money from Adsense on this site, use the search box above to get your answer. It a good business with zero capital to start.

3. Teaching:
This business requires zero or no capital to start. You only need to place fliers or small poster of the subject you can take and interested people may call you for home lesson or school. I see teaching as a fast job to get this days but having an extra lesson guarantee additional income.

4. Home Services: You ca render home service for any skills you have. I have a friend who earn good cash from home service such as hose cleaning, laundry, barbing etc. Its a good business to start with zero capital.

5. YouTube: This is the reigning way to make money from videos. You can start by creating promotional videos of product and services for people and get paid doing it. You can also make money from YouTube through original videos and monetizing it with Adsense where you get paid some cents per click

6. Newspapers: You can start a newspapers distribution or vendor freely. You only need to get a space, go with a guarantor and you get the papers for promotional purposes.You sell the papers on your stand and get paid commission per sale.

7. Network Marketing: Starting a network marketing business requires no capital but attending their seminar, get training about their products and start selling. You can sell drugs, weight loss, cosmetics etc. A good example is GNLD, GreenWorld, Tianshi etc

8. Blogging: This can open more way to make money through Adsense or affiliate marketing. Blogging required=s no capital to start, you only need to register with free blogging sites like tumblr,blogger or WordPress etc You post contents to the site, get traffic and sell adverts inform of space, post, banner etc. It may take time but it works

9. Baby Sitting: This can be done right there in your own house or you go to parent house. You could get job as a baby sitter by word of mouth, poster, posting on forums, social networks or calling the number of poster of people who want baby sitters. You wont spend any money doing this.

These are business which requires zero or no capital to start and you could do them gradually till you have enough cash to make it bigger and invest heavily to earn bigger and better income.

Top 10 Online Payment Gateway Services For Nigerians

Based on recommendation, below is a list of the best payment gateway services to make instant deposit, accept payment, buy or sell online right here in Nigeria. I have used them all and i will like to say they are good medium or site for making payment or accepting payment online in Nigeria

1. PayPal: PayPal now accept Nigerians to transact using their medium.You could buy, pay, buy, sell online using Paypal,  I really see PayPal as a secure online payment gateway for Nigerians in Nigeria to make online transactions.

Payment Gateway

2. MasterCard Debit Card: MasterCard seems to be the one of the widely used card to make payment, accept payment, buy and sell on any site on the internet. VISA and Discovery also works but the MasterCard especially GTBank works for any transaction.

3. Perfect Money
: The fall of Liberty reserve and inability of PayPal to accept Nigerians give rises to widely used of perfect money for online transaction. Perfect money is secured, reliable and can also be used in Nigeria to buy,pay,receive and make payment online in Nigeria.

4. VoguePay: This site is very nice in the sense that, it helps you to buy and sell through their website and make payment or accept payment through their medium. Vogue even helps website owners in Nigeria to accept cash through their site and get paid directly into their bank account.

5. Paga: This site is good, it offers pay4me service and its well secured as a payment service for any online or direct bank transactions. You can use it to pay and also accept money through their website. Its also a good one for bank to bank transaction.

6. EgoPay, Bitcoin, OkPay, Ucash, STP: This are E-currency which is used to make payment online in many currency. They make use of reliable exchangers here in Nigeria and can be used to accept payment for any online work

These are payment gateway services i will recommend for Nigerians to make online transaction such as making payment, accepting payment, buying and selling online. Thanks for reading.

18 Nov 2014

7 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Profit From Your Business

Make Money in BusinessI receive many questions from people who are involved in one business or the other. Many who wants to know their small business or large scale business is not yielding any positive result and no profit made.

Some people only start a business believing they will start making money instantly not realizing that it takes knowledge, time and level of investment to earn from the business

Below are some of the reasons why you may not make money from your business and possible solutions to the few identified problems.

1. Wrong Business
: You may not make a dime if you are in the wrong business. Wrong business means you do not understand the business you are doing, you can't manage it, you can't cope and everything about the business looks strange. Things may not work well for you if you are in the wrong business. The solution to this is to check if you are actually involved in the wrong business and make fast adjustment in every of your action and business operations.

2. Lack Understanding: If you lack the understanding of the business, you may not earn money from it. You really need to seek knowledge to learn, study, read or employ expert to enlightened you on how to understand the business and its operation to earn.

3. Bad Attitude to Customers
: Your customers are what converts to income and if you do not treat them well, you end up losing customers which are supposed to convert to sales and profit. It means, you ,must be nice to customers 

4. Lavish Spending: When you begin to spend more than you earn in your small business, then such business is gradually approaching ruin. You only need to cut spending, invest back the profit into the business and when the business is grown to the desired level, then you can do that.

5. Not Spending: You may not make money from your new business if you are scared to spend more on the business. It means you really do not know if you should spend more money by way of investing the money through adverts, publicity, announcement, marketing and co. It works

Read Also- How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business

6. Incompetency: You may not make money when you have incompetent workers working for you or if its you and you seems not to understand again, then seek professional help from people, organize yourself and start all over. Its cool

7. Solve People Problem: The best business ideas, business or startups in the world is one that solves people's problem. No matter how the porblem is, if your business should do so, then its profitable because you can always make your money sooner than you think.

Do all these business ideas above, practice and make changes, and see how your business will improve and you start making money from it. Thanks for reading.

17 Nov 2014

Photo: Vladimir Putin vs Barack Obama

Are these two Presidents the most powerful persons in the World for 2014 according to forbes findings.


Is President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Barack Obama of the United State the Most Powerful People of 2014 According to Forbes article? See full detail @ Vladimir Putting vs Obama

16 Nov 2014

Blogging: 8 Reasons Why I Am Not Making Money From My Blog

I felt i should just enlightened my readers on the research i made recently on "why i couldn't make money from my Blog" immediately i worked on the shortcomings, i soon realizes a change and i begin to earn more from the blog..

Blogging is the most common Online business on the internet especially if you are new into the internet business. Blogging can be profitable which i do not realize early enough but i kept on writing. I was not making money from Blogging due to some things i do some factors. 

You may not make money from blogging or from your blog if you do not follow some blogging procedure which means to make money with your blog may become a problem for you. Below are things i think i need to know or i should i have known before blogging which i really do not know but hunt me from earning money seriously. Am exposing this secret for you to learn from me and work to earn more from blogging through your blog. The reasons why i was not making money includes;

1.  Bad Contents: I really do not understand what blogging is all about but i was writing rubbish, writing off point, not related to my niche and copying other people content i.e copy and paste. All these were not good for my blog i was making zero dollars writing until i decided to change, read more from experience bloggers.

2. Bad Design: I never seek help with the design of the blog and it really affect my site navigation. it has zero user experience with lot of links, low page speed, zero mobile and desktop search engine optimization, and to crown it all the template is not responsive. All these can be solved by getting a good template which is responsive.

3. Wrong Placement of Adsense: I applied for Adsense thinking the money will come but i was not making a dime since the adsense where not properly placed. This can affect you as a site owner if your site has zero Adsense placement. People may not view ads served to your site and you may not earn any money or you experiment which position works best for the site.

4. Low Traffic: The beauty of a site is its traffic. You may not make a dime if you continue posting and do not work on your site traffic. I was writing and writing without getting traffic thinking its all about writing. To make money from blogging,you need to drive traffic to the site which may be through search engine, social network like Facebook or Twitter, social bookmarking site like Reddit etc.

5. Not Commenting on Other People Blog; You need to make meaningful comment on other people blog especially in your niche. It works and you get two things in return which are traffic and backlinks. 

6. Not Spending Money: For months i was writing not getting the fact that i need to spend money on the site for traffic,design, domain, etc.To make some cash from blogging, you need to spend money on your blog even if its just Facebook adverts. It pays and see how hundreds of visits come to your site.If you can't spend, then you may not earn money from the blog too.

7.  Pagerank/Alexa Ranking: I was not making any money from the blog but as soon as i begin to work on my blog to get a good Pagerank and Alexa, i saw changes and sponsored post where coming. In a week, i was making close to $100 from sponsored post alone. Get your site a good pagerank, Alexa or Authority, then you earn more.

8. Other Traffic tips: You need to research various other ways to get traffic to your blog if you really want to make money from the blog. Many people may not tell you the secret of their traffic generation but with Google, you can search and get any traffic information you need.

These are the reasons i was not making money from my blog and as soon as i realize some facts about the site, i quickly adjust and now its a different story. I can now join the line of bloggers who earn from their blog weekly through sponsored post, Adsense and banner placement. So,this are my experience and solution to reasons some people were not making money from their blog and i too. Work on your blog, get traffic,Write good original content and see your traffic increase and the money comes. Thanks for reading.

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